7 good things about being single in winter


If you're not in a relationship – you're in luck. Autumn and winter are great times to be single so embrace it, after all you never know how long it will last…

Here are some things to be glad of when you're single this winter:

1. No Need For Excess Travel

So it’s -10 degrees outside, lashing rain and the wind out there would blow Jesus off the cross, but you get to stay indoors. You don’t have to go anywhere. Making the journey to a significant others house is a effort in winter, especially if they live far away. So make another cup of tea while your waiting for the next episode of Friends to start. Treat yo’self.

2. Every Side Of The Bed Is Your Side Of The Bed

You can rest in peace without anyone sleeping on top of you, stealing the duvet or snoring their socks off. There’s nothing sad about snuggling up with a hot water bottle while couples around the globe fight over the blanket.

3. You Can Be As Hairy As You Wish

A massive upside to be single in winter. Thanks to the birth of tights us ladies can go for weeks without shaving. That’s an extra 30 minutes you get back a week!

5. Sex And The City & Friends Marathons

Getting to re-watch all your favourite shows without having someone (probably a man) bitch in your ear is something we rarely appreciate until it’s happens. Also, it means you don’t have to endure endless episodes of shows you couldn’t care less about. It’s a win win situation.

6. Me Time

Between college, work and a social life it’s hard enough to find time for yourself, so when you throw someone else into the equation, it’s really hard to find time for little aul you. Me time is great, you get to time to breathe, relax and dance around your room to T-Swizzle in peace!

7. You Save a Bomb

Christmas + Family + Significant Other = Sad Pockets. It’s the most expensive holiday of the year, but when you’re single all you need to worry about is remembering what body butter your sister likes and buying for your Grandmother who gives everything back. You don’t have to drop a hundred euro on someone.

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