No hugging or kissing allowed on the next season of First Dates

We know that the dating scene has been looking a bit bleak lately, due to the coronavirus and social distancing guidelines. However, at least we get to live vicariously through those hopeful singletons on our telly, as it’s been confirmed that First Dates Ireland will be back on our screens with new regulations put in place.

Stuart Switzer, the CEO of Coco Content, confirmed that there would be no hugging or kissing allowed on the upcoming series of First Dates Ireland, in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19. “Any contact is out. It is challenging but everyone is beginning to realise it is the only way we can work. We will have a safety officer on board for the show who will make sure everyone is abiding by the rules. If they don’t, they are off the set for obvious reasons,” Stuart stated.

The show also confirmed that the First Dates restaurant will be re-configured in order to comply with the social distancing guidelines. Furthermore, Coco Content has put the call out, looking for camera-friendly singles, who aren’t afraid of a blind-date. 

Unsurprisingly though, Mateo Saina, maître d of the First Dates restaurant said to RTÉ that this year, yet again, they’ve received a surplus amount of applications from women, needing more men to apply. “The lads need a little push in the back to get some courage, so this year we need more men of all ages, especially older ones. It seems that the ladies who are above forty loosen up and don’t mind dating, so we need more guys,” Mateo commented.

If you want a front row seat at watching these endearing relationships blossom, then you’ll be pleased to know that this year Coco Content are letting couples, friends and families dine together in the background of the First Dates restaurant during the filming of the new series. That’s right, you can be the ultimate people-watcher and enjoy a decent meal all at the same time. 

While this upcoming series might be a bit different, at least it gives up hope that love is not lost forever.