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Ed Sheeran's highly anticipated episode of Carpool Karaoke is officially here, and it's just as epic as we expected. 

Ed opened up about his social media sabbatical to James Cordon in the episode, revealing that he has only had a phone for two weeks since he took time off to travel. 

According to Ed: 'I actually don't have a phone anymore. It's just what it would have been like 30 years ago for our parents.'

'I'd wake up every morning and there would be like 50 messages and none of the would say "hey, how are you?" it would be like "can I have this? Can you lend me this? Can you do this? Can I get this? and it was fine at the beginning but it just got really really draining by the end of it.'


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Of course, the pair sang a myriad of Ed's best tunes, and the lad's harmonies on Ed's tune Sing is actually pretty epic.

There is even an impromptu rendition of a One Direction track mid-way through. 

The best part of the entire episode? Probably when Ed managed to fit 55 Malteasers into his mouth at the same time before chucking them up at the side of the road. Standard. 

You can check out the video for yourself below: 



Ed Sheeran's highly anticipated episode of Carpool Karaoke is just around the corner, and a preview of the video has just been revealed online.

About four months ago, the chart-topping singer and British comedian James Cordon were spotted zipping around LA in a car rigged with cameras.

Hailed by the clip as the world's biggest male music artist, the clip doesn't give too much away. 


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However, we are treated to a few sneak peeks of Ed and James singing along to some of the red-haired singer's biggest hits.

The special episode sees James Cordon's iconic Late Late Show being transferred across the pond, and will feature music from Harry styles, along with interviews from Kit Harrington and Emily Blunt. 

The episode will air next week, and we're already dying to see the full show. 

Check it out for yourselves down below: 



Looks like James Corden can add 'celeb beef mediator' to his CV as he expertly got to the bottom of one of Hollywood's most famous feuds last night.  

Katy Perry recently joined the actor/ late night talk show host as a guest on the hit Carpool Karaoke series, but it looks like James wasn't just there to sing.

Instead, he took the opportunity to get to the bottom on the singer's infamous feud with Taylor Swift. 

"There's a situation," Perry said. "Honestly, it's really like she started it, and it's time for her to finish it." 


Only in LA #katyperry #carpoolkaraoke

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If you don't' know by now, their public feud stems back to a mix up with some backup dancers and a miscommunication between the pair. 

“I tried to talk to her about it and she wouldn't’t speak to me.” Katy says in the video.

It is widely believed that Taylor wrote her hit single Bad Blood about her beef with Katy, and now fans have speculated that Katy's new track Swish Swish is a response. 

"I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble," Perry says. "It was a full shutdown and then she writes a song about me, and I'm like, OK, cool, cool, cool, that's how you want to deal with it? Karma!"

''It's all about karma, right? I think personally that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bulls–t, women together will heal the world." 

James then rather lightheartedly asked the singer if she would be prepared to "remove the beef from the grill" if Taylor approached her. 

Katy agreed "100%".

James then took us back to what Carpool Karaoke is all about when he turned the radio up and Roar began to play. 

Check out the video below. 


We're obsessed with Harry Styles, and his new album is currently in the lead to top the charts this week. 

The former One Direction singer is the latest star to join James Corden on his commute to work, after finishing up his week-long stint on the Late Late Show to promote his new self-titled album.

James and Harry reminisced on the journey about the last time he was on Carpool Karaoke, which was when he was still in the world's biggest boy band, before launching into a rendition of Sign of the Times. 

Harry also admitted that his Mum cried when she heard his solo album for the first time, but she cried 'in a cool way.' Too cute. 

He also showed off his amazing vocals while changing into a variety of different outfits.

You can check it out for yourself below: 



We're obsessed with Harry Styles, and his new album is currently in the lead to top the charts this week. 

The ex One Direction member is continuing his success by snagging a spot on the much loved series Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon.

Harry has just begun a week-long residency performing on The Late Late Show. 

'I’ve arranged for Mr. Harry Styles, he’s going to help me get to work on Thursday in a brand new Carpool Karaoke, you don’t want to miss it,' James Corden announced during the show.

The singer is set to be performing a new song from his self-titled album each night.



We can't get enough of Carpool Karaoke these days, as James Corden's star studded videos keep getting better and better.

