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Our one saving grace after a heavy night on the sesh is being able to tell ourselves that the carry-on we exhibited the night before has absolutely no connection to the person we are the following morning.

But if blaming questionable behaviour on 'drunk you' is your go-to response, findings from a study conducted by researchers at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health may leave you feeling a little cold this afternoon.

According to those in the know, alcohol doesn't impact that heavily on an individual's personality.

While we have home footage which seriously begs to differ, findings, which were published in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science, have concluded that the individual will identify internal changes to their personalities when intoxicated which aren't actually evident to an observer.

So, how did they go about studying this theory?

Researchers surveyed 156 people, and focussed their attention on alcohol consumption as well as the participants' perception of their own typical sober and drunk personalities.

15 minutes after giving half the group a soft drink and the other half vodka, which brought their blood alcohol level to .09, researchers then provided both groups with a range of activities which involved social interaction.

Following this, outside observers and those who had consumed alcohol were asked to watch footage of the exchanges  in order to identify shifts in personality, and interestingly, the supposed changes were barely recognisable.

The study suggests that the intoxicated person believes their personality to be different following the consumption of alcohol when the changes are actually only very minor

"The participants experienced internal changes that were real to them but imperceptible to observers," asserted the study’s lead scientist Rachel Winograd

Far be it from us to question science, but 15 minutes? We imagine the findings would be very different after a good two hours on the lash.


The foodie scene in Ireland has never been bigger.

And with chefs keen to impress, influencers eager to educate and restaurants only dying to inspire, there’s never been a better time to embark on a foodie bucket list around our green isle.

But if that particular adventure remains a mere pipe dream right now, you can rest easy as RTÉ have harnessed the expertise of Chef Adrian for an incredible six-part online series where he shows you how to create the nation’s most popular restaurant dishes at home!

With the Cavan-native front and centre, Chef Adrian Eats Ireland pays tribute to Ireland's gastronomy scene, and we cannot wait to get involved!

Following an online poll to find the best food in Ireland, the show visits the winning restaurants in Cork, Galway, Wicklow, Sligo and Dublin to uncover the secrets behind their famous dishes; all nominated by the Irish public.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Chef Adrian brings his knowledge and ideas back to his outdoor kitchen where he cooks his own unique version of the dish, together with special celebrity guests including Samantha Mumba, Jenny Dixon and comedian PJ Gallagher.

Commenting on the series, Chef Adrian said: ”Working on ‘Chef Adrian Eats Ireland’ has been so rewarding and brings together my three great loves – food, fun and Ireland.”

“I wanted to share my passion for quality food and show viewers that cooking, even your favourite restaurant dishes, can be made simple." he added reflecting on the Because Taste Matters hashtag.

So if you’re only dying to sample the delights our country has to offer, be sure to tune in and take a trip around Ireland with the man himself before recreating it yourself!

You can watch Chef Adrian Eats Ireland here and for more recipe inspiration visit www.carrs.ie

And that's not all! You can become a Carr's fan on Facebook here!


If you're anything like us, there's a high chance you regularly have a mountain of clothes, shoes and accessories waiting in a virtual basket for the moment your monthly salary drops.

The joys of online shopping means you can browse to your heart's content, send screenshots to the squad for feedback, and even check reviews of the items before making the plunge.

Oh, and you can do it from the comfort of your own couch with a glass of vino in one hand and a credit card in the other.

And as online shopping devotees, we can confirm that no matter how adept we've become at the activity, we generally tend to have the same seven thoughts at various stages of the process.

1. Am I a 10 on this site or are these the guys that bumped me up to a 12 without my permission?

"Ah, there are no tens left, sure. Looks like I'm a 12 here, so."

2. What was I looking for in the first place?

"Christ, it was for someone's birthday present, wasn't it?  And yet here I am on my own favourited list again." 

3. I wish I was the type that could wear fringing.

"Imagine how different my life would be if I could pull off fringing. They'd call me the girl with the fringing."

4. I know I only wanted the skirt, but the whole outfit is calling to me.

"They put this look together for a reason, and if I ignore it, it'll be one of those things I'll regret forever."

