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So, gin is definitely having a moment, with a number of gin festivals peppered throughout the summer events calendar. 

For those of us who are in the mood to try a brand new beverage, it could be time to opt for a delicious, warming rum.


Rumbullion is the latest alcohol festival to hit Dublin, and the annual event is taking place this weekend from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 of April.

The fest is being organised by Brewtonic and will take place at Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street. 

And what's one of the best parts about this event?

Well, a free drink, obviously. 

If you click attending on the event's Facebook page to sign up to the event, the guys and gals over at Wigwam will sort you out with a free Cuba Libre on the night.

As well as the free beverage, there will be live music, a series of DJs, rum-related games, foodie adventures, and, of course, the chance to try loads of rums on the day. 

We'll see you there. 


We put out a call for the best Food Influencer of the last 12 months, and you guys couldn't wait to share your thoughts on the subject.

Whether a health food junkie or fast food fanatic, this person's page pops, their enthusiasm motivates and their love of food always, always, always engages.

And as a nation of food and drink lovers, it's no surprise we are fascinated by food influencers and the effort they put it into their passion.

So, without further ado, here are your five finalist for our Food Influencer of the Year award.

Yummy Dublin

Amanda Holtz, the face behind the uber-popular Yummy Dublin, is on a mission to connect some of Dublin's tastiest establishments with her legions of loyal followers.

She may say she's 'just a girl and her fork eating (and drinking) her way through Dublin', but Amanda's keen eye for detail and ability to tap into her followers' interest on the gastronomy scene has earned her a very well-deserved place on our shortlist.


Founded by Emilia Rowan, Cocu has become a firm favourite with foodies in Ireland.

Taking inspiration from far-flung lands while giving more than a passing nod to the important of local produce, the folk behind Cocu never fail to inspire, influence and invigorate.

French Foodie in Dublin

Ketty Elisabeth, the face of French Foodie in Dublin, started her blog in 2012 and has watched it grow in popularity over the past five years.

Authentic, passionate and utterly charming, if you want a unique look at the capital's gastronomy scene, French Foodie in Dublin has you covered.

The Happy Pear

When it comes to enthusiasm, these two guys have it in absolute spades.

Dave and Steve, the siblings behind The Happy Pear, are pros at communicating the importance of fresh food, the significance of simple recipes and the value of creating wholesome produce.

Gastro Gays

Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon established their blog back in 2013 and initially intended to review Dublin restaurants, but life got in the way and they ultimately found themselves in London where they really found their voice.

Their enthusiasm, warmth and passion for home cooking makes them two of the most relatable Food Influencers in the industry.



Say goodbye to coffee-stained teeth forever. 

These geniuses have gone and invented the world’s first clear coffee drink.

The product looks suspiciously like regular bottled water but, according to the company’s website, the drink is made from "high quality Arabica coffee beans."

They also say the coffee is made using "methods [that] have never been used before", which sounds both intriguing and absolutely terrifying.

CLR CFF was founded by two Slovakian brothers, David and Adam Nagy, who were fed up with the dreaded teeth-stains that every coffee drinker knows all too well.

David told The Evening Standard:  "We are heavy coffee drinkers… Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe."

He continued, "Because of the hectic lifestyle we lead we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost but is low in calories.”

Not only will CLR CFF provide you with a quick caffeine fix while on the go, but it can also be used to gives cocktails and extra kick. 

The drink has been described as ''unique in taste and flavour'', which doesn't fill us with hope – But hey, if it protects our winning smiles, we'll give it a try.  

This stuff doesn't come cheap though – two bottles sell online for £5.99, and although one bottle is said to last all day, that's still a pretty expensive habit.  

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If you've ever spent a Sunday afternoon scrolling through your phone with one eye open, bird's nest hair and a distinct sense of jealousy, you're not alone.

Wishing you hadn't ruined today for the sake of last night might be standard procedure, but it's time to bring that to an end right now.

Don't want to be #thatperson AGAIN? Ladies, we got you.

1. Consider your tipple 

Taking a second to note the alcoholic content of a drink is key if you want a great night to become a great tomorrow.

