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In the run-up to their premiere of Casting JonBenét at this year's Sundance Fim Festival, Netflix have released a sneak peek at the documentary which true-crime fans have been waiting for with bated breath.

And if their intention was to leave YouTubers feeling pretty disturbed, they achieved it.

A clip for the documentary – which examines the 20-year case into the unsolved murder of six-year-old pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey – was released on YouTube yesterday, and it certainly makes for some unsettling viewing.

Featuring a group of little girls in typical pageant attire, the clip sees one young hopeful, who bears a striking resemblance to the deceased child, asking if they knew who killed JonBenét, and, unsurprisingly, YouTube found it a little hard to watch.

"This is creepy. Can we not?" asked one while another added: "OMG that gave me the heeby jeebies."

"Hell no! Just NO. Nope, not gonna watch. Ever. Never. Netflix, you people are SICK!" ranted another.

If you're not put off by the recently released clip, Casting JonBenét will hit Netflix this April.


After winning Celebrity Big Brother last year, Scotty T probably has a better idea than most what it takes to navigate the minefield that is the long-running reality TV show.

But by the sounds of things, Scotty hasn't let his Geordie Shore co-star, Chloe Ferry, in on the deets on that one.

Commenting on 21-year-old Chloe's performance in the infamous house in recent days, Scotty has been far from complimentary.

Speaking to The Sun, the 28-year-old acknowledged the other contestants' inability to get on Chloe's wavelength, and even suggested that the star's drunken behaviour may get her in trouble.

"No one really can understand her banter honestly man, she’s literally… when she gets drunk, she’s just sheer evil," he claimed.

And he didn't stop there.

Alluding to the Geordie girl's intellect, he added: "She’d probably won’t even realise she’s been in the house, man. She’s that thick."

Well, good to know Chloe has the support of her Geordie 'family'…


If you've just endured a hellish day at the office, this recent footage may help to put things in perspective.

Australian news anchor, Amber Sherlock, went to town on her colleague, Julie Snook, when she realised they were both wearing white tops for the next segment of their live show.

Sounding like the girl everyone was afraid of in secondary school, Amber demanded that Julie change before expressing disbelief that she hadn't covered her white top on her first request hours before.

Looking like she's no stranger to Amber's attitude, Julie attempted to placate her co-anchor while the psychologist invited to participate in the segment looked on in discomfort.

And while Amber may have gotten her wish (Julie was given a jacket to wear), she has lost a lot of fans in the process.

Commenting on the footage which has amassed thousands of views on YouTube so far, one member of the public wrote: "For someone wearing white she really has shown her true colours."

"What a moron. please tell me she's been fired." added another.

Ladies, this makes for some seriously awkward viewing. 


Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloé is probably the most candid, so we've been waiting with bated breath for her to appear on James Corden's Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,

But, surprisingly enough, it wasn't actually Khloé who dropped the biggest secrets this time around.

After being asked to reveal who he considered the rudest celebrity, James admitted that our very own Pierce Brosnan was far from gentlemanly after bumping into him at a U2 concert.

After explaining that Pierce left the venue, James revealed that he and the people he was with attempted to move into that space before being removed by the Irish star.

"And literally, I've never felt anything like it. This arm went on here and just pushed me out of the way," James admitted.

Oh, and when Khloé decided to defend him? James was having none of it…


We know he can spit a rap in Drop The Mic and multitask in Carpool Karoke, but how would James Corden fare when faced with a real-life Tony Award-winner in a Broadway Riff-Off?

The answer to that is pretty damn well if his recent musical exchange with Neil Patrick Harris is anything to go by.

Going head to head with the much-loved How I Met Your Mother star, James reminded us that when it comes to musical theatre, he really knows his stuff.

Clocking up more than 1.3 million views in just over a day, James and Neil had YouTubers falling all over themselves as they tackled classic Broadway hits.

And we'll let the lads take it from here…


Considering the designer wardrobe she rocked throughout Sex and the City's six incredible seasons, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd need to take out a mortgage to get your hands on the tutu Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the title sequence of the show.

With countless Manolos in her closet and more couture gowns than you could shake a stick at, we assumed that the outfit which launched one of the most iconic shows in television history would come at a fairly hefty price.

And how wrong were we?

According to Marie Claire, Carrie's tutu was found by the show's costume designer, Patricia Field, in a showroom bin, and set her back a mere $5.

That's right, ladies, the tutu which got on the wrong side of a cross-city New York bus cost less than the price of a pint back in 1998.

Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to get your hands on it for next to nothing as Patricia Field made the decision to recreate the skirt as part of a Sex and the City collection, and it's now retailing for a cool $115.

Still tempted?

The moment has come, ladies.

After years of hoping Ed Sheeran and James Corden might team up for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, we can finally rest easy and prepare for one epic journey.

