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Kat Von D is changing the way we do our brows with the launch of not one, but three brand new products designed to let us get more creative with our beauty regimes.

While we often like to experiment with bold lipsticks and pigmented eyeshadows, our perfectly sculpted brows are the one part of our routine that remains unchanged, not matter what look we are going for.

After all, if it's not broken, don't fix it – right?

Well, yes and no.

Given the phenomenal success of Kat's beauty range to date, the new collection of brow pomades are sure to contain a bullet-proof formula – but it's the products 16 shades that really have people talking.

As well as offering an extensive variety of natural hair colours, the collection also includes a selection of rainbow colours including hot pink, deep red, and a vibrant yellow.

The Super Brow pigmented pomade will be released this spring alongside two other brow formulas, Brow Struck and Signature Brow.

The products are set to launch next spring, and while no exact date has been revealed, Kat has asked fans to keep an eye on Instagram for more updates.



Ladies, is there anything better than sitting back and relaxing with a glass of vino and a face mask? 

Pure bliss, if you ask me.

That is exactly why we are over the moon to announce that KISS NY Professional have launched two amazing sheet mask ranges in Ireland. 

The two ranges are highly nourishing, containing natural extracts to help regain skin softness and youthful impression – sounds good to us. 

These serum-infused natural fibre masks provide a healthy and moisturised skin – perfect for pampering yourself after a long week. 

There are two types of mask available: 100% Cotton Sheet Mask and Hydrogel Mask.

The 100% Cotton Sheet Mask range is infused with natural ingredients like charcoal, honey, green tea, coconut water and aloe (all good things, all good things). 

These K-beauty inspired sheet masks are also eco-friendly (which we love), with moist, soft feeling sheets that deliver rich moisture and nutrition to the skin. 

The masks are a handsome little bargain at just €2.95 a pop. 

The brand is also offering a range of Hydrogel Masks, that are concentrated with organic essential floral extracts, natural extracts and infused with aroma oils. 

These masks deliver organic essential oil nutrition including 100% of lavender, rosehip oil, charcoal and natural extracts which are suitable to all skin types. 

These masks mould perfectly to the skin with thing gel form that allows for complete absorption of the mask's maximum benefits.

You'll be happy to hear that both ranges of masks are dermatologically tested, paraben free and contain no artificial colouring.

They're available right now in pharmacies nationwide, and in Dunnes Stores and Penneys. 

Perfect stocking filler? We reckon so! 



Hands up if you totally love when brands team up with Disney to make an extra special collection.

*Throws hands in the air immediately*

Seriously, whether it's pyjamas or furniture, there is nothing we love more than a super magical Disney collaboration.

The latest folks to team up with the wonderful world of Disney? Kiehls – one of our all-time favourite skincare brands.

Each of the four gorgeous new items in the Disney x Kiehl’s collection will feature Mickey Mouse on the packaging (so pretty!)

Of course, that means the always-luxurious Kiehl’s products will be even more adorable than usual!

But wait, there's more – 100 percent of net proceeds (up to $100,00) from each item will also help benefit charity, namely Feeding America.

The collection will officially launch on November 2nd, but we're to give you a special sneak peak. 

You're welcome. 







It may seem a tad premature, but there are so many amazing brands releasing their special Christmas collections – and we are here for it!  

There seems to be new announcements every day, but we are seriously excited about this latest one.

The gorgeous folks at Fuchsia Makeup have revealed their glorious exclusive Christmas collection- and it has jingled all our bells. 

Now a well-established premium make-up brand, the original Fuschia store was born in 2005, in Drogheda, Ireland (homegrown, baby). 

The Fuschia beauty concept focuses on building confidence. Life is challenging (amen sister), and the world can be tough. Everyone neds a secret helper sometimes, to feel strong enough and confident enough to go out and perform at their absolute best.

The sense of empowerment, which comes from looking and feeling ready to face the world, is intense and undeniable. At Fuschia, they make it their business to provide the tools for women everywhere to feel like this, every single day.

Christmas time just so happens to be one of Fuschia's favourite time of year and to celebrate they have launched a huge selection of limited edition gift boxes, brush sets and much more to keep the beauty lover amongst your friends and family filled with holiday cheer! 

Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas stocking filler or a luxury gift set for the one you love, Fuschia Makeup have you covered this Christmas.

Fuschia products are all vetted by their own ultra-talented tribe of make-up artists, who refuse to accept anything less than amazing. Each and every product is tested rigorously and must perform spectacularly to even come close to meeting the highest Fuschia quality standards. 

