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As children, queries were often made by well-meaning adults into the existence of a best friend.

When conversation over our newest toy began to stall, the grown-up in question would get stuck into the 'best friend' line of questioning, and hope we'd give them enough info to work with.

"And what's your best friend's name?" "And what do you play together?" "And would she say you're her best friend as well?"

Put in its simplest terms, a best friend helped us to define ourselves when we weren't quite sure what we were all about.

As kids, having a best friend was often paramount. Losing a best friend to a new school was traumatic. But realising your friendship was based on little more than synchronised class timetables was always especially devastating.

As teenagers many of us fell into the trap of assuming that those whose year groups and lifestyles coincided with ours automatically made them worthy contenders for the role of BFF.

And then we left school, started college, took the first step into our chosen careers, and ultimately realised that timing and circumstance have very little to do with the maintenance of a friendship.

While #SquadGoals back in the day might have meant you shared a locker and saw the inside of each other's homes on a regular basis, the term took on a much greater, more profound meaning as you branched out, and began embarking on your own path… by yourself.

Friendships were no longer based on a mutual dislike for a teacher or a mutual admiration for a singer, friendships ran so much deeper.

Friendships became healthy doses of tough love,  tearful 4am phone calls, heartfelt meeting of minds, and the acknowledgement that this person has seen you at your worst, and will still hold your hair back.

And realising that the people you once called friends were merely people to pass the time with until your real mates showed up can be jarring, but it's by no means unique.

Days, weeks or even months might pass before you and your friend would get a chance to properly catch up these days, and yet you know their support is unwavering, their belief resolute and their encouragement persistent.

While Taylor and the crew may have sullied the term, and social media may consider it as 'basic' a concept as Uggs and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, there's a lot to be said for truly believing the people you have surrounded yourself with as an adult –  and the friendships you have cultivated with them – are worthy of aspiration.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May!  Crown the person who has been by your side through thick and thin, and never asks for anything more than a vino top-up in return, and do it right here!

So, in the eyes of the law, we're full-on, card-carrying adults.

And while we longed for that day as children, the reality of the adult world is very, very different; full of responsibilities and commitments we'd rather our parents or, you know, 'real' adults would deal with on our behalf.

Considering this, it's no surprise that many of us get a secret thrill out of performing an adult task or duty without requiring help or, indeed, encouragement from another adult.

And here are just 13 'grown-up' things it's OK to feel smug about totally nailing… every once in a while.

1. Ringing the bank over a statement query instead of hiding under your duvet and praying for the end of the world.

And hanging up feeling informed, placated and mature.

2. Doing a 'big shop' so your meals for the week are sorted in plenty of time, and you don't have to rely on the goodness of co-workers to feed you.

Don't mind me…or my Tupperware, guys.

3. Tending to your laundry BEFORE you run out of clean clothes, and have to wear bikini bottoms under your work trousers.

Three pairs of knickers left and yet here I am loading this drum like a good thing.

4. Cleaning out your handbag and removing every random receipt, frayed Boots voucher and empty Fruit Pastilles wrapped you find.

Eating a fluff-covered Fruit Pastille does not take away from your adult endeavours in any way, shape or form.

5. Buying a packet of treats and getting them to last an entire week instead of eating them in one sitting.

I might not even eat one today at all because I'm the boss.

6. Knowing when your next electricity bill is due, and setting aside the cash in time.

Excuse me while I transfer funds from one account to another like an absolute pro.

7. Cleaning your home from top to bottom despite the fact you're not actually expecting any visitors.

I'm cleaning, and I'm loving it.

8, Replacing the toilet roll, emptying the kitchen bin or putting the J-cloths through the washing machine… of your own accord.

I am holding this house together and no one can take that from me.

9. Setting up a savings account, and actively refusing to remove money from it because this is your time to shine, damn it.

I will not dip in. I will not dip in. I will not dip in.

10. Opting for the second cheapest wine on the menu instead of the cheapest because you're not an animal.

I'm officially going up in the world, people.

