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There was online uproar recently when a Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page sprung up on Instagram with no apparent explanation, and people assumed, hoped and prayed that the conception of the page meant that Rihanna's makeup line was coming soon. 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the page is anything more than a fan page. 

We'll give you a moment to let the imminent disappointment set in. 

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The page has since been removed, but other similar copy-cat pages have sprung up. 

While the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page may not be legit (despite facading as such), there is some exciting news on the horizon for Riri beauty fans.

Rihanna did confirm in September 2016 that a makeup and beauty line was in the works, but the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics page, or pages similar, are not affiliated with Riri.

While that particular page was a hoax, the makeup brand is actually en route.

Fashion and beauty mega-corp LVMH confirmed that they had struck a deal with Queen R, and that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna could be a real prospect by autumn 2017, according to WWD.


A post shared by James Vincent (@jvincentmakeup) on

Now, the future brand is searching for makeup artists to work with Rihanna as spokespeople for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

In an Instagram post, esteemed beauty professional James Vincent asked that makeup artists come to a casting for the brand.

The casting call is a method of "formal recruitment for Fenty Beauty's Global Makeup Artists and Artistry support team."

So, if you are an uber-talented MUA with a portfolio to die for who has been thinking about heading Stateside, and you have the cash for a last minute plane ticket, what's stopping you? 


Microblading has been one of 2017's biggest beauty trends, but there is a new kid on the block. 

Don't worry, semi-permanent eyebrows aren't going anywhere, but there is a new way to add some "oomph" to your eyes. 

Lash enhancement tattoos are the latest trend sweeping the world of beauty, and its basically semi-permanent invisible eyeliner.

Piret Aava, a makeup artist and eyebrow guru, recently spoke to Marie Claire about the lash enhancement process.

"You fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup," she said. 

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The idea of letting someone go at your eyes with a needle sounds extreme, but Piret says that "the area is numbed first, and then thin liner is tattooed right in the lash line." 


Coming soon!!!Eyelash enhancement.Thin eyeliner tattoo right on your lash line 

A post shared by Piret Aava Eyebrow Doctor (@eyebrowdoctor) on

Piret also said that that the results are relatively low key, and that "No one will know you've had anything done, but your eyes will be more permanently defined." 

The procedure is a two-step process, and requires a touch-up 6 weeks after the initial application.

The process is not cheap (shocker), with prices starting around the €600 mark, however, the liner will last anywhere from 3-5 years, so it is well worth the investment. 

We are very tempted…

If your handbag is currently groaning under the weight of countless products aimed at treating sore or cracked lips, you're no doubt in the market for a handy hack or two.

And thankfully, the good folk from the world of dermatology have delivered on that front.

According to those in the know, applying eye cream to your pout will make for a smoother and more hydrated set of lips.

And why?

Like the delicate skin around the eye, lips benefit from the ingredients in eye cream which are used to combat lines and wrinkles, and minimise dehydration.

Giving an expert insight into the hack, dermatologist, Marianna Pistilli, reveals that she practices what she preaches.

"I slather it on my undereyes and eyelids, and whatever is leftover on my finger, I put on my lips, " she explains. "Eye creams are usually very safe because they have been tested for it they get in and or near the eye."

If we can get more than one use out of any beauty product, you may consider us officially converted.

Not only is red wine our favourite drink, it is now our favourite beauty product. 

That's right ladies, there is a red wine face mask out there, and it will give the most flawless skin ever. 

Korean beauty company Watsons have created a red wine antioxidant facial mask. 

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The sheet mask contains polyphenols that combat free radicals and aid in skin rejuvenation, leaving you with more refined and supple looking skin.

Sounds delightful! 

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The instructions on the packaging says to "gently place the mask onto your face after cleansing. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then gently massage the remaining essence into the skin."

This gorgeous beauty treat can be purchased online, and costs €14.


With an ominous wind blowing through our near-empty bank accounts last month, shopping wasn’t exactly high on our list of priorities in January.

(Sleeping and waiting for this cold, broke and miserable vibe to blow over was.)

But with the first pay check of the New Year landing in our laps in recent weeks, we’re back on form when it comes to a little retail therapy, and thankfully dresses.ie has us covered.

From band tees to floral creations, we’ve let our imaginations run wild in recent days, and despite being more than willing to blow an entire month’s salary on a new wardrobe, the good folk behind the website won’t have it.

With skater dresses going for just €29 and duster jackets a steal at €40, we think we’re millionaires with all this leftover moola lying around.

And without further ado, we give you our top picks.

Choker Neck T-shirt Dress €16.00

At just €16, this versatile piece is an absolute steal.