Gillian Moore, CEO Fuschia Make-Up says “At Fuschia we all absolutely LOVE what we do. We are genuinely passionate about helping women to love themselves a little more and feel braver and stronger as a result. We like to think that we don't just sell make-up; we inspire confidence.”





Not only can a well-defined brow frame your face and highlight your best assets, but scientists now say the beauty trend could actually make you look younger.

A recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology analysed the portraits of 763 make-up-free women between the ages of 20 and 80 and found that contrast in facial features was far greater in younger participants.

This contrast was particularly obvious in areas around the mouth and eyebrows.

Researchers then created two versions of each photograph – each with a varying levels of contrast.

A number of volunteers were then asked to examine each image and choose the one face they believed to look younger.

Results showed that almost 80 per cent of the time, people said the high-contrast face appeared more youthful. 

And, while the study didn't involve any make-up, researchers believe beauty products can achieve the same effect.

Co-author Richard Russell told Time: “The way we manipulated features in the photos was very similar to what you'd do with make-up.”

“And I would be surprised if you couldn't get similar effects.”

“We know that lips get less red with age and eyebrows get lighter, for instance, and those are both things you could address with make-up, if you wanted.”

The power of the brow is real!



Not content with dominating the world's of fashion and modelling, Gigi Hadid has announced that she is officially branching out with the launch of her own makeup collection.

The US super model took to Instagram to tease the new range of cosmetics, which were created in collaboration with Maybelline New York. 


A year in the making.. #GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON. @maybelline 

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Assuming that the products in the photo are a taster of what's to come, it looks like the collection will include a number of lipstick shades ranging from subtle nudes to bold purples, as well as smokey eyeshadows, colourful eyeliners and compact makeup brushes.

Maybelline also shared a number teaser videos informing fans to 'get ready' for the upcoming release.



A post shared by Maybelline New York (@maybelline) on

While no release date has been confirmed, fans are excited at what's to come.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.



If you struggle to create a cat-eye flick, then the creations of Toronto-based MUA, Menal Khan, are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

Ditching the standard swatch favoured by make-up artists around the world, Menal dedicates a little more time to showcasing the newest palette for her Instagram followers.

And she does so by recreating a miniature version of the entire kit on back of her hand.

Sharing various images of her endeavours, Menal recently gave beauty-junkies an insight into the process, writing: "A throwback to a step-by-step pictorial on how I do most of my palette handarts."

"First I sketch a rough outline using a light brown brow pencil, then fill the palette in. I then go and add the palette/pan shading using any deep brown eyeshadow. Lastly I add in each pan colour using the actual shades from the palette I am making."

If you think you could give Menal a run for her money, why not check out her how-to guide on recreating some of the most gorgeous palettes on the market?


Please tag @anastasiabeverlyhills / @norvina guys!- A throwback to a step-by-step pictorial on how I do most of my palette handarts. – First I sketch a rough outline using a light brown brow pencil, then fill the palette in. I then go and add the palette/pan shading using any deep brown eyeshadow. Lastly I add in each pan colour using the actual shades from the palette I am making, in this case: the @AnastasiaBeverlyHills / @Norvina / @NicoleGuerriero GlowKit. ((All the shades in this handart are actual swatches!)) Products Used: •Brow Pencil: @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Definer in "Dark Brown." •Palette Colour: @toofaced lipstick in "Nude Beach" topped with @morphebrushes 35OS pink shimmer shades. •Palette Shadow: @Bhcosmetics / @carlibel Brown shade from the Carli Bybel palette. •Brushes: @morphebrushes. #ikhaniic – @hypnaughty.makeup @hypnaughtypower @makeupslaves @makeupforbarbies @bretmansvanity @makeup_clips @makeuptutorialsx0x @makegirlz @peachyqueenblog @shimycatsmua @maryhadalittleglam @beautymasterclass @wakeup2slay @thepeachyqueenblog @allmodernmakeup @fakeupfix @vegas_nay @brian_champagne @1minutemakeup @dailymakeup @beautyqueens4ever

A post shared by mєηαl.κhαη (@ikhaniic) on

Fans of the MUA have been quick to share their enthusiasm for her designs, with one writing: "Oh my gosh. this is so sick. you are extremely talented WOW."


