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So, you have a list of people you rate pretty highly in your world, right?

Whether it's social activists, social influencers or social butterflies, you have definitely filled your life with people who inspire and influence you on a daily basis.

And now you have a unique opportunity to pay tribute to those people at the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May!

With 16 categories to choose from, this is your chance to let everyone in on the people who are making a real impact in your life… and the wider world.

With the SHEmazing Awards, you can give more than your favourite person a quick like on social, and actually see them walk away with one of our highly-sought after gongs this summer.

Ladies, it's time to have your say here!

Back in the day, hanging out in the pub with your parents and siblings was part and parcel of a Sunday afternoon.

After Mass had come to an end and the roast had been devoured, countless families in Ireland would retire to the local for the afternoon.

Looking back, it seems a little questionable, but at the time no one batted an eyelid, and you loved nothing more than getting your greasy mitts on a glass of coke and packet of peanuts,

And with that in mind, here are just 9 things you'll remember if you were on first-name basis with the middle-aged bartenders.

1. Pubs back in the 90s had a distinct smell which you just don't find anymore.

A mixture of secondhand smoke, Old Spice, and spilled Guinness was the scent of your childhood.

2. You and your siblings would drive your father demented trying to decide what 'mineral' and snack you'd like.

The packet of peanuts would be in your hand before you realised there were Bacon Fries to be had, and all hell broke loose.

3. After the second round, the pub was essentially yours for the taking. 

Your parents didn't mind where you wandered as long as you didn't make a holy show of them, so you spent much of the day sitting beneath wobbly tables in a makeshift fort.

4. Hanging out in the jacks was (inexplicably) something to get excited about.

Brushing your hair with the comb that came in your Lucky Bag felt like the height of sophistication for a nine-year-old.

5. The same went for the pay phone in the porch.

If you were on the hunt for Call Cards, you knew you'd be in luck, and if you had a spare 20p you might even give your mate a buzz to fill them in on the latest.

6. Depending on the pub, you might get your hands on a purple Snack bar or (if you were in serious luck) a yellow Snack bar might find its way to your table.

You tended to favour the pubs which stocked up on confectionary with the same enthusiasm they stocked up on Guinness.

7. Despite the craic to be had in the jacks and the porch, there came a time when your interest in the local started to wane.

You might have been bribed with another glass of coke, but you knew the jig was up.

8. It took a good 15 minutes for the entire clan to walk home, so you'd start rallying the troops in order to catch your favourite TV show.

The Simpsons would be starting at 6pm, and this wasn't the time to mess around.

9. Getting your parents out of the bar always took longer than expected as they did the rounds and said goodbye to every damn person in the lounge.

"Will you either whist, or say hello to Barbara from the front of the estate."


If there's one show which is guaranteed to bring us out in a sweat, it's Don't Tell the Bride.

The thoughts of leaving the entire wedding (and the choosing of the gown) in the hands of the groom doesn't exactly inspire confidence in many brides-to-be.

And that's why it makes for such good TV.

The latest couple to take part in the emotional rollercoaster that is the RTÉ show are Nikki and Jamie who met on Plenty of Fish five years ago, 

And in keeping with the aquatic theme, Jamie opted for a blue gown for the big day.

Tune into RTÉ2 tonight at 10pm to see how Jamie's theme went down…


Look, we've all been there, but knowing that you're not alone doesn't make it any easier when the people who are meant to have your back let you down again and again, right?

When it seems like your relationship with someone is unbalanced, and you're the only one actively participating, it's not long before you crack.

Tearful phone calls, frustrated accusations and the support of true friends is how most of us handle the disappointment, and Jen Hatton and Emma Doran are no different.

In a Facebook video which has been viewed more than 20,000 since its upload, the Facebook personalities perfectly illustatrate what it's like to feel at the end of your tether… with a certain someone.

We'll let the girls take it from here…


With the SHEmazing Awards mere weeks away, now is the time to cast your vote, and have your say!

So far, we broken down the categories here, here, oh and here, and now we're all about getting down to the nitty-gritty of our final four categories.

And we need your input, so take a moment to consider the following four categories, and then get voting!

SHEmazing Squad Goals

Now is the time to put your BFF in the spotlight.

This is your chance to honour that guy or gal you are privileged to call a BFF. Crown the person who has been by your side through thick and thin, and never asks for anything more than a vino top-up in return.

Ladies, think of the Brownie points!

Makes Life Easy Award

Let's face it, life can be pretty damn hard at times.

