Harry’s new girl attacked by jealous 1D fanatics!


Harry Styles’ new girlfriend Paige Reifler has been attacked by internet trolls who have threatened to kill her!

The 18-year-old model has been bombarded with abusive messages on Twitter and Facebook since news broke that she and Harry were dating.

But the New York model has fought back tweeting,  “I hope you all know that giving die threats is a crime. I could report you to the police. The hate can also be reported.”

But her message seems to have only provoked more outrage among jealous fans!

One responded: “are you dating Harry or not? That’s the only thing we want to know and when we don’t get answers we kill.”

Another said: “You used Harry last year. Nobody has time for your bulls*** we have enough to deal with.”

Some messages have accused her of being a gold-digger, while others have even told her to commit suicide.

OMG! Really not OK!