Snowbirding and auto shipping: a perfect match!


Snowbirding and auto shipping: a perfect match!

The snowbird lifestyle is on the rise, as well as other long term vacationing habits of many Americans. Spending time up North and down South each year so as to catch only the best weather each has to offer is a tradition that needs no recommendation – it recommends itself.

Retirees make up the largest proportion of snowbirds, but many others who have seasonal work in two different states or who work online and are freer to roam, as a result, are also taking up a similar lifestyle.

You will find endless blogs and articles online showing you how to get ready for the snowbird life, but here, we want to focus on one particular aspect: transportation. There are many good reasons why long-term vacationers should consider auto shipping as a way to maximize their transportation flexibility while away from their number-one home.

4 Ways auto shipping makes snowbirders’ lives easier!
Considering auto shipping? Have detailed questions about how it works, how much it costs, and what options you have in scheduling and carrier type? Visit this linked site now to find answers to all your questions! But as to why a snowbird should want to use auto shipping to begin with – here are the top four reasons:

1. Fly like the birds!
Long road trips can be very tiring and stressful. They also risk accidents, wrong turns, and mishaps, besides costing you more money on hotel rooms, gasoline, and extra wear-and-tear and depreciation on your vehicle.

Flying is so much quicker and easier, and that means more time spent doing the things you love in Florida, Arizona, Texas, or another “snowbird state.” Plus, you can easily have any extra items you’ll need shipped down ahead of you if they don’t all fit in the luggage.

2. Don’t haul your car
When you own an RV and drive it down each year to your “second home,” an airline flight might not be practical. But having your car shipped will still make your journey a lot more pleasant by eliminating the necessity of towing your vehicle behind you the whole way.

The stress of worrying about an accident is increased manyfold when you are hauling a car. Ordinary turns become difficult and going over high elevations becomes frightening. Auto shipping enables you to enjoy the RV journey down that much more!

3. Avoid car rentals
Once you get to your destination, going for months on end without your own vehicle is a major hassle and expense. Car rentals, taxi rides, or borrowing a friend’s car whenever you need to go somewhere is certainly less than ideal.

Driving a rental car is stressful for insurance reasons, and the cost over a long period of time is so high that auto shipping might not even cost that much more. Most snowbirds and other vacationers would have to admit that having their own vehicle with them (without having to drive it cross-country to get it there) would be a huge convenience.

4. Ship your motorcycle!
If you have a motorcycle or four-wheeler – or a snowmobile if you are doing snowbirding “in reverse,” pro auto shippers can transport that for you too. Biking will add recreation to your stay and save you gas on short trips to/from the local store.

On the other hand, if you love cross-country bike rides, why not ship your car ahead of you and take a scenic, relaxing ride with minimal gear to haul?

Many times, snowbirds get a discount on auto shipping rates because they ship during the fall and early winter when others don’t. This is yet another good reason to add to the four given above, for snowbirds to take advantage of long-distance auto shipping!