How to choose the perfect dress?


How to choose the perfect dress?

Finding the perfect dress can be a difficult process. No matter what the occasion, birthday, debs, wedding – there are so many things to consider.

You want that perfect dress that fits like a glove, that looks stunning and has that made just for you feel – to help you achieve all these must-have’s, we’ve created a list to be mindful of:

Browse for the Ideal Dress

In order to decide what dress suits you – you need to start searching for it. You can browse in magazines, online and on pinterest. Even if you want just to feel comfortable deciding on the best styles is a big step in the right directly. Feel free to look at whats in style right now – but remember, just because it’s in style, it doesn’t mean it has to suit you. It has to look good and feel good – only you can decide on that.

Set Your Budget

Once you have the picture of the dress in your mind, the next thing you should do is decide what your budget is going to be. Determining your budget before going shopping is critical, otherwise you’ll just end up being upset that you can’t buy that perfect dress that costs a fortune.

Get the Attire According to your Body Shape

Figure out the exact shape of your body to have a dress that fits best. You might think that this is an obvious thing and you don’t need to consider it, but it’s so often something that us gals don’t consider, to our detriment. Once you have it right, the dress will fit like a glove. It will be comfortable to wear and you won’t end up pulling at it all the time. Your body can be any of the four types which include hourglass, rectangular, apple or pear shape. A pear-shaped body has more volume on the hips than the upper body. Whereas an hourglass-shaped body is proportional between the upper and lower body and the torso is slim. A rectangular-shaped body is completely proportional from shoulder to toes. And an apple-shaped body combines bigger upper body and small lower.

Select the color

After the shape of the dress, the color comes next. Color also plays a vital role in how it will look on you. The color should complement your skin and hair tone. When selecting a dress, don’t get overwhelmed when you see dresses of every color in stores, just take a breath, and pick out the ones you like first. When you’re in store, you can’t always try everything on, but there are stores online that let you see a dress in every color so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. You can play with the color wheel to get accurate dress colors on the site.

The right accessories

Last but not least, it’s time to shop for accessories. Matching jewelry is a thing of the past so get some that contrast your dress well. Go with a lighter shade for a darker dress or the other way around with a light-toned dress. It’s best to choose delicate jewelry fitting the event not to overdo it. Choose shoes that are comfortable yet elegant to compliment your perfect dress. Heels look great with any attire, and they help you elevate your height to a great level. But, if heels don’t suit you, a gorgeous pair of pumps are equally pretty.