‘Give the man a medal’ YouTube is ON for the Rubik’s Cube Olympics

Oh, he can cover 100 meters in 9.81 seconds, but could Usain Bolt solve a Rubiks's Cude in the same amount of time?

Reminding the public that some skills have yet to be included in the Olympic Games, one YouTuber decided to share footage of himself competing against Usain… in two very separate events.

While the Jamaican runner competed for an Olympic gold in the 100-metre, Anthony Brooks crouched in front of his television screen and frantically completed the head-melting puzzle in the same amount of time.

In footage which has been viewed more than 66,000 on YouTube since its upload earlier this week, Anthony, whose mother is the Jamaican national record holder for the Rubik's Cube,  wrote: "Two Jamaicans race against the clock. To the world!"

Since we struggle to run for a bus and once tried to dismantle a Rubik's Cube in fury, we're pretty impressed by everything going on in this video.