6 Destinations you have never heard of but should visit

6 Destinations you have never heard of but should visit

There are literally millions of places on the earth that are waiting to be discovered. For those that are interested in getting off the beaten path and venturing towards locales that are just beyond the radar, these are destinations that have slowly gained a reputation for excellence through their culture, historical landmarks, and scenic beauty.

1. Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia

If you are searching for a destination that is free of tourists, enjoys exceptional unspoiled habitats, and hours of snorkelling, then the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia offer a scenic beauty that must be seen first-hand to truly appreciate. The island is surrounded by crystal blue waters that are filled with tropical fish, manta rays, and sharks that live in the coral atolls. Snorkelers can swim through the lagoon passages and see the underwater scenery as the tides turn. Approximately an hour away by plane from Papeete, it is easily accessible and worth the short flight to enjoy this tropical paradise.

2. Sapporo, Japan

When travellers think of Japan, typically their attention turn to the capital and most famous city, Tokyo, as the destination. But there are several cities in the tiny country that are noteworthy, particularly the city of Sapporo. Known worldwide for its beer, the city can be enjoyed year-round, with snowboarding and ice sculptures to be enjoyed and seen during the winter season, and hiking and arts festivals during the spring and summer months. During the summer season, Ishikari Asobeach is only a half hour outside the city, and via cable car, tourists can view the entire city from Mount Moiwa. Foodies will thoroughly enjoy some of the most varied seafood in the region due to its location near Hokkaido island to the north, with ramen and sushi shops scattered throughout Sapporo. All in all, this city referred to as the ‘kingdom of food’ has many other delights for visitors to discover.

3. Thackerville, Oklahoma – The Winstar World Casino & Resort

Located in Oklahoma near the state line of Texas, the city of Thackerville is known as home to the largest casino in the state, WinStar World Casino and Resort. The casino is operated and owned by the Chickasaw Nation and comprises more than half a million square feet of gaming space as well as other activities that ensure a full range of possibilities for travellers here. From the top tier golf course, luxurious spa facility to premium shopping boutiques, and heated pools, Winstar World Casino has plenty to boast about and discover. They even have an online casino at casino.winstar.com that can provide you with some extra entertainment on your way home.

4. Tirana, Albania

A country that was difficult to access less than twenty years ago, Albania has slowly emerged as one of the latest eastern European countries on the rise. The capital city, Tirana is known in small circles as a robust and burgeoning epicentre of class and premium shopping. Visitors will marvel at the impeccable coffeehouses strewn throughout the city. Luxury brands line the neighbourhoods of Bllokku and for those that love to dance, there are plenty of local clubs to party the night (and early morning) away. Albania is also home to some of the continent’s most beautiful coast, with scores of Italians enjoying their beaches during the summer months to avoid crowds and premium prices back home. The architecture has been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage organization, and since the city is still just under the radar, travellers here can live like a king for pennies on the dollar.

5. Colmar, France

Of course, Paris is the city of cities to visit in France, but the country has other cities that offer more charm per square meter than the capital ever could. Nestled in the Alsace region of France, Colmar is home to picturesque villages, cobblestone streets, and several wine-producing areas. The medieval town boasts numerous historical monuments and churches and for foodies, the city is home to quite a few Michelin-starred restaurants serving local cuisine as well as a fusion of German and French influences. This is an iconic town in the making that is not to be missed.

6. Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, and the city of Cappadocia is one historical region that natives speak of with reverence and awe. So, for travellers to this region, expect to be bowled over by the magnificence of it all. With a plateau over 1000 meters, Cappodocia is a prime destination for land treks, taking in the intricate architecture, or even hot ballooning over the region for a view from above. As the hidden gem of the country, it is a marvel in old world style not to be missed.