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In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, you'll know that there once existed a baby which downed pints with all the gusto of a seasoned boozer.

Way back in 1997, this kid was featured on an episode of Nationwide, and people barely batted an eyelid over this lad's appreciation for the Black Stuff.

Fast-forward 20 years and the country was only dying to know who this kid was, and what he gets up to nowadays.

And when they eventually found out that Pint Baby is a strapping 20-year-old man from Kildare called Stephen Barron, they decided they no longer cared about Pint Baby, and have more pressing things to consider.

Twitter, you're a fickle bunch.

1. Where's Pine Baby?

2. Does he have more interesting siblings?

3. Is Pint Baby plotting Twitter's takeover?

4. Pint Baby, your time has come and gone.

5. Why aren't we PROPERLY harnessing Pint Baby's newfound celebrity?

If your newsfeed is currently saturated with updates from the world of American politics, then it's probably fair to say you're struggling to see a positive in the countless Trump-related reports, right?

So, when someone manages to put a humorous spin on the latest updates, it's seriously appreciated.

And this week's current hero in the eyes of Twitter is someone who saw a correlation between a Trump superfan and the character at the centre of Eminem's smash-hit Stan.

By simply playing the Stan intro over recent footage of a Trump supporter paying tribute to the current president, Twitter user, Bearded Genius, provided the wider world with the gift that just keeps on giving.

"I can't get enough of how genius this video is," wrote one Twitter user while another remarked: "Just came back to this to check it was getting the #numbers it deserves."

While acknowledging the praise he's received since the upload, Bearded Genius admits that his foray into the world of satire may be shortlived.

"Got a load of new followers because of this. They're gonna be so disappointed when they realise I just tweet crap about football all day," he tweeted this morning.

The post has been liked a staggering 18,000 times in less than 24 hours, and we're only responsible for about 1,000.

If the dawn of the new millennium can be summed up by your devotion to O'Neills tracksuit bottoms and your uncanny ability to spin a web of lies to your unassuming parents, then Emma Doran's latest Facebook upload is going to strike a serious chord with you this morning.

In footage which has racked up more than six million views in just 14 hours, the comedian can be seen channelling her inner teenage self as she schools her mate on the best way to deceive her parents in the lead-up to a 'sleepover'.

With barely an eyebrow to call her own and an over-reliance on lipliner, Emma reminds us why our style circa the late 90s and early noughties was an abomination from start to finish.

We'll let Emma take it from here…

It's fair to say that countless people are still struggling to come to terms with Donald Trump's ascension to the Oval Office.

And while we all know his feet are firmly under the table at the White House, many are reluctant to award him the same level of respect garnered by his predecessors by acknowledging his official title – President of the United States of America.

So, with a nod to the press and public's abbreviation of the title (POTUS,obvs), some wily sorts out there in the Twitosphere have set about re-working it to illustrate their disdain for his position.

Ladies, without further ado, we give you SCROTUS – So-Called Ruler of the United States.

And Twitter is, unsurprisingly, having a field day over it.







Arcade Fire's Irish fan base have something to celebrate this morning following the announcement that the uber-popular Canadian act will be taking to the stage in Ireland this summer.

According to reports, the band, who rose to fame in 2004, have added a date in Dublin to their upcoming European tour, and took to Twitter to confirm as much today.

MCD Productions have confirmed that the Grammy Award-winners will be playing to their Irish fans in Ormeau Park, Belfast on June 13 and Dublin's Malahide Castle on June 14.

The announcement has been met with delight from fans only dying to see the act play live in Ireland.

If you want in on the action, be sure to being your A-game this Friday morning when tickets go on sale at 9am. 

Last Friday morning is not one we'll forget in a hurry here at SHEmazing! HQ.

With sweat forming on our brows and our trembling fingers poised over our keyboards, more than a few of us primed ourselves before attempting to get our hands on tickets to Ed Sheeran's Dublin gig.

And hell, was it a pressurised environment.

So, we have nothing but sympathy for one Ed Sheeran fan who admitted she accidentally spent £1,300 on three tickets to see the man himself after the pressure got too much for her on secondary ticketing website – Viagogo.

21-year-old Charlotte Duckworth has hit out at the site after she was shown a total of £377, and led to believe that that was the cost of all three tickets.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, she said: "I can't afford that and I'm trying everything I can to get my money back. That's nearly three months rent. I've sent several emails to Viagogo but they keep saying there's nothing they can do."

Taking to Twitter, Charlotte highlighted the severity of the situation by explaining she'd likely have to move home and sell her car in order to facilitate the unexpected expenditure.

Unfortunately for Charlotte. not everybody is sympathetic, with one follower writing: "Who adds items to their cart and goes through the checkout process without looking at the price?"