11. Bumping into a friend of your parents, and managing to hold an impromptu conversation without feeling awkward.

Look at me asking about their husband's health. My mother would be so proud right now.

12. Cleaning out your makeup bag because you felt like it, and not because there's mould growing on your brushes.

I'll be a renowned MUA at this rate.

13. Checking items off a to-do list you wrote because this whole adulting thing will not get the better of you.

OK, so I may have checked that off even though I haven't done it yet, but I know it'll be a cinch.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!

Winding down is becoming harder and harder these days as many of us find it increasingly difficult to switch off or detach after a hectic day.

Old reliables like chilling out in front of a movie or reading a book just don't have the same appeal as our reliance on email and instant messaging increases, and ultimately distracts us from the task at hand.

However, it looks like millions of people in recent years have found a failsafe way to tune out or drift off, and it's with the help of something known as ASMR.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, and can be brought about by the sound of hair brushing, hushed tones, page turning or keyboard tapping… among many others.

Indeed, YouTube is awash with videos from all over the world which feature individuals role-playing in a variety of situations including hair appointments, eye examinations and hotel check-ins.

The thing is, though, you either get it or you don't. But if you do, here we have – for your ASMR pleasure – some of the most popular.

1. "This was my very first ASMR video! Knocks me out almost every time!"

2. "This is the best ASMR video I've seen in a long time."

3. "It's so hard explaining this to people."

4. "Your voice is so soothing, you're already one of my fav asmrtists!"

5. "Does anyone else feel that it tickles your back?"


If you're the offspring of an Irish Mammy, you'll know that trying to buy her a present is an absolute minefield… not least because she refuses to offer guidance, provide suggestions or even engage with the notion her child intends to spend money on her.

Put simply, presents (and discussion surrounding presents) is an Irish Mammy's kryptonite.

This, in turn, makes choosing a gift for her absolute torture when you know full well you'll be in for a world of pain if you exceed the €5 limit or buy anything she can't put to good use.

And with Mother's Day fast approaching, here are just 9 classic moments we've all endured in recent years.

1. The awkward conversation

Every year, we attempt to tackle Mother's Day head-on by asking our mothers if there is anything they're currently hankering after, and every year we're met with the same dismissals.

Between insisting there's nothing on God's green earth they desire to suggesting we're a little touched for even broaching the subject, Irish Mammies really know how to make us work for the info.

"Sure, what would I be needing? No seriously, WHAT would I be needing?"

2. The subtle hints

Accepting that it's highly unlikely they'll come up with their own suggestions, we tentatively test the waters by throwing out a few suggestions of our own.

With a blank canvass to work on, we run wild with ideas only to be quickly reined in by an incredulous-looking woman.

"Afternoon tea?! A spa-day?! Holy Mother, it's far from afternoon tea I was reared."

3. The outright refusal to play ball

While up until now, they may have allowed us to dance around the subject, there comes a point when they officially shut down all lines of communication on the matter.

They're no longer playing ball whatsoever, and it looks like we're officially on our own.

"And don't go asking your father either. Sure, he hasn't a notion what I'd want…. not that I'd want anything."

4. The bizarre suggestion

And then comes a time when relations appear to thaw, and your mother seems to actually want something in honour of Mothering Sunday.

It just so happens that her suggestion is so ridiculous, you can't help but question whether she's testing you, and the surly teenager inside you is now the one refusing to play ball.

"I've been looking at the same dado rails for the guts of 20 years. If you want, you can choose new ones with me."

5. The indulgent online browsing

With talk of dado rails bringing you to crisis point, you do what any upstanding millennial would do, and you turn to the world wide web for inspiration.

And promptly realise that the litany of prolonged discussions you had with your mother over the importance of Mother's Day has left you with no time to actually order anything for Mother's Day.

"I love her, but there's no way I'm paying express delivery at those prices."

6. The blatant resentment

While the whole point of Mother's Day is to honour the woman who has raised you, you – in spite of yourself – find yourself cursing her inability to help you out on the present front.

