Aaron Quinn from Co. Longford has taken an interesting approach to his job hunt.

We understand that searching for a new job, of any kind, can be frustrating. Anyone who has left school or college can be left feeling a little bit like they just wasted years of their lives studying with nothing to show for it.

Aaron, also known as Zenith, has gotten completely fed up in his desperate search for a job and is taking his frustrations to new extremes.

He posted a message on Adverts.ie in a bid to sell his “meaningless” degree after his attempts to launch his career were supposedly thwarted.

“Want a Bachelor’s Degree but don’t want to waste four years of your life and money like I did? Well today’s your lucky day!

“I am selling my Bachelor’s Degree/meaningless piece of paper to one lucky person.”

Currently living in Dublin, Aaron writes:

“Use it to make an origami replica of David Duchovny’s head. Hang it above your office desk to impress people with low IQ’s! Use it as kindling to start a fire on a deserted island. Donate it to a starving African child. Make a Papier-mâché mould of your butt-cheek.”

His struggle is certainly real: “Please someone buy this, I’ve been living in Ikea for 7 months now and I need the money to fund my Lemsip addiction.” 

His ad might seem like a bit of craic, but Aaron says that it offers an honest reflection of the Irish animation industry. Speaking to The Mirror he explains: “I’ve done interviews, five-hour tests for companies and still nothing. Sometimes it feels like a big waste of time, the most work I have done is freelance for YouTubers.”

He graduated two years ago from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology but thinks his best career options lie in the U.S.

“I went to LA recently and it was like a different world with thousands working in animation, whereas there are thousands here with degrees that can’t get jobs.”

Well, if his move goes ahead, at least he’ll have one less thing to pack!