Take Heineken Light, for example.

With 3 per cent alcohol content, it retains the same great taste Heineken is known for, but helps you moderate your alcohol intake. Sorted!

2. Make plans

If you commit to an activity with friends for a Sunday morning, you'll be much more likely to stick to it than if you plan a solo adventure.

And if everyone keeps the same tips and tricks in mind, there'll be no stopping you on a Sunday.

Yep, you and the squad will be one of those wholesome Instagramming groups in no time…

3. Consider your calories 

Sundays are often spent lamenting the amount of calories we consumed through alcohol the night before, right?

But it actually doesn't have to be that way.

Not only is it a very appealing 3 per cent tipple, Heineken Light comes in a just 73 calories a bottle, so no guilt!

4. Let your hair down

Many of us assume that if we want to indulge in wholesome Sunday activities, we need to sip water all night while the rest of the bar gives it socks to some absolute stonkers.

But having an incredible night out does not mean you must endure a hangover the following morning.

You can still get your drink and dance on as long as you choose wisely, right?

5. Consider the envy

We hate to admit it, but a small part of us loves the idea people that may be envious of our weekend escapades. (There, we said it.)

And we're not naming any names here, but there's little for people to be jealous of when you spend your entire Sunday sleeping or flaking on the couch.

Becoming one of those 'have-it-all' peeps is as simple as remembering a great night can become a great tomorrow with a little simple planning.


Heineken Light is proud sponsor of the SHEmazing Awards 2017 'Man of the Year' category.



Look, we’d be lying if we said certain drinks didn’t go hand in hand with a little down-time.

And while getting stuck into a bottle or two of vino with the squad is always a surefire to relax, it’s rare we don’t regret it slightly when a vague headache sets in the following morning.

Thankfully, someone came up with a beverage which lowers stress levels and reduces anxiety, but doesn’t compel you to share your deepest, darkest secrets to a pub full of people.

And if you’re not in the know, it’s about time you got your head in the game because frankly Tranquini is our new savour.

The first global relaxation beverage that offers a healthy and convenient way to de-stress,Tranquini contains a unique blend of extracts from chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and green tea – all of which have scientifically proven efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there.

Tranquini Water+Juice range was specifically developed for people that want to stop drinking high sugar soft drinks, but do not want to compromise on taste.



A post shared by Danny Italiano (@danny.italiano) on

With that in mind, Tranquini Still Drink has, on average, 40 per cent less sugar and calories than other sugar-based soft drinks and fruit juices.

So if you want to chill out, save on calories and actively reduce stress levels it looks like you’ve found your new best friend.


Have you ever realised that you have no wine for the Easter weekend and have to dash to the shop, only to remember that it's Good Friday so you're stranded, wine-less for 24 hours? 

Well, this Easter predicament will soon come to an end. 

The Government is making moves to abolish the 90-year-old ban which prevents Irish stores from selling alcohol on Good Friday.

The Irish Times is reporting that the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is expected not to oppose the bill. 

Unfortunately, the change is likely to come into effect for Good Friday 2018, so we're still banned from buying a beverage this Easter Friday. 

The lift is being welcomed by most Irish folk.

"Finally, no more forcing businesses and citizens to adhere to religious practice against their will," tweeted one. 

"Abolishing the Good Friday ban is such a significant step towards separation of church and state. Brilliant news," said another. 


It’s rare a day passes when we’re not exposed to some form of narrative highlighting the dangers associated with excessive sugar consumption.

Whether it comes in the form of a medical study or via a clean eating blog post, society is becoming more and more aware of the dangers, and attempting to tailor their nutritional plans in accordance with guidelines.

And yet, curtailing sugar intake is often easier said than done, with various products positively heaving under the weight of hidden sugars.

With that in mind, it’s refreshing to know that Nestlé have spent two years researching and developing recipes which tap into the consumer’s concerns.

This week, Nestlé’s Rowntree’s unveiled brand new 30% less sugar versions of two of its best-selling products; Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and Rowntree’s Randoms.

