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We've been waiting a while for this.

James Corden's Carpool Karaoke has been a huge hit since it first debuted on his American version of The Late Late Show.

The TV segment was such a smash that it got commissioned for an entire show by Apple… and now the trailer is finally here.

Featuring everyone's favourite prince, Will Smith will be one of the first celebs to join the series (he better sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), as well as Metallica, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys.

The trailer sees Will crashing a wedding (imagine!) and John Legend grooving with a gospel choir in the middle of a launderette. Standard.

All we know so far is that the series is "coming soon," but by the look of this clip, it's going to be class.

Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloé is probably the most candid, so we've been waiting with bated breath for her to appear on James Corden's Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,

But, surprisingly enough, it wasn't actually Khloé who dropped the biggest secrets this time around.

After being asked to reveal who he considered the rudest celebrity, James admitted that our very own Pierce Brosnan was far from gentlemanly after bumping into him at a U2 concert.

After explaining that Pierce left the venue, James revealed that he and the people he was with attempted to move into that space before being removed by the Irish star.

"And literally, I've never felt anything like it. This arm went on here and just pushed me out of the way," James admitted.

Oh, and when Khloé decided to defend him? James was having none of it…


We know he can spit a rap in Drop The Mic and multitask in Carpool Karoke, but how would James Corden fare when faced with a real-life Tony Award-winner in a Broadway Riff-Off?

The answer to that is pretty damn well if his recent musical exchange with Neil Patrick Harris is anything to go by.

Going head to head with the much-loved How I Met Your Mother star, James reminded us that when it comes to musical theatre, he really knows his stuff.

Clocking up more than 1.3 million views in just over a day, James and Neil had YouTubers falling all over themselves as they tackled classic Broadway hits.

And we'll let the lads take it from here…


In a very moving tribute to George Michael on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the British presenter shared his memories of the much-loved singer who tragically passed away on Christmas Day last year.

Recalling his meeting with the singer back in 2011, a clearly emotional James told his American audience that the Outside singer contacted him personally regarding the presenter's desire to do a sketch with him for Comic Relief.

"We chatted for an hour and we talked about music and I felt very privileged to be able to tell him how much his music meant to me," James said.

In the clip, which has racked up 80,000 views since yesterday, James reminded the public that if it wasn't for George Michael, it's unlikely the world would have been introduced to the wonder that is Carpool Karaoke.

Responding to James' tribute, one YouTube user wrote: "There needs to be a love button so I can hit it repeatedly!"

"Thank you for your tribute James. So true about George Michaels' music reaching out…so true!" added another.

We'll let James and George take it from here.


We love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke more than ANYTHING else, and the latest one is so epic.

The wonderful Bruno Mars joined James for a 15 minute spin around Los Angeles. 

The Grammy Award winner sang a number of his major hits (Uptown funk gon' give it to ya), hitting some truly majestic high notes. 

James actually gave Bruno a run for his money, and even donned a silk ensemble to match Bruno's at one point… glorious. 

About eight minutes in, Bruno attempts to teach James how to seduce a woman, and it is absolutely HILARIOUS. 

All in all, this is one highly entertaining way to spend 15 minutes. 


Look, we love our dogs as much as the next person, but we've never really harboured any interest in seeing what our offspring might look like.

Because, you know, that's a bit, well, vomit-inducing.

Unfortunately for the viewers of The Late Late Show with James Corden, recent guest, Jennifer Lawrence, actually has considered it, and she's only dying to see it turned into an app.

Communicating her idea to James and the studio audience, Jennifer said: "My idea for an app is an app where you see what you and your dog's baby would look like."

"It's all in the details. It has to be very real," she added.

After revealing that people have actually pursued the idea on her behalf, the Passengers star admitted she wasn't quite impressed with the result.

"They sent me one prototype that's like me with dog ears and a snout and I'm like 'No.' It all about the features," she insisted.

If you say so, Jen.


Another day, another quirky JLaw anecdote, right?

If she isn't 'scratching her butt' on sacred Hawaiian stones, she's urinating in secret beside her mum, and then sharing the photographic evidence with the world.

So, while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, the Oscar-winner gave a little background into what looks like a candid mother/daughter snap.

"I am actually peeing in that photo and she has no idea. No clue," Jennifer told James in footage which has racked up more than 12,000 views on YouTube.

"I went to pee and my friend got the phone cos she knew I was peeing, and we both decided to leave my mom out of it," Jennifer explained.