Why can't she take a leaf out of our Christmas book and list anything and everything she has seen over the last 12 months?  

"She'll be lucky if she gets anything off me at this rate. And she'll only have herself to blame."

7. The frantic dash

If you haven't done a frantic dash through the halls of a department store the day before Mothering Sunday, have you even celebrated Mother's Day?

When you find yourself jostling for space between stressed-looking young lads, you know you've effed up yet again.

"Drop that silver picture frame, and there'll be no trouble."

8. The mother/ daughter gift

If crowded department store aren't your thing, then chances are you've gone with the gift of 'experience' right?

The very thing you mother said you'd need notions to even consider.

"I don't know what it's all about either, but just eat your cucumber sandwich and shush Mam."

9. The 'next year' promise

Next year, it will be different. Next year, she'll be sounder, and you'll be better able to deal with her classic Irish Mammy-isms, right?

Well, not likely, but you'll be better prepared with the help of Brooke & Shoals who are a veritable haven for anyone on the hunt for a Mother's Day present.

From candles and diffusers to eau de toilettes, the frustration of the last few years will be a distant memory with this range of handmade award-winning, stunningly packaged products.

Brooke & Shoals, take a bow.


Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if your mother is anything like ours, you're probably not getting much help in the present department.

From telling us to save our money to insisting they want for nothing, our mammies are pretty useless when it comes to speaking their mind on the gift front.

So, we've taken it upon ourselves to source some of the loveliest gifts you can bestow upon that mama of yours.

Take a look at these…

Clockwise from left: Brooke & Shoals Lemon Verbena & Bergamot €22.00; Avoca No 7 Hand Cream – Wild Meadow €14.95; Avoca Teapot Aqua with Mesh Filter €26.95; Brooke & Shoals Neroli Blosson& Lavender €22.00

Clockwise from left: Brooke & Shoals Pink Petals Sandalwood & Mimosa €65.00; Marks and Spencer Smooth Round Watch €40.00; River Island Pink floral clip top purse €24.00; Brooke & Shoals Candle Gift Set Two-pack €23.00

When Isabella Villegas heard that her 13-year-old sister had felt compelled to change her shirt after teachers made remarks over her choice of clothing, the 18-year-old made a T-shirt for her sibling to wear if she ever finds herself in that situation again.

And Twitter is now begging the Isabella to print more so they too can get their hands on one.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, 13-year-old Grace Villegas explained that after choosing to wear an off-the-shoulder blouse to school, she felt pressure from teachers to swap her new top for an alternative one.

"Instantly, I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to get dress-coded,' and I felt the need to change," Grace explained.

Furious that her younger sister was subject to judgement, Isabella made Grace a T-shirt to keep in her locker if she ever feels pressure to conform again.

And the message emblazoned across the plain white shirt has struck a serious chord with Twitter users in recent days.

"Dress Code: Promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies, blames the wearer for the onlooker's perceptions/actions, perpetuates rape culture, is B.S." it reads.

After the post racked up thousands of likes, queries into the availability of the shirt began pouring in, with one Twitter user writing: "Are you selling these on etsy yet??"

"If you started printing shirts with this on it, I'd for real buy one," added another.

Due to popular demand, Isabella decided to go ahead and make more shirts, telling the Twitosphere; "We are gonna start printing shirts!! anyone who wants one DM me so i can get an idea of how many to order!"

And that's how it's done.

The first day back in the office after St. Patrick's Day is always a tough one, but with the help of Emma Watson and her kittens we thought we'd get through it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's meant to be after we recently learned that we're in for one hell of a week weather-wise.

According to Met Éireann, the Irish nation should brace themselves for freezing temperatures, widespread showers, sleet and… wait for it… snow.

That's right ladies, we might be only days away from April, but that doesn't mean we've escaped the worst of the weather.

The Met Éireann website breaks it down, saying: "It will turn cold quickly after dark with frost setting in early tonight. There will be fairly widespread showers too, with some falling as sleet and snow even at low levels."

