12 signs you are dating a player


It can be hard to know what your guy was like before you. After all, his past makes up the person he is now, right? Which makes you worry somewhat… Here's how to know your fella may be a bit of a player:

1. Quick Transitions
Your boyfriend, or the guy you are dating, has many exes. Almost too many for a guy of his age. This man whore has an expiry date for each women he has been with. So, since he dumped each of these girls after the same amount of time, what’s to say he won’t do the same to you? Essentially, he has a revolving door for his relationships and each girlfriend must exit accordingly.


2. Initial Attraction
Initially, your new man is coming on very strong. He is telling you how amazing you are and how you are the prettiest girl in all of college. He makes you feel like you are the only one for him. Don’t get me wrong at first he is infatuated by you but this doesn’t last long. Once he sees a slight flaw in your demeanor, or you point out a flaw in him, he will quickly tear down those love goggles and bail.


3. Charming
He is the most charming person you have ever met. He could make a nun weak at the knees. He always knows exactly what to say and he could flirt with a wall. His charm will reel you in but, be warned, he will also use this charm to quite cleverly break up with you.


4. Workaholic
He is fiercely into his work or study and this is an unbelievable trait for that future husband but the player puts a different spin on things. He will use the excuse of studying/working anytime you need him and when he wants to do something, but you’re studying, you will have to drop it all. He can make you feel bad for working and this is unacceptable. 


5. A Lone College Student
He likes his alone time. He likes his time to think, breath and take in all his deluded actions. There is nothing wrong with wanting your own space but he wants you to be nowhere near him. If he doesn’t contact you for two weeks, even if you are his girlfriend, he doesn’t care. And he certainly doesn’t understand why you care. You are generally concerned about his where abouts, but this triggers that alarm in his head. You asking him where he was all week signals to him that you are a psycho.


6. Type A
You have noticed a pattern between you and his exes. You all have blonde hair, big boobs and are under 5ft 3inches. This is strange and slightly unsettling. 


7. Empty Promises
He always promises you these romantic, whirlwind dates but you usually just end up eating Dominos and watching his favourite film. Last Valentine’s Day he said he had booked a romantic getaway, he in fact never had and cancelled seeing you last minute. When you got upset and confronted him he manages to flip it back on you: “We’re on the same night out aren’t we…Jesus what more can I do for you?”


8. Misplaced Loyalty
This player is loyal to his friends and family and this is the trait you liked most about him. But he just ditched your date for that McRandomer he met last week in a Massage Therapy elective. This seems a bit extreme. Oh but not to worry, he calls you at 1am to collect him from town and expects you to stay in his. You end up caving because he is so God damn charming.


9. Anti-Social Hours
Those late night booty calls, those somewhat abusive messages and the insistent texts when they know you are in a lecture or at work. Remember you are not his friend with benefits, you are his girlfriend and this is not okay. If you react badly to any of these calls or messages you are, to him, simply a nut job.


10. My Way Or The Highway
What the man serial dater says goes. If you question why him and any of his past girlfriends broke up it is always their fault. They were a psycho, a stage 5 clinger, critical, a bunny boiler or they had a stressful aura about them. When you get in fights you always apologise when he is blatantly wrong. You, most definitely, have a serial dater on your hands.


11. Bad Mood Massacre
If you point out something Mr. Right is doing wrong he will be deeply insulted. Even if it is something as simple as: “Oh make up with your mum I’m sure she didn’t mean to forget to iron your shirts.” The man whore serial dater won’t flip per se but he will let this anger boil inside him until he has a reason to leave the relationship. 


12. Commitment Fear
Even though he calls you his girlfriend behind closed doors, he will never bring you to a family occasion or a party with his friends. If you happen to bump into a family member of his he will be sure to introduce you by your name and never state you are his girlfriend. He won’t understand why you are upset by this meet and greet and will mock you for being in any way emotional.


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