"Nobody forced you on to that website. It is because people buy from these pr*cks that they are in existence," added another.

Viagogo's website states: "It's not possible to cancel or exchange tickets once a purchase has been made as orders are considered final."

Olly Murs, who will be playing to an Irish crowd in the 3Arena this April, has given hope to fans who didn't manage to nab tickets for that particular gig by confirming he will be making a reappearance in Dublin this summer.

The Dance With Me Tonight singer is the latest act to be announced as part of the Live at the Iveagh Garden gig series this summer, and Irish fans are pretty pumped about it.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the 32-year-old confirmed reports, writing: "Dublin New Summer Tour 2017 show added at The Iveagh Gardens."

Responding to the singer's announcement, one fan wrote: "I'll be seeing you 3rd of April in Dublin but I'll be getting tickets for this date as well so freaking excited can't wait."

"Exciting #Summertour2017 love the Iveagh Gardens venue! See you there Olly," added another.

Olly, who will take to the stage on Saturday July 8, will be joined in the series by Aslan, Belle &Sebastian and Future Islands.

If you want in on the action, you need to bring your A-game this Friday when tickets go on sale for a cool €60.

If you're as big a fan of Manchester act, The 1975, as we are, you're going to need to bring your A-game this Friday morning because it has just been announced that the four-piece will be taking to the stage in Dublin this summer.

Delighting fans the length and breadth of Ireland this morning, Ticketmaster revealed that the Girls singers will be performing for their Irish fanbase at Malahide Castle on June 17.

Tickets for the highly-anticipated gig will be going on sale on Friday morning at 9am, and Twitter is pumped.

"Finally Irish people get their dates!" wrote one beneath the band's update while another added: "It's about time you come back to Belfast!!"

Catch y'all there, ladies.

If you're a major fan of 90s music and currently struggling to make it through Monday morning, you may be pleased to learn that Dublin's 3Arena will soon be welcoming some of the biggest names in 90s music to the venue later this year.

Taking to the stage on October 4 as part of the I Love the 90s Tour, Coolio, Salt-N-Pepa, Vanilla Ice, All 4 One, Spinderella and Kid N Play will be reminding us why the 90s was one of the best decades in music. End of.

If you want to get your hands on tickets for what is set to be one epic gig, you need to bring your A-game on Friday January 27 when tickets go on sale or, alternatively, stake your claim on Wednesday 25 when the pre-sale tickets become available.

Ladies, whether pop, rap or hip-hop was your thing back in the day, your time has officially come.


If there's one thing more irritating than waiting for a video to buffer on YouTube, we have yet to come across it.

And it looks like the folk at YouTube, which happens to be owned by Google, are all too aware of this.

In a bid to distract users from their own dodgy internet connection, YouTube have changed the standard 'loading' icon from a circle to a castle with a jaunty red flag.

According to Android Police, the icon has been around for a while, but is making more regular appearances as the weeks go by.

Unfortunately the castle has absolutely no bearing on the video's loading time, but was designed to entertain the viewer as they cursed their internet provider and demanded a gin from their nearest and dearest.

Oh, and if you happen to be, you know, into castles, cherish its appearance because it only appears when the video first loads, and not throughout if it begins to buffer halfway through.

And now you know…


Let's be honest, winding up our mothers never gets old.

And watching other people wind up their own mothers has got to be one of the most entertaining ways to pass the time.

So, hats off to John Coen from Galway, who did a top-notch job of irritating the life out of his mother, Majella, recently when he insisted she inspect the 'leak' in her sink.

With her head stuck in the cupboard beneath the sink and no 'leak' to be seen, John's mam was fit to lose her reason as her son insisted she wasn't looking at it.

The footage, which has been doing serious rounds on social media, has been inundated with comments from the public praising Majella's response to her son's prank.

We'll let this pair take it from here…


After winning Celebrity Big Brother last year, Scotty T probably has a better idea than most what it takes to navigate the minefield that is the long-running reality TV show.

But by the sounds of things, Scotty hasn't let his Geordie Shore co-star, Chloe Ferry, in on the deets on that one.

Commenting on 21-year-old Chloe's performance in the infamous house in recent days, Scotty has been far from complimentary.

Speaking to The Sun, the 28-year-old acknowledged the other contestants' inability to get on Chloe's wavelength, and even suggested that the star's drunken behaviour may get her in trouble.

"No one really can understand her banter honestly man, she’s literally… when she gets drunk, she’s just sheer evil," he claimed.

And he didn't stop there.

Alluding to the Geordie girl's intellect, he added: "She’d probably won’t even realise she’s been in the house, man. She’s that thick."

Well, good to know Chloe has the support of her Geordie 'family'…