5 of The Latest and Cutest Accessories For Your Dog


5 of The Latest and Cutest Accessories For Your Dog

Having a dog as a pet is one of the best experiences you can encounter in this life. No matter what kind of day you had, your dog will always greet you at the door and boost your mood. As an owner, you need to take care of your dog to keep him happy and healthy with great food, long walks, and the latest accessories. Your dog is like your baby, and you want to keep him safe and looking adorable. Listed below are five of the latest and cutest accessories for your dog.

1.      Best for the Fall: Dog Coat

A dog coat should be an essential accessory for your stylish pup in the fall. A cozy dog coat will not only make your dog look attractive; it keeps him warm in the cold temperatures. Dog coats are available in a variety of colors. Dog vests at Pehom are available for all sizes of dogs. The coat can be attached under the belly of the dog, and does not cause any irritation or rubbing. Dog coats are usually made of fleece material that will keep the dog sufficiently warm.  A dog coat is a great accessory to keep your dog warm and trendy.

2.      Best for Baths: Dog Towel

It is a fact that no matter where you bathe your dog, he will somehow run to the couch while he is wet. A dog towel can save your home from getting wet when your dog runs away from you after a bath. A dog towel looks cool. Buy the one that is made of microfiber. This robe-like towel is attached to the dog’s chest and stays on while he dries. It can be of great use when you are driving your dog home after a lake swim to keep your car dry. It’s also useful for at-home baths and soggy walks. They are also available in all dog sizes.

3.      Best for Tracking: GPS Pet Tracker

A pet tracker is a must-have accessory for the dog who likes to wander. This helps you keep track of your dog when he’s out. Buy a light, easy to use, and waterproof pet tracker for your dog, to monitor his activity level while you are not with him. It gives you peace of mind as it lets you know where your dog is exactly, and can become a lifesaver when he escapes. Most dog trackers are less than two inches wide. Choose one that weighs under an ounce so that it can be attached to your pet’s collar without causing irritation. The tracker is incredibly accurate and will help you reunite with your lost pup.

4.      Best for Dressing Up: Dog Bandana

No dog can look fully dressed up without a bandana. Dog Bandanas are super cool and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Buy the reversible bandanas so that each one can be used to dress twice. Quality bandanas can be worn like a standard bandana so that the pet fur cannot be caught in it. Dog owners rave about the reversible bandanas. They make your dog look trendy and chic every day of the week.

5.      Best for Winter: Water-Resistant Shoes

A good set of dog shoes is a must-have accessory if you want to keep your carpet and rugs from getting paw stains. Your dog might take some time getting used to the shoes.  Water-resistant shoes can be highly useful during periods of rain and snow. Soft dog paw pads cannot be used for walking on the freezing ice and salted sidewalks, but durable dog shoes can keep your dog walking during the long winter season. Select the ones that are made of durable rubber with gripping traction. The shoes should fit perfectly at the ankle of your dog. They help protect sensitive dog paws from too hot or icy streets.