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We live in a world where unrealistic body expectations are the norm. 

From plastic-pumped celebrities who mould our beauty ideals to shop front mannequins with legs so lithe they could snap, the female form is constantly under scrutiny. 

While usually these expectations have been confined to women's weight and body shape, the humble vagina is the latest body part with an altogether ridiculous beauty ideal being imposed upon it. 

And by humble, I, of course, mean the amazing, life-giving, efficient, temperamental, and wondrous vagina. 

A new product has been developed targeting owners of the aforementioned organs, and the 'intimacy capsules' aim is to prettify the vagina with – wait for it – glitter. 

While we love a bit of glitter to adorn our festival faces, shoving a capsule full of the sparkly stuff up our vaginas does not sound all that appealing. 

The capsules are designed to be inserted into the vagina, and your body apparently dissolves the capsule to create glittery emissions. 

As well as making discharge and sexual secretions sparkle, the capsules promise to change the natural 'flavour' of the vagina to make it taste like 'candy. '


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'The flavour is sweet like candy but not overly sweet, just enough to make your lover feel that your Yara (water-lady or little butterfly) is what all vaginas are supposed to look, feel and taste like; soft, sweet and magical!'

The fact that this company insists that vaginas are supposed to taste like candy and secrete glitter is completely ridiculous, and reinforces negative stereotypes about women.

The concept implies that the natural operations of a vagina are sub-par, and that women should stride to be precious, magical little creatures with sparkly vaginas.

Why should the vagina have to deal with the pressure of beauty ideals involving glittery discharge?

What will be expected next, a post-coital fireworks show straight from the cervix? 

The issue here is the potential for unrealistic expectations, and this product's promotion of what a vagina 'should' be, ie candy-flavoured and embellished with tiny iridescent flecks. 

And I get it, this product is a novelty boudoir item, but the implications are there. 

There is also a health and safety issue, as honestly, these Passion Dust capsules sound like a yeast infection waiting to happen. 

Oh, but if your body does respond badly to being stuffed with glitter, it's just one of the many 'joys of being a girl,' according to the company. 

'Scientifically, you have already inhaled or ingested more hazardous 'glitter' and chemicals than what is in our capsules,' reads the website (we'd love to see the 'science' behind these claims).

'You have not gotten sick from those chemicals in your body because the amount that you have ingested is so small that it would take an extremely significant amount to cause you any bodily harm which is why these glitters are deemed FDA approved.' 

'If you've ever had vaginal issues you had them before you used Passion Dust anyway.'

'If you've ever had a yeast infection I'm sure it wasn't caused by glitter, it just happens sometimes (Oh, the joys of being a girl!)," they add.

They also recommend that your 'special time of the month' should be given the glitter treatment too, so you can 'at least make it a pretty mess' while expelling your uterine walls. 

I'll take my au natural clitoris over a glitoris any day, thanks. 



We know that festival season is an excuse to throw glitter all over everything, but this latest festival fashion innovation is taking the trend to new heights.

We've all had more than a few encounters with roll on body glitter, but the creatives at Go Get Glitter clearly have a talent for working with the sparkly substance.


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The glitter cosmetics brand are pushing the boundaries and introducing innovative ways to wear glitter that we never thought possible.

Introducing, the full on glitter top, which literally looks like the stuff of glitter-lover's dreams.


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The specialist body art gurus are painting the torsos of festival goers this season with lashings of the sparkly stuff to create wearable clothing purely out of glitter.

The tops are our new obsession, with the brand using intricate and amazing nipple covers to maintain the model's modesty if they're not feeling like freeing the nipple. 


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We're itching to try this look out for real, with the high-impact creation turning heads wherever they go, which is clear by their amazing Instagram videos of festival attendees wearing the look out and about.

It may not be a goer for a DIY job, but we'd love to give it a try.

Pass the bucket of glitter, please and thanks. 


Want to feel fancy AF while sipping prosecco in your PJs? Then you're going to love this.

You can now buy edible glitter to add a bit of bling to your booze.

The shimmering dust adds sparkle to your drink, as well as a slight raspberry flavour, so you can enjoy your night in like a total queen.

And, if you want to add something special to your drinks on date night, edible flakes of heart-shaped gold are also available.

But, as like all great things, the edible glitter and flakes are currently sold out, but keep an eye on this website for when they'll be on sale again.

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Coachella is kicking off this month, and with it comes an Instagram influx of amazing, high-shine festival makeup looks.

We've been uber-envious of all the gorgeous Insta-influencers heading off to the music festival in the sun, but seeing their practice Coachella makeup looks is keeping us sane.

We're feeling super inspired to channel the looks for the Irish festival season, and luckily, Penneys is on the same wavelength. 

Hair crayons €4.00, Glitter Roots kit €4.00

The high street bargain store has just launched their amazing new Prism collection, and there are a few pieces that stand out as absolute festival must haves.

Staying totally up-to-date with festival hair trends, Penneys have created a glitter roots kit, which includes multiple glitter shades to cover up greasy three-day-camping roots.

Penneys have also launched a set of hair crayons, perfect for adding some temporary colour to your locks. 

