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In November of 2015, a Twitter user named Molly Hodgdon compiled a list of items which women over the age of 30 should definitely avoid wearing.

But all is not as it seems.

In the satirical Twitter post, Molly ultimately took aim at the endless lists created by women's magazines which suggest – in no uncertain terms – that some items of clothing are strictly off-limits the moment you take your first big step into your third decade.

Opting for a more sensible approach on the ill-advised topic, Molly reminded women that there are indeed some items we should avoid… but only if they pose a risk to you or those around you.

And that post is doing the rounds again this week, and frankly we can't get enough of it.

So, if you've ever wondered what you should avoid as you approach the big 3-0 (or any other time for that matter), Molly has laid it down here for you.

Molly, take a bow!

Remember when your mam would coat your fingernails in foul-tasting polish to stop you from nibbling on your nails?

Well, it looks like years of enduring that manky taste has finally paid off because these days you can actually get your hands on a nail polish that tastes like our favourite tipple – prosecco.

Brought to us by Groupon, the company revealed what's to be expected of the polish.

"Made with real prosecco, this lightly sparkling varnish, which comes in the shade Gold Glimmer, tastes and smells just like the real thing," they explained beneath a YouTube video promoting the product.

While licking our fingers and sucking on our nails is not something we generally tend to do (even in private), we'd be willing to give it a quick go just to see if the 'real prosecco' claims hold up.

Purely for research purposes, you understand.


Let's face it – putting on makeup is an art form, whether you're good at it or not.

That is why we so excited by Urban Decay's latest collection, which is a collaboration with a very famous artist. 


@urbandecaycosmetics X Basquiat X RR

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The exciting cosmetics brand took to Instagram this week to announce their latest collection, which is inspired by the work of famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The launch, which includes so many amazing products is called Urban Decay x Basquiat – and you're going to want it all. 


It's hard to imagine a more perfect fit for UD — introducing our #UDxBasquiat collection. #UrbanDecay

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Many of you may have no clue who Jean-Michel is (fair), so we have a little bit of background information on him.

Basquiat began his career as a graffiti artist in New York City, where he became well-known for his vibrant combinations of text and symbols and his commentary on race and society.


Want more #UDxBasquiat? Check out our Instagram Stories. #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay released a statement about the new collection: "Like Urban Decay, Basquiat was an outsider who challenged the status quo and used colour in nontraditional ways. From his informal graffiti work and the way he mixed mediums and colours to the way he spoke out against social injustice, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit for our brand."

The launch features 12 products, with colours and names inspired by the artist's work. There are two fabulous eyeshadow palettes, a blush/bronzer palette, three vibrant lipstick shades, and eye liners in red, yellow, and blue. 


About last night… #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay

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The products range from €15 to €30, and can also be purchased as a full set fo €150. 

We don't have an official release date for the products yet, but we'll be waiting with baited breath.


The dream collaboration UD X BASQUIAT @urbandecaycosmetics

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Most of us have learned the hard way that when it comes to leaving the salon with the cut or style we envisioned, we need to let a photo do the talking.

Providing your stylist with a photo of your end goal is much simpler than talking in circles (and leaving in tears), and if ever there was a time to do this, it's in the run-up to your wedding, right?

With this in mind, we trawled Instagram for some of the most stunning bridal party hairstyles, and frankly we're in a world of contentment right now.

Would you just look at the sheer beauty of these creations?

1. We want to reach out and touch…

2. Oh stop, we know.

3 *Keels over*

4. We know

5. Yep

6. Please excuse us 

7. And we're done


If your 'new year, new me' resolution is still going strong, then it's highly likely you've pondered a a potential new pastime or even considered a change in career path.

We're right, aren't we?

Well, if you want to broaden your horizons on the beauty front or even take the first steps in a beauty-oriented career, why not complete a course with Waxperts Wax who are celebrating five years in business with the launch of new course Waxperts Waxing for Beginners?

Established by Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien in 2012, Waxperts Wax is distributed to over 1000 salons throughout Ireland, the UK and all across Europe, so, you know, you'll be in good company.

The course, which is located in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, includes three days of practical training as well as a comprehensive introduction into the theoretical side of waxing; all done with the help of a Waxperts Starter kit which is provided for each student to assist in their learning. 

And that's not all! 

Successful participants will then be awarded an Accredited Waxperts Academy Certificate which means you can officially consider yourself a true Waxpert!

Ladies, what are you waiting for?

If you suffer from serious nail envy, you’re not alone.

