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Saturday night is always a mad one, and no matter where you're heading out to, the struggle is real when it comes to choosing a snazzy ensemble. 

Luckily, the shops are open late on Saturday, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue you from your outfit woes.

From lace-up details to gorge heels, these bits are worthy of a night on the town. 


Dress €107.00

Denim skirt €45.00

Pink skirt €45.00

Red mules €73.00


Dress €18.00

Sequin top €10.00

Skirt €12.00

Heels €16.00


Jumpsuit €38.99

 Heels €59.99

Pink faux fur coat €39.99

Blue dress €18.49


Feathered dress €52.00

Yellow jumper €80.00

Red skirt €44.00

Dress €68.00


Dress €35.99

Jumper €35.99

Velvet backpack €29.99

Turtleneck top €15.99

Image result for nothing to wear

The nothing-to-wear problem has just been solved! 

Let the cocktails commence. 




Celebrity style is one of our favourite sources of inspiration when it comes to styling our own fashion friendly looks. 

With party season upon us, we're checking in on what the celebs are donning on their nights out to inspire our own sartorial choices. 

Little Mix member Leigh-Anne looked picture perfect when out for a night on the tiles this week.

The stunning songstress opted for a very festive two-piece, complete with tassels. 

The co-ord was sequin-heavy, with an on trend waffle-mesh top and high neckline. 


Pretty Little Thing co-ord €135.00

The Little Mixer was spotted donning this look while out and about in Dublin, after the quadrant performed to a sold out crowd in the 3Arena. 

The piece is from Pretty Little Thing, and comes in at €135.00 for the set or €67.50 each as separates. 

We'll be adding silver heels and heading out the door to party the night away. 


Kendall Jenner, reality TV star-turned-model, is celebrating her 22nd birthday today. 

In honour of the style icon's big day, we have rounded up a selection of her best looks which inspired us. 

Whether she's oozing glamour on the red carpet or keeping it casual in a tracksuit and bumbag, Kendall rarely misses a beat when it comes to keeping things sartorial in the style stakes.



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The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us, and so it's time to check out what's in high street stores right now for those of us who want to hit the town but have nothing to wear. 

We've trawled through the shops to find the perfect, Halloween-themed pieces to add a hint of horror to your usual night out look. 

Whether you want to create your own costume with items you would wear again, like New Look's flamenco dancer emoji-esque top or Penneys fortune teller headband, there are plenty of pieces to pull a last-minute look together. 

Alternatively for those who can't be bothered to dress up, we've included some glam pieces with extra edge. 


Flamenco dancer top €24.99

Lace-up dress €29.99

Lace kimono €29.99

Popper tracksuit bottoms €29.99


Chain choker €43.00

Leather studded jacket €215.00

Dress €87.00

Monster clutch €22.00


Crop top €38.00

Dress €68.00

Feather trousers €60.00

Fatal Love hoodie €46.00


Leather jumpsuit €39.99

Bodysuit €19.99

Mesh top €6.99

Red fur coat €69.99


Headband €3.00

Velvet bodysuit €12.00

Dress €18.00

Skirt €12.00



Love it or hate it, Halloween is fast approaching – and if you're anything like us, despite all good intentions, you've left costume planning to the last minute. 

But never fear.

This year, the high street is packed with Halloween collections that are both stylish and spooky in equal measures. 

From casual tees to OTT wigs, here's our top pick of what's on offer. 

1. Regan Knitted Skeleton Halloween Jumpsuit – Boohoo €24.00 // 2. Skeleton Hands Corset Waist Scuba Mini Dress – ASOS €43.24 // 3. Skeleton Black Print Leggings – Pretty Little Thing €18.00

1. Halloween Floral Net Head Band – New Look €9.99 // 2. Get Catty Diamante Headband – Nasty Gal €9.00

1. Halloween Pink Synthetic Wig – ASOS €24.32 // 2. Halloween Grey Extra Long Wig –  Pretty Little Thing €18.00 // 3. Purple Ombre Halloween Wig – Claire's €29.99

1. Amy Halloween Slogan Bodysuit – Boohoo €8.00 // 2. Black Witch Please Slogan T-Shirt – New Look €9.99 

1.  Halloween Novelty Deer Headband – ASOS €13.51 // 2. Sugar Skull Face Stickers – Pretty Little Thing €4.20 // 3. Black Lace Mask – New Look €6.99 



Pink is one of this season's HOTTEST colours, and we cannot get enough of it! 

It also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning we're loving all things pink. 

With all that in mind, we decided to do up a little edit for you all, filled with our favourite pink fashion items online.

You're welcome. 

1. Frayed Loafers, Zara.

Image 1 of FRAYED LOAFERS from Zara

2. Borg Cocoon Coat, Topshop

3. ELABORATE Sock Boots, ASOS.

4. Knitted braided sweater, Mango

Knitted braided sweater | MANGO

5. Oversized Chenille Sweater, Zara.  


6. Pink mixed stripe print tie back shirt, River Island

7. Candy Fur Rhie Cross Body Bag, SkinnyDip.

Skinnydip London Candy Fur Rhie Cross Body Bag


8. Cord Pelmet Skirt in Pale Pink, ASOS.


Image result for ASOS Cord Pelmet Skirt in Pale Pink


In recent times, the 'bare ankle' has become common place in the smart-casual stylings of trend-savvy individuals.