Face gems €3, Holographic Highlighter stick €3.50

No festival look is complete without a few gem stickers to highlight your favourite features, and Penneys is providing them already arranged, so you don't even have to think aboiut how to apply them.

Channelling the 90s has also never been easier, with body glitter hitting the shelves and giving us all sorts of childhood nostalgia.

The holographic highlighter stick is perfect for both face and body, and would look seriously cool underneath those gems. 

Holographic lip gloss €2.00 each

These holographic mermaid lip glosses are making is super easy to achieve that Kylie Jenner metallic lip festival look. 

And the fact that the shades have adorable names like Fintasia and Mermaid Kiss doesn't hurt either. 

These star shimmer lip balms have the perfect sprinkle of glitter we've been looking for to top coat our lippie.

It looks like this festival season is set to be the most glittery yet. 

So, while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Ah yes, another day, another amazing makeup find that is glitter based (of course!)

Our latest delightful cosmetic discovery comes courtesy of the gorgeous folks at Black Moon Cosmetics

The founder of Black Moon told Allure that she “wanted to combine three of my absolute favourite things together—glitter, outer space, and the colour black.”

 Well, we certainly won't argue! 

These INCREDIBLE glitters are versatile, and can be used as eyeshadow and lipstick… what's not to love?

The products come in five different space-inspired shades, and can be bought separately or as a lovely little bundle. 

For a single cosmic eyedust you will pay €18, and a set of five will set you back €70.



Just when you thought beauty could not get any weirder, fake freckles arrive.

However, these are not the run-of-the-mill, sun-kissed freckles we all adore… they're glittery (of course!)

Yep, people are currently going mad for glitter freckles… and we cannot deny that they do look kind of cool. 

Now, we are not suggesting you rock up to work on a Monday morning donning glittery freckles, but maybe on holidays… or at a music festival?


Mermaid sparkles  #glitterfreckles

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Remember last summer, when every single woman attending a festival had glitter roots, or glitter under their eyes?


#GLITTERFRECKLES. My obsession with #glitter lately doesn't want to stop, lol. I have natural freckles , so I decided to start my own #freckletrend. Glitter @maccosmetics 'gold' from the gold pigment nutcracker set . Brows : light strokes of @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrowpomade in 'blonde' for most natural look . Lips: also #ABH liquid lip in 'Allison'. Foundation @maccosmetics 'Face&Body' Foundation in N1. Glow: @elciecosmetics #glowenhancer. Highlight : @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina #gleamglowkit in 'starbust' &'crushed pearl' . #abhallison #maccosmetics #makeuptrend #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_mua #norvina #glow #thatglowtho #freckles #highlight #onfleek #elciecosmetics

A photo posted by Inessa Mendoza (Емельянова) (@inessamendoza) on

Well, this is the 2017 version of that, and we're totally fine with it! 

Glitter at the ready, ladies, because this year is going to be SPARKLY! 


Nothing makes us happier then a new makeup discovery, and this one is really special. 

Glitter Injections is a cosmetic company owned by the wonderful Jessica Wong, and OH BOY is it sparkly! 

The brand sells a number of glitter based makeup products, such as pressed glitters, highlighters and actual glitter injections. 



A photo posted by By: JESSICA WONG (@glitterinjections) on

Prices start at just €10 for the glitter-filled syringes, with the highlighters costing upwards of €20. 

Glitter Injections also ships worldwide, making it suitable for EVERYONE. 

Rule number one: ALWAYS SPARKLE!


Another day, another unicorn related makeup product to get me overly excited. 

The latest addition in magical creature cosmetics comes to you from the wonderful humans at Violet Voss. 

The company specialise in wonderful glitters, that can be used as eyeshadow or hightlighter (or anywhere really…)


Get your hands on our New Iridecent Unicorn Glitter Collection Left to Right: Unicorn Baby Unicorn Snow Unicorn Love Pic Cred: @lipstickjunkieforever

A video posted by Violet Voss®, LLC Cosmetics Co (@shopvioletvoss) on

Violet Voss's latest offering is unicorn inspired glitters, and they are EPIC.

There are four different shades of loose glitter, all inspired by the wonder of 2016's most loved magical creature.


When you see the size of our glitter jars in person  Pic Cred: @aspiringmua92

A photo posted by Violet Voss®, LLC Cosmetics Co (@shopvioletvoss) on

Unicorn love, unicorn party, unicorn baby and unicorn snow are the names of these glorious iridescent glitters, and we want them all. 


Cut that crease with glitter! Rosalind Glitter Pic Cred: @tesseffects

A photo posted by Violet Voss®, LLC Cosmetics Co (@shopvioletvoss) on

The pots of unicorn glitter cost €8.60 each, which is fairly reasonable in our opinion.

Image result for unicorn gif

Remember ladies, unicorns are REAL.  


We have seen so many weird and impressive makeup videos in recent months, with the 100-layer challenge taking on a life of its own. 

Image result for 100 layers challenge

Katie Butt, professional makeup artist, has become our new cosmetic hero for doing a full face of makeup… using glitter.

Just glitter… nothing else. 

