The emotional cycle of every girl’s morning

Morning are the absolute worst, aren’t they? Here are some things that run through every girl’s mind when that dreaded alarm clock goes off:

1. “Snooze, where’s snooze? SNOOZE !”


Ten minutes of bliss. Followed by ten more.

2. “I suppose I should really get up now.”



3. “Why did I stay up so late last night?”


You vow to be in bed at 9pm sharp tonight. We all know it won’t happen.

4. “Is there a job out there that doesn’t involve getting up before half eleven?”


…And still finish at 5pm? Thought so.

5. “Is my hair too greasy not to wash?”


Because those extra five minutes could go so far right now…

6. “Will I get away without make-up today?”


Struggle on girfriend…

7. “Oh crap, I have no clean clothes.”


Pulling things out left, right and centre just to put an outfit together is simply soul destroying.

8. “Breakfast or near starvation until lunch?”


It’s the most important meal of the day – ALWAYS have breakfast, ladies!

9. “Please GOD, don’t say it’s raining outside today.”


As you pull on those not-so-waterproof pumps you pray the skies don’t open and leave you with shivering puddle feet all day long.

via our content partner CT