While you may rock a stunning manicure after investing in a professional treatment, your nails probably leave a lot to be desired when left to their own devices, right?

It’s easy to assume that the friend or co-worker with the stunning hands regularly treats herself to salon treatments, but it’s actually much more likely that she makes a habit of caring for her own nails from the comfort of her own home.

When it comes to enviable hands, regular DIY treatments are the holy grail of nail care.

And here, ladies, are just nine things every woman with incredible nails does on the regular.

1. Wears gloves

Protecting your hands from the elements is vital if you want to avoid dry or chapped skin.

Our hands take a real battering on a daily basis, so ensuring they’re wrapped up and warm is the first step in properly caring for them.

2. Moisturises

You can’t moisturise enough when it comes to your hands, and slapping on the odd drop every now and again just won’t cut it if you want hands worthy of a photoshoot.

Like brushing your teeth, you should moisturise your hands at least twice a day, but there’s nothing to prevent you from topping it up throughout the day.

3. Removes old polish

Many of us are guilty of painting over old nail polish instead of starting from scratch, but the ladies with the truly stunning nails know this is never the way to go.

Properly removing nail polish is so important as it gives your nails time to breathe, and provides you with the perfect platform for a brand-new treatment.

4. Invests in the right products

If you want a salon-finish without the price tag, you need to do your homework on the best products for at-home manicures.

Thankfully, Sally Hansen have an incredible array of products which protect, condition and strengthen the nails without breaking the bank.

5. Considers cuticles

No matter how on point your polish game is, raggy cuticles are a dead giveaway that you’re a mere novice when it comes to nailcare.

Tend to your cuticles after the shower as they will be at their softest, apply oil and gently push them back with the help of a cuticle stick

6. Files (the right way)

Filing back and forth is a massive no-no when it comes to caring for your hands as it splits and ultimately weakens the nails.

You need to file in one direction to prevent damage using the ‘rough grit’ side of the emery board before finishing off with the ‘fine grit’ side.

7. Uses a Base Coat

Unless you want discoloured fingernails, it’s vital you always use a base coat before applying your desired colour.

Not only does it act as a barrier, it actually aids the application of your main colour and results in a smoother texture.

8. Opts for multiple thin coats

If you’re guilty of slapping on a thick layer of polish in an effort to get the job done quicker, you need to stop now.

Multiple thin layers is your only man when it comes to a salon-quality manicure.

9. Has patience

You can’t expect a salon-quality finish if you only invest five minutes in your at-home job, can you?

Like the professionals, you need to take your time on the treatment, and ensure you’ve ticked off each step before moving on to the next.

When it comes to nail care, Sally Hansen’s wide range of products guarantees a salon-quality finish … at a snip of the price.

From treatments to polishes, the range is exactly what you need when you want to make nailcare a priority without breaking the bank.

You can find out more information, here.

Available in pharmacy and grocery stores nationwide with prices ranging from €6.99 to €10.99.

When it comes to wedding prep chat, the bride's dress is obviously up there in the 'most talked about' section of any Whatsapp group discussion.

And while choosing the gown is, undoubtedly, a mammoth task for any bride-to-be, choosing the shoes, which will see you transition from single gal to married woman, is not exactly easy.

We need comfort, we need style, and we need something so Insta-worthy, it'd bring tears to your eyes.

With that in mind, we decided to trawl Instagram for inspiration should we ever find ourselves hightailing it up the aisle, and let's just say those Instagrammers did not disappoint.

Case in point:

1. Stop, you're killing us.

2. Be still our beating hearts


Good afternoon! Inspired by @fidankandemirphotography

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3. We're dying

4. For the love of…

5. That'll be a yes from us

6. We'll take four pairs 


And now for the important part…




Are you a big fan of Vera Wang Princess perfume? Or do you consider it the scent of your youth?

We can all recall that fruity floral scent that made everyone feel like a Disney Princess when they wore it. 

Well ladies, get ready to have your mind blown.

You all know what the bottle looks like, right? A heart shaped glass with a gorgeous bejewelled crown for a lid.

But did you know that your favourite perfume actually comes with a RING? We had no idea. 

Image result for mind blown gif


When you take off the adorable tiny crown, you can actually remove the bottom half, to reveal your glorious new ring. 

Now it may not be your style, and it may not fit you (fingers come in different shapes and sizes), but a free ring is a free ring. 

