Healthy Habits to Embrace During Lockdown


Healthy Habits to Embrace During Lockdown

It has been some time since we experienced such a drastic change in our daily lives. For most people, COVID-19 is their first encounter with a global pandemic and its associated lockdown regulations, leading to widespread fear and uncertainty. Even with all the resources we have today, it’s difficult to say exactly when things will revert to normal.

Perhaps now more than ever, we need to embrace healthy habits to ensure our mental and physical wellbeing. Spending so much time being confined to a small area away from loved ones and possibly away from the workplace can be challenging. Below are some ways you can improve your day-to-day life during lockdown.

Waking up with Water

As tasty as a refreshing sip of orange juice or an energizing cup of coffee might be, there’s no denying that the healthiest drink to start your morning with is a simple glass of water. It helps to wake you up, replenish your dehydrated body and get your metabolism in gear for the day ahead. Add in a slice of lemon for extra health points.

Sleeping Tight

Since lockdown, most of us have thrown our usual routines out of the window and with them, our sleep schedules. But even in the confines of our home, maintaining proper sleep habits is important, especially for mental health. Make a habit out of getting in bed early and avoiding technology during the last few hours before you doze off.

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, consider optimizing your environment. This can include regulating the temperature, using a white noise machine, removing any light sources and investing in a comfortable mattress. For instance, you can try a hybrid to see if it provides enough support. Don’t forget to pick up a comfortable pillow while you’re at it.

Eating Right

Consuming the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones will improve your mood, maintain your memory, prevent disease and so much more. Granted, it can be difficult, especially during these stressful times. Instead of revamping your entire diet at once, start with small healthy habits such as adding more vegetables into your meals.

Staying in Touch

Research by the University of Utah Healthcare found that the bodies of people who regularly engage in positive relationships produce more oxytocin, a hormone that strengthens the immune system and improves healing. This contributes to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Your blood pressure and heart health also benefit.

Somewhat ironically, our best way of staying in touch these days is with technology. Whether it’s a family Zoom call or an online game session with friends, making a habit out of these activities can help to build a sense of community and remind us that we’re in this together. Online support groups can also help in times of need.


While technology is a key communication tool during lockdown, too much of it is no good either. Journaling can serve as a healthy way to take a break from your phone and spend a few moments putting your thoughts on paper. In doing so, you can open up your mind, work through problems and stay motivated to reach your goals.


Another useful way to get your daily break from technology is with meditation. Just a few minutes of mindful breathing or stretching movements can improve your mental and physical health in countless ways. This includes reducing anxiety, controlling pain, improving sleep and providing an overall sense of inner stillness and peace.

You can’t be blamed for wanting to stay in the know about what’s going on during this time, but too much information is not healthy. Try to check for updates on a less regular basis. That alone will go a long way in helping you feel better.