Just so everyone gets to know my face too, rather than only knowing what my eye/hand looks like. Products Used: •Eyes: @hudabeauty / @shophudabeauty #HudaBeautyRoseGoldPalette @morphebrushes Black Slate gel liner as eyeshadow base @covergirl "Lash Blast Volume" mascara (the orange one). – •Lashes: @kokolashes Lashes in "Fifth Ave" – •Highlighter: @anastasiabeverlyhills / @norvina Aurora GlowKit (my fave GlowKit) in "Luna" on cheeks & as inner corner highlight. – •Lips: @nyxcosmetics / @nyxcosmetics_canada Matte Lip Liner in "Soft Spoken" @tartecosmetics Tarteist Lip Paint in "Birthday Suit" – •Eyebrows: #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina Pomade in "Chocolate" #abh clear brow gel to set.#tartecosmetics Shape Tape concealer in "Light Medium" to carve out brows. – •Brushes: @sigmabeauty – #makeuporn #beautygram #makeupgoals #rethinknatural #universodamaquiagem #morpheshadows #torontomua #morphexjaclynhill #hudabeauty #shophudabeauty #makeupclips #motd #thebeautybombb #nyxcosmetics #pakistani #makeupforbarbies #kokolashes #nyx #wakeupandmakeup #covergirlmade #allmodernmakeup #sigmabrushes #stepbystep #glamsquad #anastasiabrows

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Menal, keep 'em coming. 



We’re going to be honest here; we are self-confessed make-up junkies here at SHEmazing HQ.

From base and brows to liners and lip colours, it’s not often that the launch of a new product doesn’t manage to ignite a frisson of excitement.

As devoted customers of the cosmetics industry, we expect a lot of our products, and here are just 5 things we seek.

(Yes, we know some of them are totally unrealistic, but give us a break.)

1. Absolute compatibility

Sometimes a new product simply won’t be compatible with our skin tone and complexion – something most lip colour connoisseurs are all too familiar with.

Thankfully, that’s where wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit comes in.

The light formula offers precision, performance and intensely pigmented colour which doesn’t dry out your lips, and with seven – yes, seven – colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a shade which is made just for you.

2.  Smash-proof

Whether you’re gingerly applying lipstick at 7am in the morning or 1am on a night out, you’ll know it takes less than a second for the product to slip out of your hands and crack on the bathroom floor.

While we know we should be more careful, we’d appreciate if the packaging on our beloved products were… dare we say… fool-proof.

3. Total immortality

If you’ve ever felt personally victimised by a product which refused to last as long as you needed it to, you’re not alone.

Few of us have time to reapply our lip colour on a regular basis throughout the day, but with wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit you literally won’t have to.

4. Slick packaging

OK, we’re definitely pushing it on the packaging front, but there’s a lot to be said for a make-up bag filled to the brim with products worthy of an Instagram shoot.

We want a sleek design and a feminine touch, and if the range comes in a variety of different shades and tones like wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit, all the better.

5. Overall affordability

We admit we have high standards, so we’re not expecting to get everything our heart desires for next to nothing, but we do (for obvious reasons) favour brands which deliver on the quality front without bankrupting us.

And with Liquid Catsuit coming in at just €5, wet n wild®, we’re looking at you.


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Make sure your make up stays on point. Visit wet n wild® facebook for more info.



Nothing brings us more joy than the launch of a new cosmetic range – especially when the packaging is divine (real talk). 

That is exactly why we are basically giddy about the new range of products by Shiseido, inspired by the wonderful world of Millennials. 

WASO is the new range, which has been crafted with authenticity at its core.

Through the launch of their new range, Shiseido is redefining beauty by empowering Millennials to feel beautiful in their own skin – whatever their gender, nationality or age. 

Now that is a message we can get down with! 

The message is simple: true beauty defies stereotypes.

WASO is more than just a skin care line for Millennials, it is a campaign that champions beauty from the inside-out.

By now, you're probably wondering what exactly the word WASO means – a fair question. 

The name WASO is drenched in authentic Japanese heritage. It originates from a combination of two words, "WA" meaning a Japanese sense of peace, and "SO" meaning inspiration, idea and thoughtfulness. 

The best part? Every element of the product's formula uses safe ingredients based on Shisedo's unique standards. 

The brand designed a special method for formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range, to deliver a total skin care solution. 

This basically means that the range has been designed to treat the needs of Millenial skin, focusing on dryness, oiliness and visible pores. 

WASO is available for purchase right now, and we're stocking up! 



A make-up artist, who double-jobs as a waitress, has made headlines this week after she shared an uncomfortable experience on social media.

Kelsi of wingedandcountoured took to Instagram over the weekend and revealed that she was the butt of a cruel jibe when two teenage girls found fault with the service in Kelsi's place of woRk.

Outlining the incident for her followers, Kelsi wrote: "Two girls around 16 years old came in and I was their waitress. I took great care of them and everything was great until I dropped the check off."

"When I returned to pick it up, they demanded to speak to a manager because they 'didn't have enough money' and I 'didn't tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them' even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted."


