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Now, don't get us wrong. We love a good wedding cake. Especially the cakes that come with different flavoured layers. Yum.

But, now that we've come across these particular cakes, we couldn't be more happy. Because… cheese.

Yep, we're major cheese lovers here in Shemazing HQ, and Sheridan's Cheesemongers has made our cheesy delights come true.

The company has started to create wedding cheese cakes, and not only do they look great, they taste pretty fab too.

Sheridan's Facebook page is also full to the brim of happy couples smiling beside their cheese cakes, so it looks like it's a must for any cheese-loving brides out there.

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We're not getting married, but this is definitely going in the (nonexistent) wedding plans.

So, there's going to be an Irish gin and cheese festival happening THIS May – and we are probably a lot more excited then we should be.

To celebrate some of Ireland's best gins and cheeses, the Burren Slow Food Festival, which will take place on 12th, 13th and 14th May 2017, will bring together food producers, chefs and writers for a weekend of talks, demonstrations and workshops. 

And the best part?

There will be a huge showcasing of the best of Irish gin including Blackwater Gin, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, Dingle Gin and Shortcross Gin. 

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Dublin’s leading mixologist Oisin Davies will also be there making unique cocktails with wild and foraged ingredients.

For the first time, Ireland’s raw milk cheese presidium will be at the event, hosting workshops and tastings of raw milk cheese, many of which are not widely available nationwide.

The presidium, which is made up of eleven artisan dairies work with their own distinctive style and techniques and share a common commitment to producing a safe, high-quality product using raw milk from their own cows or goats, or milk from nearby herds.

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The three-day event will also include a farmers' market, foraging, children’s activities, the traditional Burren Slow Food Banquet as well as a champagne and seafood picnic in a boat under the Cliffs of Moher.

See ya there, ladies! 

Not that any of us needed an excuse to enjoy an evening of cheese and wine, but these shot glasses are DELICIOUS. 

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Cheese shot glasses are a thing, and we cannot believe we're only figuring this out now…

The best part? You can make them at home, and they're easy to create.

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What you'll need:

2 pounds cheddar cheese

Silicone shot glass mould

Wine (a lot of it!)

What you'll do:

Grate the cheddar cheese into a bowl.

Microwave cheddar cheese in 30-second intervals for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, until the cheese is melted, but not burnt.

Pour cheese into silicone shot glass moulds and press in gently.

Let set at least 30 minutes until firm. Remove from the mould and serve with wine of your choice.

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We have been seeing so many alternative advent calendars this year, from wine to gin– and everything in between.

However, the latest one may just be the strangest advent calendar yet, and we sort of love it. 

Cheese Advent Calendar

Annem Hobson, a food blogger from London, has invented a cheese advent calendar… and has become our ultimate hero as a result. 

Cheese Advent Calendar

Each day contains a delicious piece of cheese, from cheddar to brie!

A CHEESE advent calendar exists and why has no-one thought of this before?!

The kicker is that Annem won't be ready to distribute these amazing calendars until 2017, so we'll have to wait.

Cheese Advent Calendar

You can register your interest over on cheeseadventcalendar.com, where you'll get updates on Annems cheesy progress.

However, if you simply cannot wait until next year, why not make your own?

Cheese Advent Calendar

Annem posted instructions on her blog, so we can all have our very own cheese-filled calendar. 

Thanks BRIE to God. 



OK, try not to panic, but the gods have sent us the greatest gift of all time – and it involves melted cheese (of course).


Make your dreams come true with the Fondoodler, the hot glue gun for cheese.

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The Fondoodler (excellent choice of name, tbh) is a very special gun-like contraption, that functions just like a hot glue gun.


You've never made a taco this good 

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The difference here is that, instead of sticks of glue, the Fondoodler melts sticks of CHEESE.



Cheese your crackers

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According to the Fondoodler's website, you will have melted cheese within three minutes of removing the device from the box. 

I have tears of joy. 


Let them eat cheese #fondoodler #cheesecreation

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This life-changing device will set you back just $25 (around €23), which is a small price to pay for true happiness.