Whether you team it with skinny jeans and ankle boots or opt for the bare leg look, the choker neck T-shirt dress will see you through the entire year.

Floral Embroidered Skater. €29.00

We're suckers for a skater dress here at SHEmazing! HQ, and we are all over gorgeous number.

Dress down with flat ankle boots or dress up with a pair of heels, and let this dress see you from your desk to the bar in no time.

Waterfall Belted Duster Khaki €40.00

Summer or winter, we're always on the look-out for a coat which will see us through most seasons, and it looks like we're finally sorted.

Elegant, stylish and the perfect finish to almost any outfit, this is one piece we can't wait to get our hands on it.

 High Neck Black Floral Mini Dress

While we may be finally free of the long bleak month that is January, that doesn't mean we're free of the weather.

With that in mind, we're all over this long-sleeved, high-necked dress which would look incredible with ankle boots, thick black tights and your slickest leather jacket.

Khaki Bomber Jacket €14.00

At just €14.99 (down from €27.00), this khaki bomber jacket is, in anyone's language, an absolute steal.

After spending a year trying to find the perfect one, we've only gone and done it now.


If you are a fan of beauty, you will definitely have heard of the silicone Silisponge.

The odd looking blender (which looks like a bra insert) has taken the makeup world by storm, with thousands of posts about it littering social media.

What makes this sponge special is that it's not really a sponge at all, it's a poreless gel cushion which allows you to use half your usual amount of foundation, meaning your product can last twice as long as none is absorbed by the beauty tool.


A photo posted by Laura Guinan (@laura_g_makeup) on

The gel cushion creates a flawless finish on your skin, and has been selling out in droves since it was launched.

While the original product wont break the bank at €12, Penneys is swooping in with their own version for a fraction of the price.

For just €2.00, you can get your hands on two of these beauty bad boys, so they are literally one quid each. 

These cult beauty items are definitely going to fly off the shelves, so we will be hitting Penneys ASAP to try and get our hands on some.

See you all in the silisponge queue!

At this stage, we're all sick of hearing that a good night's sleep is vital if we want to look and feel our best.

But even after a solid ten hours, few of us emerge from our duvet kingdom looking like the best version of ourselves, and frankly, we're starting to think this whole "beauty sleep" thing might be a bit of a myth.

It turns out, however, that while enough rest is indeed vital, the skincare routine you employ before your head hits the pillow is just as important.

So, if you think it's finally time to invest in some products which will wonders while you catch up on your zzzs, check out our top five!

1. Vitamin E Night Cream

Brought to you by The Body Shop, this rich yet easily absorbed night cream works wonders when it comes to replenishing lost moisture during the night.

Formulated with vitamin E, plumping hyaluronic acid and wheatgerm oil, this cream is a must-have if your skin is in dire need of a little TLC.

2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream  

If you've been on the hunt for an oil-free product, Aveeno have you covered on this front.

Known to brighten complexion and even skin tone, this is one product that could make all the difference to your nightly routine.

3. IDC IDEAL Multi-Correction Nuit

Ideal Multi-Correction Nuit is a unique hydrating cream-mask that visibly replenishes skin at night when it is most receptive to care.

Hydrating, revitalising and restoring throughout the night without leaving behind any residue, this product, which comes in at €83.95, guarantees you a smooth, nourished, radiant complexion the following morning.

4. No. 7 Early Defence Night Cream

At €26, this much-loved product won't break the bank, but will ensure a revitalised complexion once the morning rolls around.

Especially designed for youthful skin, arming yourself with Early Defence Night Cream is a sure-fire way to stave off that pesky ageing process.

5. Burt's Bees Night Cream

At just €14, Burt's Bees Night Cream is definitely one to consider when scouring the aisles for a night-time addition to your beauty haul.

Suitable for sensitive skin, this fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested product is up there with our favourites.


If there’s one thing we know about the world of cosmetics, it’s that you ain’t never done learnin’.

Whether it’s picking up tips from a friend or honing in on hints courtesy of the experts, we’re suckers for anything that helps us improve our beauty routine.

And we’re definitely not the only ones.

Nadia Forde and her make-up artist, Kate O’Reilly, recently reflected on the time they’ve spent together on photo shoots, and it sounds like Nadia is just like us when it comes to admiring the tips and tricks of the trade.

“I still can’t do my eyes the shape you do them,” Nadia tells Kate. “I think I need to actually physically remove myself from my body so I can do them.”

Time to check out Nadia’s make-up bag essentials…


A blogger, who suffers from rosacea, has been inundated with support after she made the decision to share a splitscreen shot of her face for her followers.