This discovery was originally made by Cosmopolitan's Laura Capon, when she was trying out Vera Wang's newest Princess scent, which is dubbed Princess Of Hearts. 

Image result for this is exciting gif

Honestly, we got way more excited about this discovery than we care to admit. 

Did you know about this free ring?


Every so often, we just need a good gawk at makeup looks that we would never even dream of wearing.

Enter: neon makeup, the look that seems to be all over the Internet at the moment.

Listen, we will be the first to tell you that this is not exactly your everyday beauty look, but it is pretty darn cool to look at.

This trend has only recently started circulating amongst the beauty gurus on Instagram and YouTube, with Kristen Leanne posting a "how-to" video in February. 

If you are interested in rocking this glowing makeup on your next night out, it is important to note that the technique is not at difficult as you'd think.

According to Bustle, you "Simply sketch out your eyeliner (or lip) shape with a neon shadow and a pointed liner brush. Then, buff out the edges of the vivid colour with a dense but fluffy brush to create a hazy, glowing effect."

Sounds relatively simple, right?

We reckon we'll leave this one to the professionals, and stick to a classic cat eye. 

Most of us will spend years coveting a pair of designer shoes, but will never cough up the money for them (because they're SO overpriced).

Sad, but true. 


This is how I do sassy in the morning  #louboutinworld

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However, thanks to the folks at Christian Louboutin, we can get close to expensive footwear through beauty products.

The famous shoe company have released nail polishes and lipsticks in recent years, and are now selling gorgeous eye makeup. 

Louboutin's latest cosmetic offering includes sleek liquid liners, eyebrow and eyeshadow pencils and mascara. 

Now, we are here to tell you that these products are not exactly cheap, but they cost a lot less than a pair of Louboutin shoes. 


King me. #BeauteLouboutin Creative Director: @marz_atashi Photographer: @piotr_stoklosa

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The liquid eyeliner will cost €70, with the eyebrow definers and eyeshadows costing around the €35 mark. 

The mascara is pretty pricey, at €75, but it will transform your lashes. 

Everything from the new Christian Louboutin collection will be available next month online

*counts pennies desperately*

There was online uproar recently when a Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page sprung up on Instagram with no apparent explanation, and people assumed, hoped and prayed that the conception of the page meant that Rihanna's makeup line was coming soon. 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the page is anything more than a fan page. 

We'll give you a moment to let the imminent disappointment set in. 

Image result for rihanna

The page has since been removed, but other similar copy-cat pages have sprung up. 

While the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page may not be legit (despite facading as such), there is some exciting news on the horizon for Riri beauty fans.

Rihanna did confirm in September 2016 that a makeup and beauty line was in the works, but the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page, or pages similar, are not affiliated with Riri.

While that particular page was a hoax, the makeup brand is actually en route.

Fashion and beauty mega-corp LVMH confirmed that they had struck a deal with Queen R, and that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna could be a real prospect by autumn 2017, according to WWD.


A post shared by James Vincent (@jvincentmakeup) on

Now, the future brand is searching for makeup artists to work with Rihanna as spokespeople for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

In an Instagram post, esteemed beauty professional James Vincent asked that makeup artists come to a casting for the brand.

The casting call is a method of "formal recruitment for Fenty Beauty's Global Makeup Artists and Artistry support team."

So, if you are an uber-talented MUA with a portfolio to die for who has been thinking about heading Stateside, and you have the cash for a last minute plane ticket, what's stopping you? 


Microblading has been one of 2017's biggest beauty trends, but there is a new kid on the block. 

Don't worry, semi-permanent eyebrows aren't going anywhere, but there is a new way to add some "oomph" to your eyes. 

Lash enhancement tattoos are the latest trend sweeping the world of beauty, and its basically semi-permanent invisible eyeliner.

Piret Aava, a makeup artist and eyebrow guru, recently spoke to Marie Claire about the lash enhancement process.

"You fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup," she said. 

Image result for lashes

The idea of letting someone go at your eyes with a needle sounds extreme, but Piret says that "the area is numbed first, and then thin liner is tattooed right in the lash line." 


Coming soon!!!Eyelash enhancement.Thin eyeliner tattoo right on your lash line 

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Piret also said that that the results are relatively low key, and that "No one will know you've had anything done, but your eyes will be more permanently defined." 

The procedure is a two-step process, and requires a touch-up 6 weeks after the initial application.

The process is not cheap (shocker), with prices starting around the €600 mark, however, the liner will last anywhere from 3-5 years, so it is well worth the investment. 

We are very tempted…