Thank you, Cheesus! 

We implore you not to panic, BUT cheese is basically the elixir of life (like we didn't already know!).

According to a study published in the Nature Medicine journal, the compound called spermidine can be found in cheese.

This amazing compound can also be found in food such as peas, beans and wholegrains, and science says that those who consume it are more likely to live longer.


The study also claims that eating mature cheese can help combat heart failure and high blood pressure… woohoo!

These beautiful scientists first analysed their theory using mice, and then they surveyed Italian people and their diets.

Not that we needed an excuse, but thus is some GOUDA news… 

Pass the parmesan, please. 

For the discerning cheese fiend, one slice is just never enough. 

Yes, you know you have a problem when even an entire board laden down heavy with a half a dozen varieties can be deliciously devoured in less than an hour. 

However, rather than bemoaning a lack of self control, it seems that genetics have a LOT to answer for when it comes to cheese cravings. Indeed, the food can be like a hard drug to some people.

In short, it's not you it's science.

Fancy-pants researchers at the University Of Cambridge have found that around one in 1,000 people have a troublesome gene called MC4R. This means they have a predisposition for high-fat foods (read: donuts, pizza, butter and CHEESE!), but less of a preference for high-sugar foods. 

The scientists laid-out a chicken korma buffet followed by an Eton Mess dessert for 54 volunteers of various size. 

And while there was no real difference in the amount eaten between the individuals, the 14 people with MC4R unknowingly ate a significantly higher proportion of the high-fat korma, although they liked the high-sugar option less than their counterparts.

Professor Sadaf Farooqi, neuroscientist and co-author of the study, said in response: “People couldn’t tell the food apart and that was the key thing. They [participants with the MC4R defect] still ate a lot more of the high fat and a lot less of the high sugar which suggests that the brain has ways of picking up levels of nutrients.”

Past experiments with mice have found similar links between the MC4R gene defect and fatty food preference but the Cambridge research is the first human study of its kind.

It's no secret that around SHEmazing! Towers we're massive, big, HUGE fans of all things pizza.

Which is why we like to consume it in its many guises as often as possible. 

We also like when science backs-up our dietary preferences with gems such as "pizza makes you more productive," – a research finding we frankly couldn't agree more with. 

But while pizza gives us many things in life, sadly it rarely offers us the likes of free trips to Italy (but then neither does, say, celery – and pizza is definitely a lot more fun).

That could ALL change tomorrow, however.

Yes – upon spotting snaps of Dublin hottie Holly Carpenter sprawled on a couch tucking into a cheesy and pepperoni delight (a woman after our own hearts, evidently) – a spot of investigation unearthed a competition we will most certainly be part-taking in. 

In short, Dr. Oetker is holding a rather delicious Great Italian Lock-In.

In a statement, Dr. Oetker says that it wants you to: "Lock the door and unlock the fresh pizzeria taste at home by popping a Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza in the oven, 12 minutes later, say 'Bellissimo' and share a photo of you enjoying your Ristorante on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #GreatItalianLockIn and you could be jetting off to Italy!" 

In a statement, we say: "HURRAH for pizza!"

We scoured the small print and furthermore discovered that entries will be open all next week via #GreatItalianLockIn hashtag – meaning if you're not in a particularly pizza place tomorrow (what's wrong with you?) you can submit your entry at your leisure. 


More info is available from the Dr. Oetker Facebook page and website.

When you imagine divers searching an old shipwreck, you'd expect something out of the Titanic where they come across jewels and fallen chandeliers.

But not in Sweden. Nope, these divers found cheese. Stinky cheese.

Researchers were exploring a historic royal shipwreck called the Kronan, just off the south-east coast of Sweden, when they came across something that smelled really, really bad.

Lars Einarsson told his local newspaper, Kvallsposten, that the divers found it "pressed into the clay" and when they moved near it, the smell was unbearable.

"That's when they small hit is. I certainly don't recommend tasting it. It's like a mixture of yeast and Roquefort… whose character lives on in their smell.

"It's a mass of bacteria," he added.