The sockless look is rocked by both men and women alike, and with countless celebrities jumping on board, it's a fashion statement that isn't going anywhere fast.

However, an advisory from the College of Podiatry may prompt you to rethink your choice of footwear.

Experts warn that wearing shoes without socks will increase your chances of getting athlete's foot.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, podiatrist Emma Stevenson, explained the health risks associated with the popular fashion statement.

It seems that it all comes down to the amount of sweat produced by the feet (approximately half a pint per day!!), and the fact that without socks, there is nothing there to soak up all the moisture.

“On average your feet will sweat half a pint a day; that's a lot to be pouring out straight into your shoe without it being absorbed by a sock,” she said.

“Many shoes that are available on the high street today may have leather uppers but are lined in synthetic material, which is not breathable. If the lining is not breathable then moisture, heat and bacteria will all be trapped inside the shoe.”

Gross, we know.

But hey, there are steps you can take to prevent this kind of build-up from happening 

Obviously, the first option is to start wearing socks everyday, but if you reeeally can't cant bare the thought of saying bye-bye to your go-to style, Emma recommends airing your shoes for a least 48 hours before wearing them again.

You can also spray you feet with underarm antiperspirant, use tea bags to absorb the extra moisture, and wash and dry feet thoroughly after going sockless.



The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.


Diamond crop top €26.00, Playsuit €60.00, Floral skirt €50.00, Heels €77.00


Mesh dress €39.99, Mesh skirt €24.99, Denim skirt €19.99, Feathered top €19.99


Silver top €22.99, Velour bodysuit €9.99, Vinyl skirt €27.99, Gingham skirt €27.99


Bag €12.00, Skirt €8.00, Mesh dress €14.00, Knee-high boots €28.00 


Bag €29.99, Fur coat €69.99, Lace crop top €22.99, Fishnet dress €44.99


Dress €65.00, Vinyl bow skirt €45.00, Frilled skirt €37.00, Top €37.00



Judging by the less than ideal weather we're having, winter has officially reared it's head.

That means more layers, chunky boots, and, best of all, new cosy jackets. 

Whether you are after a snazzy new biker jacket or an on-point puffa, here are a few of our new season faves:  

Pretty Little Thing PU Aviator €75.00, New Look Pearl Jacket €59.99

River Island Biker jacket €75.00, River Island Silver Puffa €87.00, Missguided Blazer coat €61.00

V by Very Pink Longline coat €85.00, Pretty Little Thing Lime Shaggy Cardi €45.00

Vavavoom Xella Puffa €39.99, Monki Shearling Coat €81.08, ASOS Stone jacket €74.32



It's officially the weekend, so there is no better time to head out on the town and let your hair down. 

One thing that can ruin the night out prep is the thought of having nothing to wear, but never fear. 

The addition of one simple new item is all you need to create a load of extra outfit options. 

Here's what's in the shops now:


High heels €65.00

Red ruffle top €34.00

Black skirt €40.00

Mint tie top €43.00


Red ruffle dress €16.00

Nude heels €14.00

Kimono style playsuit €28.00

Mesh dress €16.00


Fishnet top €9.99

Faux fur coat €45.99

Fluffy heels €35.99

Velvet playsuit €29.99


Floral wrap dress €39.95

Bow crop top €19.95

Boots €89.95

Sequin skirt €29.95



Saturday night is always a mad one, and whether your a fan of Coppers or Workmans, the eternal struggle to find something to wear can just get too much sometimes.

Luckily, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Image result for nothing to wear

From a Penneys must-have playsuit to a sultry lace blouse, here a re a few of our top picks from the high street:



High heels €16.00

Playsuit €28.00

Pinafore €19.00

Top €10.00


Tassled top €24.99

Lace crop top €24.99

Embroidered skirt €29.99

Handbag €19.99


Ruffled top €33.00

Sheer top €43.00

Boots €60.00

Skirt €45.00


Star dress €64.00

Red top €40.00

Wrap dress €57.00

Skirt €52.00



Saturday night is always a mad one, and whether your a fan of Coppers or Workmans, the eternal struggle to find something to wear can just get too much sometimes.

Luckily, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Image result for nothing to wear

The high street is serving some seriously cute and, more importantly, seriously affordable looks, perfect for a night on the tiles or a casual drink with the girls. 

Fron ruffled skirts to fishnet tights, here are a few of our favourite bits, in town now:


White top €37.00

Rose gold bralette €35.00

Red skirt €33.00

White skirt €37.00


Red crop top €12.00

Silver pleated skirt €14.00 

Yellow skirt €8.00

Plaid dress €18.00


 Pink lace dress €39.99

Velvet skirt €27.99

Polka dot top €37.99

Tights €9.99


Tuxedo dress €35.99

Sock boots €39.99

Feathered jeans €35.99

Faux leather skirt €19.99


Blue heels €27.99

T-shirt €14.99

Lace playsuit €24.99

Skirt €29.99