5. Filtering has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever.

It's like having my own personal shopper, but I don't have to open my mouth or make eye contact.

6. A sale! They're having a sale! AND I have a discount code. That's it. This is how I'll go. Retail euphoria.

"iClothing, I love you. You guys are the real MVPs."

7. One day I'm going to earn a bigger wage and actually get everything on my wishlist.

"That'll always be the goal."



Every year, there was at least one.

One jammy little so-and-so in your primary school who managed to score a trip to Lapland just in time for Christmas.

While your teacher (the traitor) encouraged them to share their excitement with everyone, you watched from a dark corner of the classroom and silently plotted their downfall.

And here are just eight thoughts that ran through your head while your so-called friend ruined your Christmas.

1. “Why are her parents bringing her to Lapland, and my parents are bringing me to mass?”

“I swear I was born into the wrong family.”

2. “There should be a pay-off for this.”

“If she gets to go to Lapland, she shouldn’t get any presents.”

3. “Why is the teacher making us listen to this?”

“She must enjoy our misery. She must relish our envy.”

4. “Did she actually say she’ll get to make presents with Santa?”

“That one is living on another planet.”

5.  “Why is she still talking?”

“We get it. Reindeers, snow, Santa; change the record.”

6. “When I’m an adult, I’m going to Lapland every Christmas.”

“And then who’ll be laughing?”

7. “Are these knots in my stomach jealousy or pure rage?”

“I swear, she”ll pay for making me feel like this.”

8. “When she gets back, I’m not asking her one damn thing about it.”

“And I’ll shred her photos if she comes anywhere near me.”

If you’re still not over it, why not get your own back by planning your trip this year?

Sunway are currently offering one and two night trips to Lapland this December with flights from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Kerry.

Ladies, you know what to do.

Sunway Holidays have a fantastic choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 night trips to Lapland for Winter 2017.

With flights direct from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Kerry to Finland, Sunway will look after everything so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy this once in a lifetime, magical experience with your family.

If you would like to learn more about the Sunway Lapland programme log on towww.sunway.ie/lapland or call 01- 231 1800 where a Sunway representative will be happy to take your call.


Look, we all know life can be hard, and there are occasions when you deserve some serious TLC.
And then there are other times when life is totally going according to plan, but you still crave some major pampering and me-time.

Hey, we get that –  it's calling treating yo'self.

Whether life is running on rails or careering off them completely, here are 8 situations which always require you treat yo'self pronto!

1. Someone eats the food you've been looking forward to all day.

Situation: The feeling of utter despair that envelopes you when you realise you live with a thieving so-and-so, who would happily chomp their way through your food, is oh so real. 

Remedy: Take a deep breath, make a mental note of their deception, plot their downfall, order a takeaway and have a long bath while you're waiting for it to be delivered.

2. There's no hot water for a much-needed post-gym shower.

Situation: Peeling off your work-out gear only to find yourself shivering with one outstretched hand beneath a freezing cold torrent of water is worthy of multiple meltdowns.

Remedy: Jump straight into your fluffiest dressing gown, and while you're waiting for the water to heat up, give yourself some pre-shower prep with a little body brushing. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will do wonders for your stress levels.

3. You realise you've been rocking a funky foundation tidemark all day.

Situation: After a relatively good day with the other humans, you arrive home to find that your neck and face look like they belong to two different people… and not ONE person thought to tell you.

Remedy: There's really nothing for this other than a few hours of alone time with a DVD boxset and McVities Nibbles. 

4. The clothes you ordered online make you look like a potato.

Situation: You (willingly) maxxed out your credit card and now you're surrounded by a mountain of garments which only belong on a bonfire.

Remedy: Grab your phone and immediately Google 'Celebrity Worst Dressed Lists'. It may not be kind, but hey it will make you feel better.

5. Your gin buddy cancels at the last minute… and you're ready and waiting to cut loose.

Situation: You've been looking forward to a night on the tiles for over a week, and your so-called mate cancels on you due to a cold you're certain could be fixed with a few gins.

Remedy: Do NOT instantly grab a facewipe and remove every smidgen of makeup you've just applied. Instead, hijack someone else's night out, and make the most of that lipstick.

