For most of us successfully teaching our dogs to sit is a major achievement, but such tricks are child’s play to Shai Asor who has taught his four-year-old pet rabbit Bini to paint.

According to the Daily Mail, Bini the Bunny has been working on his artistic endeavours since 2014 and directs paintbrushes with his mouth to produce his abstract masterpieces.

When he’s not busy painting and selling his works in his online store (yes the rabbit has his own shop), the Holland Lop bunny spends his time dressing up, playing basketball and combing his owner’s hair.

LA-based Shai Asor – who bought Bini in 2012 – told the Daily Mail he always knew the bunny was different.

He said: “The things he does have never been done by other bunnies before.”

“We had an accident with some markers and he was a very curious bunny to play with them, so I thought maybe I can teach him to paint?”

“Instead of being mad about the mess I just went with it and said ‘let's see what he can do’ and now we sell his paintings in our online store.”

Just when we thought it doesn't get much better than Bugs – the world gives us Bini.