From the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama, everyone who's anyone has ridden shotgun with the British comedian.  

Now, a rather unexpected guest is joining James for a new episode.

None other than Victoria Beckham will be in the passenger seat for the upcoming series of Carpool Karaoke. 

While VB initially rose to fame thanks to her iconic place as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, the mum-of-four has been focusing on her fashion pursuits for over a decade.

With her lack of musical accomplishments over the past few years, we definitely didn't expect to see her singing karaoke. 


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However, Posh is a massive star, so we're pretty excited to see her loosen up and sing a few songs with James.

We can't wait to hear her renditions of our favourite Spice Girls songs!



They've played famous sisters Arya and Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones for years and now it looks like we're going to finally see some of their singing talents.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have announced that they are set to appear on Carpool Karaoke, and we're already dying for their episode.

The girls will be gearing up to go behind the wheel to take part in the new series-length version of Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music.

Sophie and Maisie took to Twitter yesterday to tell their fans of the great news, but couldn't help adding a few puns into the tweet.

They captioned the video, "STARKpool Karaoke? Lane of Thrones?"

Since most of the season is already filmed it might be a few months until we get to see the ladies in action. 


Obviously us Irish folk are obsessed with Ed Sheeran, so our excitement went into overdrive when we heard that the Shape Of You singer was spotted filming Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon. 

The chart-topping singer and the British comedian were spotted zipping around LA in a car rigged with cameras.

The two seemed to be enjoying some tunes by the singer, and appeared to be giving the songs a good go.

The star even brought his guitar with him, so essentially James Cordon just got a private Ed Sheeran concert in his car. 

The exciting sighting comes at the end of a very busy two months for Ed, who made a triumphant return from his year off work.

In the space of two months, he released an amazing album, had two number one singles and sold out an extensive world tour. 

There is no word yet on when Ed's Carpool Karaoke will be released but we really hope it's soon. 



We've been waiting a while for this.

James Corden's Carpool Karaoke has been a huge hit since it first debuted on his American version of The Late Late Show.

The TV segment was such a smash that it got commissioned for an entire show by Apple… and now the trailer is finally here.

Featuring everyone's favourite prince, Will Smith will be one of the first celebs to join the series (he better sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), as well as Metallica, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys.

The trailer sees Will crashing a wedding (imagine!) and John Legend grooving with a gospel choir in the middle of a launderette. Standard.

All we know so far is that the series is "coming soon," but by the look of this clip, it's going to be class.


The moment has come, ladies.

After years of hoping Ed Sheeran and James Corden might team up for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, we can finally rest easy and prepare for one epic journey.

Speaking to Capital radio this week, the singer, who recently dropped new material, confirmed that a collaboration with the British host is officially in the works.

"I've been in touch with James Corden about this for three years because he wanted me to do the first one and I just wasn't around," Ed explained.

But, now?

"I can confirm that at some point this year I will be doing a carpool karaoke," Ed assured listeners.

That's all we needed to know, Ed!


We love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke more than ANYTHING else, and the latest one is so epic.

The wonderful Bruno Mars joined James for a 15 minute spin around Los Angeles. 

The Grammy Award winner sang a number of his major hits (Uptown funk gon' give it to ya), hitting some truly majestic high notes. 

James actually gave Bruno a run for his money, and even donned a silk ensemble to match Bruno's at one point… glorious. 

About eight minutes in, Bruno attempts to teach James how to seduce a woman, and it is absolutely HILARIOUS. 

All in all, this is one highly entertaining way to spend 15 minutes. 



We can't get enough of Carpool Karaoke these days, as Jame's Cordon's star studded videos keep getting better and better.

From the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama, everyone who's anyone has rode shotgun with the British comedian. 

Now, the queen of Christmas Mariah Carey will be starring alongside James in a festive special edition of the video series. 

As well as the dulcet tones of Mariah, the video also features some of the year's best Carpool Karaoke guests, all contributing to what could be considered the ultimate rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez,Adele and many more all chime in for the Christmas edition.

While we feel  #blessed to have been bestowed with this serenade of stars, we can't help but think how odd James must have looked, filming in October with a Christmas tree and presents adorning his car.