6. You lose your Leap Card mere hours after topping up by €50.

Situation: You top up your Leap Card BEFORE you find yourelf in the red, and lose the damn thing just hours after filling it with money.

Remedy: Like your funky tidemark situation, some scenarios require alone time. Take to the couch in your cosiest pyjamas, fill a bowl with your favourite chocolate, and eat your way through those feelings of frustration and irritation.

7. You wake up in foul humour, trudge through your day in foul humour and come home in foul humour.

Situation: You woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Remedy: You treat yo'self old-school by lighting candles, pouring wine, eating chocolate and pampering yourself like the queen that you are.

8. You spend days on a project for your boss only for it to be shelved at the last minute.

Situation: Your boss reminds you why you hate him by dropping the ball on a project you worked your arse off on.

Remedy: Chocolate. And gin, ladies. Chocolate and gin.


You don't need us to tell you that exercise is good for you.

At this stage we all know that in addition to improving your physical health, breaking a sweat on the regular also does wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

But did you know that regular exercise can also impact on your cognitive ability? In other words, your work-out sessions can actually positively impact the ol' noodle.

According to a review of studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, getting active for just 45 minutes a day can help to boost your brain health and improve your cognition.

Researchers from the University of Canberra established that regardless of the form of exercise the individual chooses to partake in, exercise of moderate intensity was linked to improved cognition.

But there's more!

Different exercises were linked to different areas of the mind, with aerobic impacting positively on thinking, reading and learning while resistance training helped with memory, planning, and organising.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the more often the individual works out, the greater the cognitive effects!

And we thought our lunges were only working our thighs…


According to recently released figures from the Central Statistics Office, one in ten adults in this country are earning the minimum wage or less.

Further to this, it has been established that 38 per cent of minimum-wage workers are aged between 18 and 24, with more women than men earning minimum wage.

As of January 2017, the minimum wage was increased to €9.25 per hour – an increase which was introduced incrementally over two years – and of the 155,100 people who earn that figure or less, 54.4 per cent were women.

According to the figures, 22,500 employees reported that their earnings as being less than the minimum wage while 132,600 reported earning the exact figure.

The findings established that those earning low wages worked in the services industry, with four in five employees reporting as such.

The research also concluded that three in five workers on the minimum wage or less worked part-time.



If your grandmother’s figure bears little resemblance to yours when she was your age, you’re not alone.

According to recently released figures, the average woman’s bust size has increased by three cups over the last fifty years.

Exploring the various ways women’s bodies have evolved over time, international lingerie brand, Bluebella, established that the average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 36DD since 1967.

With the help of government statistics, researchers discovered that the initial increase could be attributed to improved health in the first decade.

However, it looks like the size increase which took place throughout the 1980s was down to interest in breast enhancement surgery which was, at the time, in its infancy.

While this trend continued into the 1990s and is responsible for continued size increase, researchers determined that health factors played a role in the new average.

According to statistics, the growing problem surrounding weight and obesity signalled yet another increase while reliance on surgery also played a part.

Commenting on the research, Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said: "The way women's busts have changed over the last 50 years has been remarkable.”

"Better health, diets, improved fitness and the trend towards bigger and often surgically enhanced busts make Miss Average from today barely recognisable from her 1967 counterpart when it comes to her figure.”

"To go from Jane Fonda's 34B bust in 1967 to Kim Kardashian's surgically enhanced 36DD breasts in the space of two generations represents a bigger shift in 50 years than is probably reflected in the previous few centuries," she added.




We may be only days away from the beginning of May, but according to the latest weather forecast, we're in for one hell of a wintery night.

We know; joyful news.

According to the Met Éireann website, a fairly cloudy day today will ultimately give way to a particularly rough evening.

"Mostly cloudy at first today, with outbreaks of rain. Clearer, brighter and more showery conditions will extend down from the north this afternoon. Some of the showers could be heavy with a risk of hail." forecasters explained.

And then the evening kicks in.

"Rather windy tonight and cold, with clear spells and showers, the showers most frequent over Connacht and Ulster. Some will be of hail, with a risk of sleet over high ground."