"They will be heaviest and most frequent in the western half of the country, where a few centimetres are likely, especially so on high ground. Lowest temperatures between +1 and -1 C., with icy patches also."

Oh, joy!


When it comes to weight loss, each journey is unique, and invariably depends on the individual's physical composition, fitness levels and determination… among many other things.

Each person has their own tips and tricks for shedding the lbs, but it looks like one woman's approach to losing weight has seriously piqued the interest of social media users as her story is doing the rounds for the second time in 12 months.

Following the death of her mother and partner, Justine McCabe gained a considerable amount of weight, and after vowing to shed it, decided to document her journey by taking one selfie a day as she slowly made her way towards her goal.

Dropping from 313 lbs to 189, Justine shared her journey with Instagram users, and racked up more than a quarter of a million views in the process.


The person you see reflecting in the mirror…will provide you with the biggest challenges in life. The human spirit is powerful. Do the work. Suffer the setbacks, push past the pain and excuses. True motivation is not an outside source. It's staring directly back at you. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Live with no regrets and don't ever give up. This is what drives me. My motivation.#transformationtuesday #teamjonnystraws #neverfail #IAMMOTIV8 #motiv8performance #jonnystraws #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitspiration #girlswholift #fitspo #fitfam #selflove #motivation #confidence #weightloss #trainandtransform #girlswithmuscle #fitmom #fattofit #bodybuilding #beastmode #teamgetyokd #spartanrevolution #limitless #ichoosetolive #keepgoing #musclevizion #athlete

A post shared by Justine #ichoosetolive (@hairstargetsfit) on

"The person you see reflecting in the mirror will provide you with the biggest challenges in life. The human spirit is powerful," she wrote in a post last summer.

"Do the work. Suffer the setbacks, push past the pain and excuses. True motivation is not an outside source. It's staring directly back at you," she continued.


Make today your Monday!I have started and stopped more times than I can count. I was convinced I would be unhappy and overweight forever…until the day came that I had enough. Enough exhaustion, enough depression, enough self shame…enough of living in a body that didn't feel like me. Every single decision you make will get you closer than you were yesterday. Take the stairs, park further away, cut out that extra serving, go to the gym when you don't want to, learn to live healthy…and whatever you do…just keep moving. Keep doing. This is your start. #MondayMotivation #IChooseToLive #LiveInspired #KeepGoing #Happiness #Love #Life #Change #Weightloss #BestSelf #InstaGood #FitFam #Transformation #BodyPositive #Strong #SelfLove #fitspo #girlswithmuscle #fitness #realtalk #ThisIsMe #BoPo #SelfConfidence #Body4Me #IAmAllWoman #worthy #be #bodydysmorphia #newpath #TeamJustine

A post shared by Justine #ichoosetolive (@hairstargetsfit) on

"There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Live with no regrets and don't ever give up. This is what drives me. My motivation," she finished.

Justine used exercise to combat the depression she had sunk into following the loss of her mother and partner, admitting: "There were a few times I cried on that elliptical,”

Over the course of two years, Justine says she has developed a love and passion for health and fitness.

"I could become complacent with my accomplishments, but why would I do that? We've got one shot at this life," she insists. "I'm going to push every boundary, face every fear, fill my life with knowledge, determination and inspiration."


Even though the world gets busy celebrating us, we get a day off work and are basically encouraged to sip up from sun up, St Patrick's Day isn't actually all it's cracked up to be.

Like New Year's Eve, the day of our Patron Saint invariably involves sidestepping pools of vomit, losing your friends and judging those who have taken to the holiday with gusto.

There's not an Irish person among us who wouldn't fear being labelled a buzzkill, but when it comes to March 17, more and more of us are admitting that we're actually grand with that label if it means we can avoid wearing a plastic arse and having someone puke on our shoes in public.

Here are 8 reasons why St Patrick's Day is… well… urgh whatever.

1. All major towns and cities are basically brought to a standstill with the help of a parade.

Yes, we envied those cheerleaders back in the day, but right now these gals from Georgia are the only things standing between us and our sanity.