Offered alongside the existing, classic products, the new recipes contain less sugar and more fibre content in addition to remaining free of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners.

Acknowledging the current narrative, CEO Fiona Kendrick said: “We are delighted that our innovation gives consumers the option of a significantly reduced sugar version of both Fruit Pastilles and Randoms.

"And, as consumers make the switch to the less sugar version, it can help deliver a reduction in the amount of sugar consumed overall.”

“Confectionery can play as much of a part in the efforts to reduce sugar and tackle obesity in the UK and Ireland as any other category and, as we’re demonstrating, we’ll take every opportunity to innovate and reformulate to improve our products.”

As we can’t imagine life without a sweet fix, this news is the stuff dreams are made of.


If you're still enduring a self-imposed chocolate ban in honour of Lent, you may want to look away now because this is almost too much to handle.

A cafe in Cork has proven itself the king of mochas by making use of Easter eggs in their preparation.

Union Grind Espresso Bar has sent its customers into a meltdown (see what we did there?) by sharing footage of their approach to our favourite coffee drink, and we're busy wiping drool from our sleeves right now.

Placing an Easter egg neatly inside a cup before adding that sweet, sweet java, the good folk behind the Union Grind show us all how it's done.

We mean, take a look at this.



Remember the last time you were advised to tuck into a cake before crunching like your life depended on it?

Yeah, us neither, but it looks like that’s all set to change as a new range of nutritious pre-workout treats hit shelves across Ireland.

The brainchild of Dublin-based bakers, Broderick’s Brothers, BC’ Before Cake’ are high in protein and fibre, low in calories, gluten and wheat-free, and include ingredients such as dried red apple, juicy sultanas, cinnamon, high quality cocoa, and roasted hazelnuts.

And they come highly recommended as well.

Having joined forces with World Champion and three time Olympian Derval O'Rourke, Broderick’s Brothers are keen to tap into Ireland’s current and ever-growing #FitFam trend.

“The Irish consumer is becoming increasingly health conscious and these products will allow them to maintain that ethos while enjoying a guilt free treat full of high quality ingredients,” they said.

"I am passionate about imparting the knowledge I have gained around nutrition and performance and the guys have taken it all on board and have included some really strong nutritional credentials in this range," Derval added.

With the help of  food technologists, sensory analysts, nutritional experts, the Broderick’s Brothers have created three nutritious snacks which speak to the priorities of today’s health-focussed generation.

“We have maintained the unrivalled quality of our products and married it with a guilt-free treat. We have not rushed this process, as it was so important to make sure the products were perfect,” they added.

Our pre-gym prep has just gotten a lot tastier, ladies.


With Coachella just around the corner, we've been reminiscing about the ways we used attempt to sneak alcohol around a festival, unbeknownst to the crew guarding the main arenas.

Unsurprisingly, we opted for simpler methods such as cans in our hoods or the infamous crouching tiger hidden naggin method, which were often discovered after a quick pat down.

Since then, there have been some pretty inventive drink-smuggling methods created for those of us brave enough to sneak drink around the place, and we've rounded up a few of the most ridiculous.

 5. The banana flask

This banana flask may not be the most realistic thing we've ever seen, but if this was stashed at the bottom of your bag, those drink-checkers may just think you have a healthy snack on board to keep those crucial energy levels up.

4. The sneaky umbrella

This one is particularly devious, as who would even think to accuse the humble umbrella of liaising with the demon drink? 

The only problem is, this umbrella is not a functioning tool, so if you're at a rainy festival, you may have to forego your own brolly to avoid suspicion. 

3. In your camera… your fake camera.

A flask shaped like a camera has been invented, and it's pretty genius if you ask us.

The sneaky novelty flask would definitely get past security, as long as they didn't pick it up and discover that it's weirdly heavy and making a sloshing sound. 

2. The sneaky scarf

The infinity scarf may not be the trendiest fashion item in the world right now, but if that doesn't bother you then this flask could be for you. 