And that is why we truly appreciate the various bits and bobs we rely on that simply make our day-to-day that little bit easier.

This award is going to the gadget or gizmo that you simply could not function without; and we're only dying to find out what it is, so fill us in by voting!

Man of the Year

Whether he's an entertainer, an activist or a sportsman, we want to know which man gets your vote for SHEmazing's Man of the Year.

From Emmet Kirwan and Niall Breslin to Riyadh Khalaf and James Patrice, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to this award.

So, don't hold back, and tell us who you think provoked change, made a positive difference or lifted the nation’s spirits over the last 12 months!

Special Recognition Award

This award will honour those who have made a difference to the lives of countless people in Ireland over the last 12 months.

And we really want to know who gets your vote this year.

Ladies, it's time to vote!

It's happening, ladies! 

With the inaugural SHEmazing Awards just around the corner, we've no doubt you have oodles of deserving people, places and products, but who, what and where to choose is the question, right?

With that in mind, we've decided to take the pressure off by taking a closer look at the categories over the coming days.

We have already taken a look here and here, so let's move on to our next four!

Beauty Product of the Year

Our shelves are positively heaving under the number of products we use on a regular basis, and yet we all have that one special product we simply couldn't live without.

And we want to know what yours is!

Nominate the product which revolutionised your beauty routine this year, and let's see it how it fares on the night!

Foodie Award

We’ve always been a nation of food lovers, but the birth of Instagram has definitely taken it to the next level.

Whether you drool over this Foodie’s uploads or take inspiration from their recipes, now is the time to pay tribute to their culinary creativity.

Nominate the Foodie who you think deserves the title this year!

#FitFam Award

Whether it’s their dedication to their goals, their attitude to health and fitness or their second-to-none squats, the FitFam Award is your chance to remind your nominee that they’re absolutely killing it on the health and fitness front in Ireland.

Maybe it's a PT who turned your life around, an Instagrammer who turned their own life around or an athlete who inspired the nation over the last 12 months, the #FitFam Award is made for them!

Style Icon of the Year

When it comes to style, women in Ireland have it absolutely nailed, and with some seriously stiff competition to consider, we're officially on the hunt for Ireland’s most style-savvy fashionista.

Will it be a blogger, asocial media star or a famous face who takes the crown on the night?

That, ladies, is up to you!

Ladies, it's time to VOTE!

In mere weeks, we'll be celebrating 16 of Ireland's biggest and brightest stars, and we can't do it without you.

We've no doubt you have lists upon lists of deserving people, places and products, but who, what and where to choose is the question, right?

With the inaugural SHEmazing Awards just around the corner, we've decided to take the pressure off by taking a closer look at the categories over the coming days.

Here, ladies, are the first four, and here are the next four…

The Creative of the Year Award

When it comes to writers, musicians, make up artists and street artists, we're absolutely spoiled for choice in Ireland.

From author Louise O'Neill to musicians All Tvvin and makeup artist Orla Hurney, there are no shortage of creative people in this country.

And with more and more incredible talent emerging with every passing day, there are hundreds of deserving winners killing it on the scene right now, but who deserves the crown?

The Trailblazer of the Year Award

We have some of the brightest talent in the realm of entrepreneurship, but who do you think really made a name for themselves in the world of business this year?

Does Rosie Connolly deserve the gong following the launch of Aluxe? What about Siobhan O'Hagan of OH Fitness? Or would it be Nicky Hoyne, the face behind My Shining Armour?

The Social Influencer of the Year Award

If anyone knows who's absolutely slaying on social these days, it's you guys.

So who gets it? Who's inspiring on Instagram, killing it on Snapchat, and basically owning it online in recent months?

It's time to cast your vote, ladies!

The Fearless AF Award

Who speaks their mind, leads their generation and makes sure their voice is heard above the din of the crowd?

Are we talking Repeal Project founder Anna Cosgrave for her? What about Una Mullally for her work during the equality campaign?

Who galvanised the country, who inspired the nation, who gets your vote?

If you're ready to cast your vote, you can do it right here!

So, with the cat out of the bag, now we need the ballots in the box!

With the inaugural SHEmazing Awards just around the corner, we've no doubt you have lists upon lists of deserving people, places and products, but who, what and where to choose is the question, right?

As we know you're spoiled for choice, we've decided to take the pressure off by taking a closer look at the categories over the coming days.

And here, ladies, are the first four…

The Pamper Me Award

When you think of spa breaks in Ireland, which destination immediately springs to mind?