2. You will see something that actually makes you question your fellow countrymen.

Blokes wearing nothing but tricolour mankinis in the middle of our capital's street is not something we need in our lives.

3. Society makes you feel the need to mark the day in some way, so you can't even enjoy your day off on the couch without feeling guilty.

Surely playing the National Anthem before your Netflix binge is enough?

4. You will see something that reminds you that alcohol and bodily functions don't mix.

"Don't look now, but that girl is puking into her own handbag."

5. You will hear the term St Patty's Day used at least one… unironically, we might add.

And it will make your teeth feel itchy and your toes feel curly.

6. You will see something that will make you want to cry a little despite your best efforts.

A dignified-looking elderly man with a shamrock pinned to his lapel is enough to make you weep.

7. The fiddly-diddly music belting out of every establishment loses its appeal very quickly.

"They're bloody murdering Raglan Road."

8. You will be forced to watch your fellow citizens confirm the archaic stereotypical perception once held of us.

"Ah yeah, vomit on yourself there before starting a row with that lamppost, good man."

Can we sit this one out?!

If you found yourself baffled by the phrase FOMO when it first started getting bandied around, you're not alone.

And if FOGO is much more your jam, you're among friends here.

While the rest of the world counts down the seconds to their first frosty Friday beer, you count down the seconds to your first fleecy fort-fest of the weekend.

And that, ladies, is because staying in is your going out.

1. You have been known to begin undoing your jeans the minute you're through the front door.

Sweet, sweet freedom.

2. You own more pairs of pyjamas and sweatpants than going-out dresses.

In fact, shopping for lounge wear has always been your jam.

3. You get so much joy out of lighting your scented candles at the end of a long week.

To think someone wanted you to stand in a heaving bar after work.

4. You feel no envy whatsoever when Snapcat stories of nights out start flooding in.

Oh my God, the amount of PEOPLE in the background.

5. You wish the money you saved staying in went into a saving account, but instead it goes on takeaways.

It's a sacrifice you're willing to make.

6. You have used every excuse in the book to avoid a night out… and never once felt guilty about it.

People must take you as they find you.

7. Your friends know better than to invite you to anything last minute.

You need at least a week's notice to gird yourself for an actual (sigh) night out.

8. You cringe at the thought of a Saturday night in a city-centre nightclub.

"I'm sorry, but where is the fun in being crushed and having a pint spilled down your back?"

9. The arrival of summer doesn't change anything… despite what your friends might hope.

"My couch doesn't get any less comfortable just because the sun is shining, lads."

10. People who get FOMO have never chilled out on the cushion heaven you have created for yourself.

"The only thing they're missing out on is my fort."

11.Your opening gambit in most messages is 'How was last night?'

We mean, how would you know if you didn't ask from time to time?

12. Having friends visit from out of town is a stress-fest because you know you'll have to entertain… outside.

"This is so unfair. I'll have to actually queue in a f*cking bar for these people."

13. Your hotwater bottle is to you what clutch bags are to other girls.

"Fill her up, and drop her down the front of my pyjama pants."


Look, it's far from easy to admit that your favourite way to unwind is by settling yourself in front of a grisly true crime documentary, but the sense of liberation that comes with finally doing it is fairly spectacular.

Yes, it's weird, yes it's mildly disturbing and yes, you've definitely wondered whether your macabre pastime would go against you if you ever found yourself in front of a judge, but hey you like what you like, and you no longer care who knows it.

And while most friends and family struggle to understand your fascination with the darkest recesses of the human psyche, you firmly believe your obsession with true crime will stand to you at some point in the future.

Here are just 13 things you'll know if true crime documentaries are your go-to watch.

1. You have, at times, surprised yourself by knowing the details of a murder which took place in Milwaukee in 1986.

Chances are you've stumbled upon a few documentaries detailing the same case, and you can't help it if the timeline of events has seared itself into your memory, right?

"Oh, I know this one! Your man from down the road did it, but framed his mate."