Complimenting the Passengers actress on her pose, James remarked: "That's a very relaxed peeing face" to which Jlaw replied: "Yeah, I know how to do it. I've done it alot."

Commenting on the upload, one YouTuber wrote: "I like her, but a peeing story is really not cute at all."

"Do people still think this disgusting, vulgar behavior is cute?" added another.

Well, that went well.


It's safe to say that James Corden lands some smashers on Carpool Karaoke. From Adele, to One Direction and even Michelle Obama, we have loved watching every single one of them.

However, one person James doesn't seem too keen on having on the show is Robbie Williams.

Image result for robbie williams and james corden

The singer has revealed that he was a tad desperate to get a seat in James' car, but the American talk show host has been ignoring him.

Robbie told the Daily Star: "I suppose you have to be famous in America to do Carpool. I'm not famous there. I'm yet to tick that box.

Image result for robbie williams

"James hasn't got back to me about doing Carpool Karaoke yet. It does need to happen."

He has a point, we'd love to bring back some old school Robbie in the car!

If there's one thing we love as much as The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke segment, it's their Drop the Mic set-up.

Like Celebrities Read Mean Tweets or the Comedy Central Roast, there's something about seeing high-profile people rip it out of one another that appeals to us, and we refuse to apologise for it.

And in much the same way he brings it on the track, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt seriously delivered when he appeared alongside James Corden this week.

After being dissed by James on everything from his name to the number of medals he's taken home, Usain stepped up and let that lad have it,

And while the battle was tight, Usain was ultimately crowned the winner.


When it comes to the Kardashian / Jenner sisters, there's absolutely no doubting that Kendall is the most enigmatic.

Admittedly quite shy, 21-year-old Kendall doesn't tend to share as much as her siblings either online or through interview, so we were fairly stunned that she decided to take part in Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.

The notorious Late Late Show segment is James Corden's method of getting his guests to reveal as much as possible, and in fairness to Kendall she actually played ball… for the most part.

While she decided to drink bird saliva rather reveal who her least favourite member of Taylor's squad is, the model did admit that when it comes to her nieces and nephew's names, she definitely has a least favourite.

Oh, and when it came to ratting Kylie out? Kris actually INSISTED her daughter down some clam juice and stay loyal to the Kardashian family values…

Fair play, Kendall.


From Michelle Obama to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, most stars fall all over themselves to take part in The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke segment.

And it looks like Madonna is no exception.

And while thousands of her Instagram followers are pumped at the idea of seeing the Queen of Pop duet with James Corden, not everyone is that impressed by the announcement.


Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love@latelateshowcarpool karaoke

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Sharing a snap of herself with James on Instagram last night, Madonna wrote: "Riding around Manhattan with the Hunk of Burning Love" in a move which sent social media into a tailspin.

"Awesome! It's about time," gushed one of her followers, but not everyone is on the same page.

"This b*tch needs to retire" wrote one Instagram user while another added: "The most overrated popstar of all the time"

While the upload itself racked up 113,000 likes, many of The Late Late Show's followers wasted no time sharing their thoughts on Madge's imminent appearance, with another writing: "Terrible choice."

"Why she decided to do this right after Gaga? Isn't she jealous of Gaga? smh," added someone else on Twitter when the news broke.

Well, let's just see how it goes, shall we?

Earlier this week, Niall Horan left us blushing when he revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that Ellie Goulding would be his dream date.

Granted the This Town singer was caught in a game of Who’d You Rather with the comedic host, but after a round of quick fire questions, Ellie turned out to be the One D star’s perfect match.

Since the Burn songstress briefly dated the 23-year-old singer back in 2014, fans quickly began to speculate that Niall may still have feelings for his famous ex.

Last night the Mullingar man did little to dispel that belief, as when faced with having to eat beef tongue if he refused a question from James Corden, Niall admitted he would choose to spend his last night on earth with Ellie Goulding instead of his other ex, Selena Gomez.

As part of The Late Late Show’s Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment, James posed the question: “You’ve dated both Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding.  It’s your last night on earth.  Out of the two of them, who would you rather spend it with?”   


Pretty deece having hair again  @pantene

A photo posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on

After much thought – and lots of laughter from his co-stars – Niall confessed: “Because it’s the last night on earth, Ellie is a big fan of Planet Earth by David Attenborough so I would sit and watch that with her.  For that reason, Ellie Goulding.”

And just like that, we're in tears!