When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless to meStory: two girls around 16 years old came in and I was their waitress. I took great care of them and everything was great until I dropped the check off. When I returned to pick it up, they demanded to speak to a manager because they 'didn't have enough money' and I 'didn't tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them' even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted. Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn't have ordered food they couldn't pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything. They 'magically' had a card to put it on and this is the 'tip' they left me. GIVEBACKGIVEAWAY! My give away is open now till the 22nd

A post shared by WingedandContoured (@wingedandcontoured) on

"Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn't have ordered food they couldn't pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything. They 'magically' had a card to put it on and this is the 'tip' they left me."

Sharing an image of the customers' bill, Kelsi's followers learned that the teenage girls opted not to tip their waitress, instead writing: "Here's a tip: contour is supposed to blend."

Refusing to let the remarks ruin her day, Kelsi shared an image of herself and wrote: "When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless to me."

Speaking to Seventeen.com, Kelsi admitted that the remark initially hurt her, saying: "For a second after reading the comment, I was kind of hurt and worried that my makeup looked awful. But, that quickly went away. Because I know makeup and there isn't only one way to do it,"

"Makeup is an art and doesn't follow any kind of rules. A couple months ago I would have let this ruin my day and eat me alive." she continued.

Reflecting on her reason for sharing the cruel comment online, Kelsi simply said: "What I want people to know is that everyone is so beautifully different. We are so different and there is not a single 'right' way to do makeup, there's billions of them!"

Kelsi has been inundated with support from members of the public, with one writing: "Seen your story on fb and had to check you out! You're f*cking flawless!"

"Seen the story on FB as well. Just wanted to let you know that your makeup is flawless and idk what their problem was."

You do you, Kelsi.



If you're feeling a little worse for wear after the Bank Holiday weekend, why not indulge yourself in a well deserved pamper session? 

Oh, your bank account probably has other ideas, that's why. 

Well, never fear, because we've rounded up 10 of best face masks on the market – and they all come in under €10.00.

Luxury beauty at an affordable price? Yes please! 


CAT NAP revitalising & fatigue fighting sheet mask 

€6.00 – Boots

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

 €7.97 – Boots

Origins – 'Flower Fusion™ Hydrating Violet' sheet mask

€ 6.00 – Debenhams

Nügg Soothing Face Mask

€4.60  – Beauty Bay

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Multi-Masking Face Mask Play Kit – 3x 10ml

€4.33 – Boots

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Dualstep Facial Mask

€2.50 – McCabes Pharmacy

Garnier SkinActive Volcano Face Mask

€2.30 – McCabes Pharmacy

Original Golden Snail Hydro Gel Mask 25g

€5.10 – Beauty Bay

Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask 125ml

€9.33 – Boots

Estée Lauder – 'Double Wear' 3 minute priming moisture mask 10g

€10.00 – Debenhams




Let’s be honest here; half the fun of a hair appointment is basking in the atmosphere created by the salon in question, right?

Yes, ostensibly we’re there to get our roots sorted and split ends seen to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the ambiance generated by a creative environment.

And if there is one salon in Dublin that appreciates this, it’s Hession Hairdressing in Drumcondra.

A cornerstone of the local community and firm favourite with both locals and high-profile names, the salon has recently undergone a stunning facelift, and with renowned designer Kari Rocca at the helm, it’s safe to say that clients will be suitably impressed with the refurbishment.

Commenting on her work, she says; “My aim was to create a contemporary, timeless boutique style environment reflective of luxury hotels while at the same time providing a tranquil luxurious space for the clients.”

“We have included pockets of decorative areas, mirrors, lamps and floral arrangements to highlight the overall sense of luxury and space and to continue with this contemporary art deco scheme.”

For many of us, the time spent having our hair washed and conditioned is often the most relaxing aspect of the appointment, and Hession Hairdressing are with us on that one.

Hidden away behind black sliding glass doors is a secluded back wash room which is the epitome of relaxation. And if you're thinking spa-inspired, you'd be right.

Featuring six reclining massage chairs, ambient music and individual lighting, this area is perhaps the crowning glory of the salon’s new look.

“We wanted to creative distinctive zones within the salon, by introducing a closed washroom using smoked glass and smoked mirrors we succeeded in creating a tranquil pod with a relaxing spa like feel," Kari explains.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there

On the upper floor of the salon lies a bespoke exclusive BUFF Make-up Suite which oozes elegance with Instagram-worthy marble surfaces and gold finishes.

Understandably, Paul Hession is as excited as we are by the salon’s new look, saying: “I’m over the moon with it.”

"Our goal was to create a chic and relaxing atmosphere with a modern twist and Kari Rocca has done an amazing job in bringing this vision to life. The reaction from clients has been amazing.”

See you at the salon, ladies.