A guide to nature hikes in the wild outdoors


A guide to nature hikes in the wild outdoors

Sometimes, you just feel like giving up on the city’s hustle and bustle to get away from that busy life that never lets you enjoy the beauty of nature. And whilst it’s practical to abandon your life and start living in a jungle hut, you can get a temporary escape from your life by embracing the wilderness of hiking and camping.

Hiking is one of the best ways to escape from your daily struggles and embrace the beauty of nature and experience panoramic views and a starry sky that will revitalise your mind and soul.

For many, the idea of hiking is filled with fear and trepidation, and some just don’t like the idea of being far away from their mod cons. But much of this can be countered by planning ahead, and make sensible choices before you leave.

Here’s our suggestions for hiking in the wild that keeps you safe and sound so that you can enjoy a great face-off with nature

Make a Detailed Plan

Start planning now – you need to be able to think of everything, and you won’t do that the night before the hike. Lack of planning is one of the major reasons for disasters while hiking – there’s no such thing as too much planning.

What you need to consider are four basic things: when will you be hiking, where will you be hiking, who will accompany you and how you will reach the trail? The answer to all these questions changes depending on whether you’re a beginner or a veteran hiker.

If you’re a beginner then extreme winter and summer seasons might not be your best options, but if you want to experience harsh weather conditions this requires extra preparations and care to combat them. Likewise, as a newbie you should be going with somebody. In fact, it’s always best to go with somebody, especially if you don’t know the trail.

Essential Hiking Training

Though you know how to put the first foot in front of the other, unfortunately, hiking is not all about walking. If it’s your first time to give hiking a try, then it’s good to have some essential hiking training. You can join a hiking club for and learn essential tips from expert instructors.

You’ll need to be fit enough to take on the hike, so being part of a club will help you achieve that, or at least inform you how fit you need to be. You and your body need to be in good shape so you can manage the fatigue of a long hiking trail. Better to prepare the body for a tiring day before hitting the trail.

Prepare for Wildlife Encounter

You don’t want to interact with wildlife, this is their territory and you’re just passing through, so remember leave the areas as you find it and never feed wildlife, you don’t want animals following you to get some food. If you do encounter wildlife, don’t make noise and try to back off as quietly as you can.

If you are concerned about your wildlife encounter, then you can hear more from animal control specialists to ensure a safe encounter.

Wear and Pack the Right Gear

Your backpack should be fully prepared so you can survive any harsh conditions. Wearing extra layers, and comfortable shoes is important, but you need to have the essentials packed too. You must pack enough water and food, essential toiletries, tools, knife and a fire-starter, a navigation map and compass, and some extra socks and a suit. Don’t even think about a hike without having these essentials.

Happy hiking!