After using make-up on half her face and leaving the other half bare, Lex Gillies gave her followers an insight into her struggles with the skin condition.

"This photo was hard to take and is even harder to post. Every single time I take a photo of my bare skin I am still shocked, because this is not how I picture myself," she wrote in the post.

"When I imagine my face, I think of the girl on the right: happy, comfortable, wearing an amazing lipstick that screams confidence."

"So when I see the girl on the left, it's jarring. And it makes me upset," she added.


This photo was hard to take and is even harder to post. Every single time I take a photo of my bare skin I am still shocked, because this is not how I picture myself. When I imagine my face, I think of the girl on the right: happy, comfortable, wearing an amazing lipstick that screams confidence. So when I see the girl on the left, it's jarring. And it makes me upset. But I absolutely love seeing photos like these from other people. It shows that make up can be transformative and beautiful, but it's also so so much more than that. Wearing make up makes me feel stronger and helps me to be myself. To others this may sound silly or vain but to me it's a necessity. It gives me control over something I cannot change and that is so powerful. One of my missions this year is to try to pare back my make up in an attempt to feel more comfortable in my skin. But it's a slow process and one I'm really struggling with to be honest. I'd love to be more confident about the way I look, but for now I'm just trying to be a little kinder to myself. #perfectlyme

A photo posted by Lex Gillies (@talontedlex) on

Dismissing the notion that reliance on cosmetics is a sign of vanity, Lex continued: "Wearing make up makes me feel stronger and helps me to be myself."

"To others this may sound silly or vain but to me it's a necessity. It gives me control over something I cannot change and that is so powerful."

Turning her attention to the future, Lex says she hopes to pare back the amount of make-up she wears as an exercise in self-confidence, but insists it's not something she plans to do overnight.

"But it's a slow process and one I'm really struggling with to be honest. I'd love to be more confident about the way I look, but for now I'm just trying to be a little kinder to myself," she finished.

Instagram users have been quick to offer their support in light of Lex's post, with one writing: "You are so inspiring, especially for those of us who have just been dealt the blow."

"It's so hard to be kinder to yourself in all senses but I think you're amazing," added another.

And so do we.

While we haven’t made it to ‘bare-leg’ season just yet (and who’s to say we ever will?), there are few among us who haven’t – at some point – experienced the dreaded strawberry leg after deciding to showcase our pins in warm weather.

Dubbed the ‘strawberry leg’ due to its resemblance to the fruit, the skin on our legs can develop small red dots after a waxing or shaving session, but not many of us know exactly why.

Well, wonder no more, ladies.

According to those in the know, the pores on our legs widen and fill with oil during hair removal which attracts bacteria and dead skin cells.

When they begin to oxidise, the pores turn a darker colour and before we know it, we’re sporting a pair of ‘strawberry legs’.

Speaking to Byrdie, makeup artist, Carly Hobbs, insists that there is one handy hint which will always help conceal this.

“You can banish the appearance of pesky pores on your legs by firstly giving them a rinse with cold water – the chill factor encourages them to close.”

Duly noted, Carly.

Whether they're bushy or bare, none of us can deny the fact that eyebrows shape our entire face. 

Image result for cara delevingne eyebrow gif

However, keeping those brows perfect can be a very expensive task, between waxes, tints and everything else. 

That is why we are SO excited to introduce you to Eylure's affordable range of brow products. 

Eylure are famous for their fake eyelashes, but they have decided to spread their wings, and embrace the brow. 

Take the fast track to eyebrow perfection with Eylure’s one-stop, fast-fix brow products, that are designed to help you achieve the perfect shape, colour and texture. 

The range includes a fabulous brow contouring pencil, an eyebrow palette, and a brow amplifying wand. 

The best part? The products start at just €3.49, and can be purchased in Lloyds Pharmacies, both online and in-store. 




Doing your makeup is more complicated than ever, with a new technique or product being released every other day. 

We ignore many of the beauty tips we see online, but canvassing should NOT be one of them. 

Recently, MUA and blogger, Rachel Leary, posted a video to her Instagram, where she showed her followers how to canvas. 

Rachel only used one product to achieve her flawless look, and upon further inspection we discovered that this product only costs €15.

So that's good news…

The Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit is an amazing new creation by Maybelline, and it is a makeup bag essential. 

Image result for facestudio master camo color correcting kit

The kit contains six shades, that allow you to correct, conceal, highlight and perfect your base… using just one product. 

The best thing about Maybelline's latest offering? It won't break the bank, costing just €15

Yep, we need this.