1. The tampons

A complete classic, the tampon flask utilises the worldwide fear of periods to its advantage by hosting vials of alcohol in individual tampon wrappers. 

We always have a few tampons rolling around our bags, so why shouldn't one or two be filled with wine?

Luckily, most Irish festivals allow booze in the campsites so we don't have to stoop to such extreme measures as some of our American counterparts, but these flasks would make a pretty great gift for the festival lover in your life. 



Healthy foods are trendier than ever, and we love the fact that being healthy doesn’t mean restricting our food intake or embarking on a crash diet as our less-informed teenage selves may have once believed.

On the downside, however, a food which is labelled as “healthy” can often make you think you can go all out and enjoy it unlimitedly.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

To be clear, we are not saying you should stop eating the following foods, but instead reminding you to enjoy them mindfully.

Almond butter

Lord, do we love it. Almond butter – and nut butters in general – are considered a healthy food and they are an ideal snack when teamed with an apple or a banana.

But let’s not forget that one single tablespoon contains 100kcal. So spread it sparingly. 


Full of vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids, avocados have countless benefits and we adore them.

But with 160 calories for 100 grams, it is a good idea to control your intake and stick to no more than ½ avocado a day.  

Smoothies and juices

Fruit juices and smoothies are a delicious nutrient-packed beverage, but don’t drink them like water.

They are usually full of sugars and if you add nut butter, avocado or Greek yoghurt, they become real calorie bombs. 

Energy balls

Made mostly of dried fruits and nuts, energy balls are a good source of natural sugars and good fats, but then again, all these benefits don’t come calorie-free.

First, try and make them yourself so you know exactly what is in them (it is SO MUCH cheaper) and don't nibble them all at once. 

Gluten-free food

Or more precisely, gluten-free processed food. It might not contain gluten, but it doesn’t mean it is healthy.

A gluten-free muffin is still a muffin, and isn’t any better for you than a normal muffin (unless you are coeliac, of course). 



Fish, and especially oily fish, should be a part of your diet, and sushi is a tasty way to enjoy their benefits.

However, sushi rolls can turn into real calorie bombs if you go for cream-cheese or mayo-filled versions. Stick to something simple – one salmon-avocado roll – and order a side salad.  

Rice cakes

And more specifically, those covered in chocolate.

Those seemingly light treats are about 90kcal for one, so if you have the whole pack (which is quite easy in fairness) you can end up eating the equivalent of a burger without even feeling full. 

Again, we know hummus is delicious, full of healthy proteins and fats, but with about 170kcal per 100 grams, it’s not a reason to down a whole tub in one go. 


Made mostly of oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, granola is a nutritious topping to add to yoghurt or porridge for a tasty breakfast, but it can be VERY high in calories.

So before you go crazy on it, check the sugar content and keep the portion small.

Healthy baking

It is not because it is dairy-free, butter-free or added-sugar-free that it is calorie free! Coconut oil, dates, maple syrup, peanut butter and almond flour might be a healthier alternative to butter, sugar and flour, they are still heavy in calories.

Also, a small slice of a real cake once in a while doesn’t make you unhealthy or weak, but just human. #noguilt



If you love sitting in and having a glass of vino while watching Netflix with your pet, then your day (well, your pet's day) is about to get better.

Because, why sit in and drink by yourself when you can have a glass or two with your dog?!

Paw-secco is a new beverage created just for your pet, and has actually been reviewed by vets and taste-tasted by cats and dogs – so you know your pooch is going to love it.

Coming from Woof and Brew, the company specialises in treats for your pets, and paw-secco is zero-alcohol (obvs), non-bubbly and drafted with infusions of elderflower, nettle, ginseng and lime.

Woof and Brew's website reads: "This still ‘wine’ offers an elaborate, stylish treat, but one that also has real substance.

"Designed to pour over food, making the perfect ‘au jus’, or serve as a drink, our feline friends and dearest doggies have already given Paw-secco the palatability paws up."

Not only does the company make Paw-secco, it also creates doggy beer and tea.

So, the next time you crack open a bottle, your pet can enjoy the night in with you, too.

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