And in addition to sleet and showers, we have thunder and frost to look forward to as well.

"There is also a risk of thunder, especially in northern and western coastal counties. Lows of 0 to +3 degrees, with frost in places sheltered from the moderate to fresh north to northwest winds," reads the official forecast.

If anyone needs us, we'll be in our fort.



Major fans of a little R&R, we announced we were looking for Ireland’s top spa destination, and we needed you to tell us which spa guaranteed the most luxurious treatments, luscious products and amazing ambiance.

Fingers on the pulse as always, you responded in your thousands, and our panel of judges wasted no time getting to grips with the nominees.

And these are the five incredible finalists.

ESPA at Powerscourt

Your first finalist comes in the form of the stunning ESPA at Powerscourt.

Decadent, indulgent and utterly tranquil, this spa destination in Co Wicklow seek to recalibrate body, mind and spirit in truly breathtaking surrounds.

The Marker Hotel & Spa

An oases in the centre of one of the capital's busiest areas, The Marker Hotel & Spa is devoted to ensuring the rest and relaxation of its visitors.

Encouraging total escape, the spa at the Marker Hotel has been pampering the public since 2013.

The Well Spa, Cliff House Hotel

Set on the coast, the Well Spa at the Cliff House Hotel is known for its breathtaking surroundings, and utterly indulgent treatments.

Overlooking the sea, this intimate spa is considered one of the most opulent the country has to offer.

Chill Spa, The Ice House Hotel

Utterly unique, the Chill Spa at the Ice House Hotel in Co Mayo boasts spectacular views, beautiful surrounds and second-to-none staff.

Straddling contemporary chic with traditional elegance, this spa destination is your fourth finalist.

Seafield Hotel and Spa

Located in Co Wexford, the Seafield Hotel and Spa allowed visitors to luxuriate in serene surrounds before sampling some of the spa's wholly indulgent treatment packages.

Providing the public with an idyllic spot for a much-needed getaway, it's no surprise this destination made the shortlist.



In today's current political climate, the vast majority of us prioritise safety above much else when shortlisting potential holiday destinations.

Considering this, it may be worth noting research collated by the World Economic Forum and published in its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report.

According to the data which focussed on 136 economies, Finland is the safest, most secure country to travel to in the world.

"Finland remains the safest destination globally, despite rising concerns in most Europe, including Finland, regarding terrorism," reads the report 

According to reports featuring the data, researchers came to the conclusion based on 'sets of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector, which in turn, contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country."

In addition to being named the safest country, Finand was recently placed fifth on a United Nations' list of 'happiest countries'.

Coming in behind Finland in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report was the United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Rwanda and Qatar.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Life can be tough and there are few among us that don't rely on certain things to make our lives that little bit simpler, right?

With that in mind, we put a call out for the gadget, gizmo, app or establishment that makes your hectic life easier.

And you guys wasted no time filling us in on the various tips and tricks you use to keep your life running on rails.

So, without further ado, here are the five finalists for our Makes Life Easier Award.

My Taxi App

Once known as Hailo, this incredibly popular app may have had a name change this year, but remains one of the handiest apps around.

Initially launched back in 2009, this app allows a customer to connect directly with a driver for a safe and swift journey.


The first outlet opened its doors on Baggot Street back in 2012, and five years later Brian Lee and Andy Chen boast an incredible 19 branches nationwide.

Putting an exceedingly healthy spin on the term 'fast food', Chopped provides a range of salads, wraps, sandwiches and soups for a time-poor but health-conscious public.

Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes

Considered one of the purest facial wipes on the market, Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes are a firm favourite with you guys.

Made with just 3 ingredients: water, Dead Sea minerals and fruit extract, this beauty product has made a serious splash.

Just Eat app

As a nation of foodies, it's no real surprise that we're utter devotees of food-focussed delivery app, Just Eat.

Ordering on the go became so much easier when these guys decided to grace our iPhone and Android devices.

Clarisonic Facial Cleanser

According to you guys, the Clarisonic Facial Cleanser has totally revolutinised your beauty routines.

So if you want to see it crowned winner of the Makes Life Easy Award, it's time for you to vote!