Whether it's the treatments, the ambiance or the staff, you're bound to have at least one spot which you would happily return to again and again, right?

Urban, suburban or rural; this spa clearly stands out, and we want to know about it!

The Brow&Lash Salon of the Year Award

Ladies, we like our brows on fleek, and our lashes looked after, so chances are you have a salon which tends to your every need in this regard, and it's time to give them a shout-out!

Whether it's a city-centre establishment or local business you rely on, we need to know who gets your vote, so fill us in!

The Hair Salon of the Year

When you finally find the salon which knows your barnet better than you know yourself, you want to shout it from the rooftops, and now you can.

Like the good folk behind our brows and lashes, you need to nominate the salon which keeps you looking and feeling your best, and you need to do it ASAP!

The Nail Salon of the Year

Whether they’re performing a simple file and polish or providing a full-set of extensions, a good nail salon needs to inspire trust and creativity among its clientele, right?

We're here to celebrate the best nail salon in the country, so it's up to you to tell us which one leaves you feeling chic, slick and pretty kick-ass!

Leinster, Munster, Connaught or Ulster, we need to know who should take the crown!

Ladies, your vote counts, so get nominating now!

Now that the Oscars, the Grammys and the Brits are officially behind us, we feel it's about time we turned our attention to the most exciting award show of the year.

So without further ado, it's time to reveal that we will be holding the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this summer, and cannot wait for you to get involved!

Taking place on May 4 in The Mansion House in Dublin, The SHEmazing! Awards will celebrate the people, products and places that are inspiring us across the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment, and this is where you step in!

With your fingers constantly on the pulse, we can't think of anyone more qualified to determine our winners on the night than you, our SHEmazing! readers.

Whether social activism is your thing, social media floats your boat, or the foodie, fitness and fashion worlds fascinate you, we want to hear from you. And we want to hear from you now!

If you want a say in who takes home one of our 16 highly-sought after gongs on the night of the gala, now is the time to do it!

Ladies, you can cast your vote right here, so let your voices be heard!


There are few among us who haven't done a little 'investigating' on social media in our time.

Whether it's trawling Facebook groups for the kid you sat beside in Junior Infants or launching a fullblown search for your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, we've all been there.

And when you eventually come up short, you turn to your mate who could easily establish her own P.I service, right?

Reminding us that we're not alone in our endeavours, Emma Doran and Jen Hatton shared a video which perfectly illustrates the lengths we go to and the conclusions we jump to when our curiosity gets the better of us.

We'll let these ladies take it from here…

OK ladies, you're going to have to prepare yourselves for this one.

A farmer by the name of Tom Clair has been given hero status on social media after recently interviewing with RTÉ following the birth of four identical calves on his farm outside Ennistymon.

Unable to conceal his delight over the one in a billion odds, the farmer recalled the moment he realised he'd hit the big time.

"And there she was lying, with two of them standing in front of her. And whatever side of her I look, I see a third one lying by her side," he explained.

"So I went over and I pulled up the third one and put him together… and I’m looking down I thought I heard a little baaa coming from outside the yard and I walked out and there was the fourth one standing outside. I couldn’t take in what I was after seeing," said Tom.

And the best part? Tom is equally overjoyed for the rest of us as he is for himself.

"Look at myself so excited about them but the whole country is excited about them!" he gushed. "It’s lovely to see all the young lads that have come to see them”

And Facebook was only dying to join in Tom's joy.

"Ah such a happy and excited farmer, delighted for them all," wrote one user while another added: "Loved to hear the farmer talk, too! I can just imagine the excitement."

And if you need us, we'll be on our way to Co Clare to hug Mr Clair.

Let's be honest, if you've never sent a message to the wrong person, then you've had some very near misses, right?

Well, one guy who failed miserably on the texting front has had his indiscretion splashed all over Twitter after the girl he messaged shared his fail with the wider world.

In a post which has racked up a staggering 99,000 likes in mere days, Twitter user,  tired girl, revealed the moment an intended hang-out session went from chill to facepalm in just six words.

After being invited over to her dorm, the lad at the centre of this incident only went and shared his excitement about the night ahead in a message we're pretty certain he wouldn't have wanted her to see.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a field day, with one user writing: "I feel bad but it's so funny that actually happened."

"I guess at least he saved you some time by accidentally revealing his true colors," reasoned another.

So, if you see that phrase trending over the next few days, you'll know why.