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Just when you think the Internet cannot possibly get any weirder, we are faced with CHEESE NAILS. 



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We love cheese (more than we care to admit) and we love getting our nails done… but frankly we don't see the need to combine the two. 

However, like it or not, cheese nails are here, and people seem to really love them. 


Cheese-Nails  #nailart #cheesenails #mouse #matte

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Simply search #cheesenails on Instagram, and you will be faced with hundreds of people who are rocking cheesy nails. 

The trend was popularised by Tastemade Japan, who shared a video on how to achieve cheese nails.

The video in question has been viewed over 364,000 times since it was uploaded last year, which is pretty darn impressive. 

Despite the clear popularity of these nails, we will be keeping cheese on pizza… where it belongs. 

Were you a massive fan of glitter lips last year? Well, get ready to freak out! 

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Sequin star lips were spotted at Berlin Fashion Week at both the holyGhost and Lena Hoschek shows… and they're fabulous.

You know those lovely star-shaped sprinkles you find on cupcakes? They look just like them. 

The beauty of this look is that it's versatile, and very easy to create. 


Идём дальше ? немного васаби #lenahoschek #mbfwberlin #beautylook #asian

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According to the lovely folks at Allure, you simply apply a colour of your choice (we suggest a nude or pink) and then apply the stars using a cotton bud and lip gloss. 


 Berlin fashionweek #berlin #fashion #fashionweek #lenahoschek #model #mylife

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However, despite looking super-groovy, this lip-look is far from practical; so if you plan on eating, drinking or smooching, we suggest you avoid it. 

We love it, but we think it should maybe stay on the runway…

What do you think? 

Nothing gets us excited quite like the discovery of a new beauty brand, and this latest find is really fantastic.

Bitter Lace Beauty is an amazing makeup company, that sells its fabulous products on Etsy.


Happy Holidays beauties! I just wanted to check in, we are still hard at work on the restock! 22 colors to make including Prism is keeping us more than occupied, we appreciate your patience as we get thousands of these pans made!  2016 has been one for the books huh? Who is ready for the new year?  I still gaze at Prism on a daily basis and can't believe how much this little rainbow in a pan has changed our lives forever. BLB wouldn't be here without you guys, so we are putting together a massive giveaway that will include many many Prisms!Thank you for the massive amount of support and love you beauties show us on a constant. We will have details in the posts to come! Be merry and may your highlight always be bright! 

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The brand offers an array of fabulous highlighters, in the coolest packaging EVER. 

All of the amazing products are 100 percent handmade, and are totally cruelty-free: "we test on ourselves, not our fur babies". 

The compact highlighters cost €26.99 each, and can be delivered worldwide. 


Ah yes, another day, another amazing makeup find that is glitter based (of course!)

Our latest delightful cosmetic discovery comes courtesy of the gorgeous folks at Black Moon Cosmetics

The founder of Black Moon told Allure that she “wanted to combine three of my absolute favourite things together—glitter, outer space, and the colour black.”

 Well, we certainly won't argue! 

These INCREDIBLE glitters are versatile, and can be used as eyeshadow and lipstick… what's not to love?

The products come in five different space-inspired shades, and can be bought separately or as a lovely little bundle. 

For a single cosmic eyedust you will pay €18, and a set of five will set you back €70.


Listen, we'll be the first to admit that it's very easy to get wrapped up in the world of shiny new cosmetics. 

Has anyone ever bought an eyeshadow palette purely because it was new, and exciting? Well, SAME. 

Image result for eyeshadow palette

Nine times out of ten, we use up the one or two colours we like, and then shove whats left of the palette in a drawer… never to be seen or heard from again. 

Well, the fact of the matter is, these sets are not cheap, and we should be buying eyeshadow that we'll actually use. 

Image result for eyeshadow

That is where we come in, to give you some handy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your glorious eyeshadow palette.

PS: you're welcome. 

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Consider your eye and skin colour

It is a fact that many of us don't want to accept, but unfortunately not all colours suit all skin tones. If you are on the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette, it is important to consider what shades will suit your skin, and make your eye colour pop.

