Bringin’ sexy back: Post-sex self care is more crucial than you think

Having a healthy sex life is great – but having a sex life that doesn't negatively affect your health is even better.

Having a UTI is not a pleasant thing to go through – we can all relate with that discomfort.

When a (UTI) results in an antibiotic prescription, leading to an eventual gut imbalance, wouldn’t it be handy to know that self-care after sex can be a way of preventing it?

Deffo, we say. 

One of Ireland’s top Fertility Coaches, Helena Tubridy – a qualified midwife,  believes that there should be a Public Health Campaign to encourage After-Sex Self-Care.

She is calling on GPs to advise women and men to look after themselves post-sex.

She said, ''Not all cystitis cases or UTIs are as a result of sex. However, many of them are due to women (and men) not urinating or washing straight away after sex.''

She continued, ''The idea we get from films to ‘cuddle up’ after sex, or fall asleep shortly afterward is not a good idea. Sex causes bacteria to become lodged in the urethra (especially for women).''

So peeing straight afterward and having a quick shower is the best way to remove this bacteria and ensure a healthy urethra.

This is important info that all sexually-active women should know.

Men too should know, although it's less common for them.

Helena adds, ''There are lots of UTIs and kidney infections that are caused by reasons other than sex but at least we should address self-care as one possible aspect.''

Sounds good to us.