The cheese was unveiled earlier this week after divers spent two weeks exploring the ship from 1676. They also found 14 gold coins, a diamond ring and a significant amount of 17th century pharmaceuticals.

Historians believe that the royal ship tried to sail through rough weather and somehow ignited its gunpowder magazine, which blew off the ship's bow.

Not ideal.

The amount of people that suffer from headaches is astoundingly mind-numbing. The World Health Organisation estimates that 47 per cent of adults suffer from headaches at least once a year. 

Most people think not getting enough sleep or hormonal changes can trigger a sore head, and while they are big factors, there are other sneaky influences that can cause your head to throb too: 

1. Zoning out in front of the TV

Relaxing after a stressful day is actually a classic headache trigger. Called the Let Down headache, it usually arises when you let your hair down after a hectic day. 


2. Bad weather

A study from the journal Neurology reports that you can get a headache or migraine if the weather is particularly bad. If you're constantly going from the chilly outside, to the heated inside, the temperature change can be a major problem. 


3. Your mam (or dad)

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, if one parent suffers from migraines there is a 40 per cent chance their child will suffer too. And if both parents suffer, then the child's chances sky-rocket up to 90 per cent. 


4. Switching up your routine

If you're constantly waking up, eating and sleeping at different times every day/week, it can make your head hurt. Try keep a regular routine as much as possible to avoid the pain. 


5. Skipping breakfast

Always make sure to grab a bite before you head out in the morning. In a recent study of 1,200 migraine patients, researchers found that missing a meal was the third most common trigger of headaches in females.


6. Your friend's strong perfume

About 95 percent of fragrances are made up of synthetic compounds, one of which is benzyl alcohol. This ingredient can be a major cause of headaches, especially if you are scent-sensitive.


7. Your liking for strong cheese

Yes, we love cheese too, but it might be causing your sore head. Food and drink release neurotransmitters, which can cause headaches in some people. Triggers include caffeine, chocolate, cheese, alcohol and more. Sob. 

If you've ever found yourself frantically demolishing a cheese board (with a glass of wine, of course) on a Friday night, it may not be discipline that's the issue, it's addiction.

While we all know that hard drugs like cocaine and heroin are highly addictive, you may be more surprised to discover that your mozzarella habit might be as difficult to beat as drugs. 

A study carried out by the University of Michigan set out to discover ‘the drugs of the food world.'

The reason cheese is so hooking is down to a protein called casein, which releases opiates called casomorphins during digestion.

Those casomorphins run riot with your dopamine receptors, triggering addictive elements in the brain.

Co-author of the study, Nicole Avena said: "This is a first step towards identifying specific foods, and properties of foods, which can trigger this addictive response."

"This could help change the way we approach obesity treatment. It may not be a simple matter of 'cutting back' on certain foods, but rather, adopting methods used to curtail smoking, drinking and drug use."

Yesterday, the new iOS software update allowed iPhone owners and emoji enthusiasts to express their love of all things burrito, unicorn and cheese. 

There was a lot of cheese loving happening. People were more excited about the cheese than the Bank Holiday weekend it seemed.   


Now, we feel like there could be an explanation behind this worldwide cheese addiction.

A study recently published in the US National Library of Medicine has examined why certain foods are more addictive than others. 

Surprisingly (or perhaps not if you’re a cheese freak), cheese was found to have the same addictive properties as many drugs.

According to the LA Times: “certain foods are addictive because of the way they are processed. The more processed and fatty the food, the more it was associated with addictive eating behaviours.”

An ingredient in cheese called casein makes cheese particularly addictive because of the way this is broken down into an opiate called casomorphin during digestion. The property has led Dr. Neal Barnard, founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, to call cheese “dairy crack.” 

This is not a joke by the way, your cheese addiction is now validated. Thank you science!

"[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element," registered dietitian Cameron Wells told Mic

Pizza was the food which was crowned the most addictive, which is thought to be as a result of the cheese topping.

So, now that we know there’s an actually explanation behind our love of cheesy food, who wants to try the Pizza Diet?