Reclaiming Monday – it doesn’t have to be a bad day!


Oh Mondays. They’re not a barrel of laughs, are they? From mid-afternoon on Sunday, the prospect of beginning a new work week hangs over us like a cloud, with the fear reaching its peak around the early evening.

Monday is the day of the week we dread facing, the one we daydream about missing somehow. Maybe a harmless but highly contagious illness? Or a blizzard that only affected transport routes to our office? Something, anything to avoid the grim Monday morning commute and that awful feeling that’s hard to shake for the whole day.

Rather than skip it though, we do our duty and listlessly go through the motions, willing the day to end before it has even begun. We console ourselves with the fact that tomorrow is Tuesday, which is practically Wednesday – it’ll be the weekend before we know it!

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “you don’t hate Mondays – you just hate your job.” To be honest I find that statement a little harsh. Find me someone who loves their job on a Monday morning and I might reconsider, but I reckon we’d all rather a day off than a 7am start to battle through traffic to the office.

Aside from the early mornings though, Mondays aren’t all bad. It just depends on how you let yourself view them. Yes, they signal the end of the weekend and the end of our two days of total freedom. But they also pinpoint the beginning of a new week – a fresh start and another first go at things.

Whether you had a positive or negative week last time around, let Monday be the day you motivate yourself to do the best you can and to achieve something new. Today is not just a day in your weekly planner – it’s a new chance.

Even if you have a bad day ahead at work, why not make Mondays a little more appealing by doing something nice for yourself or for others? Grab a cheeky coffee – and one for your co-workers, too. Be polite. Smile. Do something small to make the day memorable. Make plans for after work or set yourself goals to achieve during the day. Give your Monday a sense of purpose rather than letting it be an endurance test.

Monday morning is never going to be the brightest part of your week – nobody likes being dragged from their cosy bed after two days of lie-ins. But starting the day with a little positivity and drive could be all you need to get going.

So next Monday, try to start the day with a spring in your step and a clear vision for the week ahead. It’s has to be a better strategy than wishing the whole day away.