Interesting ways to wear and style a shirt dress


With summer looming just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those summer staples one being the shirt dress. A shirt dress is typically a short dress that cuts straight down from the shoulders to the knees. It’s been the summer go-to dress for several years now.  A shirt dress comes in a variety of styles and designs from sleeveless, short sleeves to off-shoulder dresses. The key feature that differentiates a shirt dress from other dresses is their ability to hang loosely from the body. The dress wears not too tight or too loose to the body.

Shirt dresses became popular due to their flattering nature. They are one of the most versatile pieces in every woman’s wardrobe. This dress happily goes with most accessories making you feel great and confident. Shirt dresses are simply designed, featuring little to no embellishment. If minimalism is your slogan, then this dress is for you! It’s a great transitional dress that one can easily shift from day to night or from professional to fun. Styling the shirt dress is purely on personal style and the vibe one wants to exhibit.

Professional Look

Shirt dresses are the classic fashion staple for the office such as the Caelie shirt dress from Loro Piana. One could wear this shirt dress with a blazer or cardigan and a pair of flats or high heels. Short shirt dresses can not only be uncomfortable to curvier ladies but equally unprofessional. A pair of thick black stockings should be added to amp up on decency. A stunning belt can be used on a sleeved shirt dress to provide a more defined waistline.

Casual Look

The shirt dress is great for smart-casual events such as picnics and family gatherings. One can pair the shirt dress with some knee-high booties and throw on a leopard printed scarf to add some flair to the outfit. For hot days, the dress can be worn with some designer sandals and a cute beret to spice up the look.

Street Style Look

The shirt dress has slowly but surely become an essential fashion item in every millennial’s closet. The dresses are nowadays worn with chunky sneakers or rubber shoes for that edgy street style look. Some ladies are also opting to layer their shirt dresses with casual t-shirts over the dress for a more hippy look.

Night Out

The shirt dress has become a great alternative to jeans when one wants to go dancing or just catch a few drinks with friends. A short shirt dress is quite feminine and gives a sexy feel to the wearer. Platforms or some gorgeous pair of heels should be worn at night time to help one gain a few inches and look more slender.


Anyone can make a shirt dress work for them. It’s one chic dress with a lot of ways to wear and style. Due to the plain and simple nature of the dress, it creates the perfect opportunity to show-off oversized and jewel-encrusted statement pieces. Be careful not to go overboard but rather go with strong jewelry such a chunky bracelet or an artistic pendant necklace.


For a formal look, wear your shirt dress with a structured tote bag to add some dimension to the dress whereas for night-outs or relaxed events, opt for a studded coloured clutch bag with some embellishments. A cross-body bag is also a good option to wear with a shirt dress to show your cool personality.