Related image


Katie uploaded a video on her popular Instagram account, where she shows her fans how she created this mesmerising look. 


GLITTER FACE Hi guys I hope everyone's Monday isn't too bad! I thought I would do this for a bit of fun, I don't know who/if this has been done before but I haven't seen any full face glitter videos to give credit to. Hope you guys like it. Face- @glittertubes in brassic and tutti Highlight- glitterinjections in vintage chic Bronzer- @glitterinjections in copper crush and natural beauty Contour- glitterinjections chocolate kiss Blush- glittertubes in prep Brows- glitterinjections in chocolate kiss Eyes- glitterinjections in mariposa and glittertubes in space and shard Lips- glittertubes papercut . Brushes- @mymakeupbrushset #makeupchallenge #fullfaceglitterchallenge #glitter #allmodernmakeup #makeuptutorialx0x #maquillajesvideos #videosfashions #makeupclips #hynaughtymakeup #beautyqueens4ever #peachyqueenblog #fakeupfix #make4glam #juliekay #makeupartistsworldwide #fabumakeup4u #universodamaquiagem_oficial #wakeupmakeup #flawlesssdolls #brian_champagne #thebeautybombb #malakhossam #lunarimakeup #fiercesociety #featuring_muas #glittertubes #glitterinjections #wig #shimycatsmua

A video posted by Katie Butt Creator. (@katieelizabethbutt) on

Dying. Dead. 



To be honest, paint is never really a topic of discussion here in Shemazing HQ. That is, until this little collection came along.

Dulux have come out with a Made By Me range and it contains all the sparkle under the sun.


The colours the paints come in are Disco Pink, Copper Glitz, Gold Rush, Star Dust, Scarlet Sparkle, Silver Shimmer, Sparkling Silver and Steel Diamond.

Aren't they dreamy?

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 13.58.30

They're not supposed to be for covering a whole wall, but are intended for painting over a mirror frame, or boxes or vases or basically anything you want.

We think our houses are soon going to be covered in this.



Just last week, glitter roots emerged as a new – and very seasonal – beauty trend. Little did we know that some industrious men would decide that all that sparkle shouldn't just be reserved to head hair.

The latest buzz-worthy beauty trend is not for the girls, but for the guys. 

Introducing, the glitter beard:


#glitterbeard happened. You're welcome. #diamondstatetattoo #beard #winning

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Men across the globe are dipping their facial hair into what looks like VATS of glitter in an attempt to embrace the festive season. 

While we love a good bit of facial hair over here at SHEmazing!, we are not quite sure we could cope with coming face-to-face with a real life glitter beard. 

But if you LIVE for some festive spirit and know a man with impressive facial hair, why not tell them to ditch the Christmas jumper and embrace the #glitterbeard instead?

For you need to know about achieving the perfect shimmery beard straight out of Christmas heaven, check out the video below. 




So, picture this. It is New York City on New Year's Eve, 1979. Everyone who is anyone has rocked up to infamous nightclub of the stars Studio 54. Frequented by Michael Jackson, Diane Von Furstenberg and Andy Warhol, it was THE only place to be seen on the weekend. 

This New Year's Eve party was packed to the rafters and as the clock struck midnight, four TONNES of glitter was dropped onto the dance floor as guests shimmied their way into 1980. For months after the now historic event, if you spotted a few flecks of glitter on the collar of your brunching partner, you knew exactly where they spent their NYE.  

Here we have proof, ladies and gents, that glitter is NOT just for kids. YAY. 

Don't be afraid to add a little sparkle to your makeup looks this holiday season in a slightly less messy (but equally as glamorous) manner. 


1) Make glitter your focal point 

Whether it is your eyes, your lips or even perhaps your hair (yep, glitter in hair is officially a thing), make one of these the focal point for your glitter obsession. By applying glitter heavily to the eye area, for example, it is important to leave the lips clean and fresh perhaps with just a light gloss. Glitter is intense to wear so try not to go overboard! 


2) Use eyelash glue as adhesive 

Eyelash glue is the ideal tool to apply glitter to your face and to make sure it lasts the entire night. Spread some adhesive on a smooth surface and use a tweezers to dip individual specs of glitter into the glue and apply any way you like. The more sparkle the better. 


3) Play with colour

When people think glitter, they tend to think silver and gold immediately but this sparkly stuff comes in all different colours. Choose shades that compliment your make up look or highlights accents in your outfit. Looking this good means planning, ya'll. 


4) Get Creative

Glitter does not have to dominate your look. Apply shadows and use specs of glitter to add some interest to the eye. Play around with different designs such as a cluster on the outer lid or a strip underneath the lash line. Cute!


5) If actual glitter ain't your thing, opt for intense shimmer 

Okay, we get that actual glitter might be a bit too much for some but that does not mean you shouldn't sparkle. Shimmering eye shadows are a super popular way to add that eye opening glisten to the face without actually sticking glitter on it.

So indulge in a super shimmery shadow and apply to the entire eye lid crease. Remember darker shades create striking shadows to the outer corners of the eyes and white or nude shades open the eyes when applied to the inner corners.