2. You generally can't stop yourself from researching everything about cases which piqued your attention.

When it comes to the more obscure cases, you end up feeling like an investigative journalist trawling the archives for more information on some homicidal lunatic from the States.

"There's very little on him on Wiki, but this local paper from small-town Idaho knows what's up. I should beef up this guy's online presence."

3. You have heard yourself rationalising your interest by leaning on the forensic side of things.

Throwing phrases like 'development in DNA testing' and 'cold case files' makes your fascination with the life and times of a serial killer sound a little more palatable.

"It's not that odd, really. I mostly focus on the police work involved."

4. You have had to stop yourself from sharing the more obscure details of a case for fear your colleagues will begin questioning your actions.

Everyone in the office watched How To Make a Murderer, but only you decided to spend hours online searching for that one piece of evidence that would set Steven Avery free.

"I'm telling you, lads. If someone would just listen to me."

5. You hate to admit it, but you actually have favourite true crime cases.

You know how despicable that sounds, but there are some serial killer cases which appeal to you more than others.

"I don't know what it is, but it was the perfect storyline… and yes, I know it's true and I'm going to hell."

6. You get a frisson of excitement when you spot a link before the narrator reveals the twist.

You get an inkling you're onto something, and can't help but throw it out there lest anyone think you're losing your touch.

"Hey, have you a second to talk? So, I was watching one of my docs, and I had the murderer in the frame before the first ad-break. Hello?"

7. You curse your fascination when you find yourself alone in certain situations.

It's all well and good when you're cosied up at home, but the moment you're by yourself your mind wanders to the unsolved murder of a person in Wyoming in 1977.

"Oh my God. I'm, literally going to star in my own murder doc."

8. Your most-listened to podcasts are true crime ones, and you can't help but imagine yourself behind that mike.

Secretly, you know that your fascination with crime would make for a compelling podcast, but your damn day job keeps getting in the way.

"Nobody would be able to tell the story of Ted Bundy like I would."

9.You feel awkward when you have to admit that while yes, you adore true crime, it's generally reserved for the more mysterious and grisly.

Bank heists and great train robberies don't exactly do it for you.

"Yeah, I know it happened in real life, but unfortunately I don't care right now."

10. You have endured comments that you're like those women who fall in love with death row prisoners.

While you're more than willing to put up with light mockery, that is one accusation you won't accept.

"I'm sorry, you've taken it too far this time."

11. Your friends consider you an oracle on all things crime-related.

You've had to suppress a surge of pride when friends come to you for the details on the latest high-profile crime case.

"Jesus, it's like they think I have an inside scoop! I'm literally famous."

12. You have urged your friends to join you in your pastime, but they struggle to share your enthusiasm.

They generally like to laugh during TV binges, and don't understand your desire to start goggle-eyed at court proceedings during a high-profile case from 1995.

"Give it a shot. You won't look back."

13. Secretly you know that if someone else actually enjoyed true crime as much as you, you'd be slightly alarmed.

But you're normal… you don't know that THEY are.

"I use it to turn off… they might use to switch on!"


According to emerging reports, a woman has been stopped at Dublin Port after officials discovered she was carrying four pugaleer-type puppies in her hand luggage.

The woman, with an address in Scotland, was boarding a ferry bound for Holyhead when she was stopped in the capital.

Unable to produce any documentation for the animals, the woman, who explained that she had bought the dogs from an online seller, was forced to place the puppies in the care of the DSPCA.

As it stands, Irish and UK law state that any dogs being transported between Irish and the UK must possess an up-to-date Pet Passport with records of vaccinations, microchips and veterinary certificate.

It has been established that the DSCPA are investigating the incident, and have advised the public that the animals are not up for adoption as of yet.

Taking to their Facebook page, the organisation highlighted the incident with the public, writing: "This seizure brings to light once again the issues surrounding the sale and origins of puppies bought in the Republic of Ireland."

"The DSPCA strongly believe that the origin of all puppies and dogs should be declared and be verifiable," they added in a post which contained photographs of the four animals at the centre of the incident.