Speaking to Capital radio this week, the singer, who recently dropped new material, confirmed that a collaboration with the British host is officially in the works.

"I've been in touch with James Corden about this for three years because he wanted me to do the first one and I just wasn't around," Ed explained.

But, now?

"I can confirm that at some point this year I will be doing a carpool karaoke," Ed assured listeners.

That's all we needed to know, Ed!

BBC earned themselves hero status on Twitter this weekend after they wasted no time ripping it out of themselves over a pretty awkward moment on BBC Breakfast last Saturday.

Taking to the social media platform, the good folk behind the popular morning show shared a moment which hosts Rachel Burden and John Kay would probably rather see left on the cutting room floor.

Under the impression they were set to interview an intrepid mountaineer, John Kay began the segment with a lengthy introduction.

"A former British serviceman Leslie Binns turned around to save a woman while she was on her track, but he's now attempting to scale the world's highest mountain – AGAIN, he's going back, and he joins us now in the studio ahead of his next mission," John told viewers.

With both hosts and their guest sitting in front of a screen featuring Leslie Binns, the guest – who we now know isn't Leslie Binns – was forced to draw his hosts' attention to the fairly epic blunder.

"I think you have the wrong guest sir," Dr Todd Landman, a professor of political science and pro-vice chancellor of the University of Nottingham, told John and Rachel in a moment which had everyone viewing cringing into their sleeves.

And before Twitter could tear the show apart, BBC went on serious damage control and quickly shared the cringe-worthy footage with anyone who might have missed it before reminding the public that this wasn't, in fact, their first case of mistaken identity.

We mean, remember Guy Goma?!

In a very moving tribute to George Michael on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the British presenter shared his memories of the much-loved singer who tragically passed away on Christmas Day last year.

Recalling his meeting with the singer back in 2011, a clearly emotional James told his American audience that the Outside singer contacted him personally regarding the presenter's desire to do a sketch with him for Comic Relief.

"We chatted for an hour and we talked about music and I felt very privileged to be able to tell him how much his music meant to me," James said.

In the clip, which has racked up 80,000 views since yesterday, James reminded the public that if it wasn't for George Michael, it's unlikely the world would have been introduced to the wonder that is Carpool Karaoke.

Responding to James' tribute, one YouTube user wrote: "There needs to be a love button so I can hit it repeatedly!"

"Thank you for your tribute James. So true about George Michaels' music reaching out…so true!" added another.

We'll let James and George take it from here.


While Gogglebox Ireland may be responsible for making stars of a number of Irish families this year, two of its cast members are responsible for creating a trend which viewers have latched onto with gusto in recent weeks.

So, as we all know, best friends, Angela and Eileen from Castleknock, are generally joined by a tiny guest each week, and it looks like the Irish public are only dying to host him themselves.

Michael Tea Higgins is as big a star as the Tully twins from Cavan and the ladies from The Liberties, and a Dublin craft shop is currently inundated with orders from people who want a miniature version of the Irish President to keep their tea warm.

Taking to Facebook to highlight the popularity of the tea cosy in the run-up to Christmas, Not Just Hats wrote: "Our President wasn't around for long today! He was sold out in record time! But don't worry we have a back up stock!"

Responding to public demand today, they added: "Thanks a million for all your requests! We are getting through them today and we will be in touch with you all in regards to your questions and orders."

We didn't know how much we wanted one until now.

Amy Huberman’s new TV drama Striking Out kicked off last night at 9.30pm on RTÉ.

Huberman plays a successful Dublin-based Solicitor Tara Rafferty, engaged to colleague Eric Dunbar.

When Tara discovers her fiancé has been cheating on her with a co-worker, she ends the relationship and walks away from her job.

She soon realises she is more than competent in making it on her own.

Amy told RTÉ, "Her world is upside down and she has to find her feet… personally and professionally. She leaves this firm that she's worked with and her personal life is in tatters."

This is her first starring role on Irish TV since The Clinic finished. The actress played a supporting role in Irish comedy Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope which follows the “unravelling” of a friendship.

The show is also available on the RTÉ player for anyone who was too hung-over to tune in last night.

Everyone know what the McCallister's mansion looks like in Home Alone, right? And everyone remembers what Monica and Chandler's new home in Friends looked like, yeah?

Well, did you know that when Monica and Chandler decided to up sticks and ditch the big city back in 2004, they actually moved into Kevin's gaf from the classic holiday movie?

No, us neither.

If we cast our mind back to the moment Monica and Chandler went to view their new home in Westchester, we don't recall noticing any connection to the McCallisters, but apparently we just needed to up our game.

According to a YouTube upload from 22 Vision, the production team for the hit sitcom decided to use stock footage from the 1990 movie as their exterior backdrop, and didn't imagine anyone would notice.

And they didn't… until now.