According to celebrity makeup artist Dae Sik Son, "Light, neutral tones best complement cool blue eyes" while muted purples and browns are perfect for green eyes. If you have brown eyes, then Dae suggests "neutral shades like salmon and bronzy golds" to really accentuate your eyes.

Image result for eyeshadow blue eyes

Asses all the shades

Picture the scene: you're browsing eyeshadow palettes and you find one that has one specific colour you adore, so you buy it.

We're all guilty of doing this, but it is a total waste of money (and good eyeshadow). It is important to assess all of the colours in a palette before buying it, to ensure that you will use all of them. 

Image result for eyeshadow palette

The right tools

There is no point in having a fabulous eyeshadow palette if you don't have the right makeup brushes.

Remember, makeup is an art form, so you must use the best utensils in order to achieve the best look. Be sure that you always have a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush and a fluffy blending brush. 

Image result for eyeshadow brushes

Day to night

If you want to get the most out of your new eyeshadow palette, you should ensure that it has colours you can wear during the day, and out at night.

Get a palette that can do both, that way you are guaranteed to actually use it all the time. 

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Use tutorials

So you've bought a gorgeous new eyeshadow palette, but you have absolutely no idea how to use half the colours. We've all been there ladies!

We seriously suggest you spend an evening watching makeup tutorials, that will show you exactly how to use all the colours in your palette. Once you know what to do, you'll find yourself really loving all your new shades. 

Related image

Expensive is not always best

We cannot deny the fact that we sometimes get blinded by the glitz and the glamour of an over-the-top expensive eyeshadow palette. We buy it because the Internet tells us to. BIG mistake lovelies!

Sometimes, it is actually the cheaper, unassuming palettes that are the better choice. Don't necessarily opt for an expensive brand, have a look in your local chemist… you may be pleasantly surprised! 

Image result for eyeshadow palette

You can thank us later! 

If you are finding yourself in a bit of a beauty rut lately, why not try something new (and shiny)?


Yes #glittereverything #goldmascara #weekendvibes #positivevibes #healingcrystals

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Say goodbye to your classic black mascara, and swap it out for some delicious metallics. 

That's right ladies, gilded mascara is slowly (but surely) becoming one of the hottest trends this year, and it's FAB. 

The look can be achieved using gold coloured mascara, or gold glitter eyeshadow patted over classic black mascara.

Image result for gold mascara

Now, we appreciate that this isn't really an everyday sort of look, but it is a guaranteed way to spice up your party makeup!

Image result for gilded mascara

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! 

When it comes to beauty routines and boyfriends, the only time we generally request their involvement is during fake tan application.

They are permitted to swipe (why do they do that?) aimlessly at our backs with a mitt (blend, for Jaysus sake, blend!), but that’s where the collaborative effort comes to an abrupt end.

So, hats off to make- up artist, Keilidh, who bravely allowed her boyfriend Darren to use her face as a blank canvass during a recent tutorial she uploaded to Facebook.

And the lad didn’t disappoint.

Between showing the viewer (the wrong end of) the brush and assuring Keilidh he was going to "contour the sh*t out of it", this lad is going places.

And we’re going to let Darren take it from here…

Earlier this month we reported on a dubious trend which saw members of the public avail of a 'nose lifter' device which helps to reshape an individual's nose without the aid of surgery.

Made of soft PVC plastic, the device is inserted into the nostrils to help redefine their shape, and, according to Racosmeofficial, "gives an instant, dramatic result and is the world's best selling nose job alternative!"

However, it doesn't look like everyone is a fan, with members of the medical community issuing cautionary advice to the public over the use of the device.

Speaking to News.com.au, Head of Rhinology at Australia's University of New South Wales and Macquarie University, Professor Richard Harvey highlighted the dangers associated with attempting to rehape the framework of your nose.

"It's putting pressure on the cartilage framework of the nose," he explained. "It's being manipulated. It's stretching and distorting it and putting pressure on the lining of the nose."
While the folk behind the invention advise the public to only wear the device for an hour at a time during the first week, Professor Harvey reminded the public that wearing it for any time period could result in accidental inhalation should it become dislodged.

Urging the public to reconsider quick-fixes which can be bought online, Professor Harvey added: "If people really have concerns about the shape and function of their nose, they should see a doctor who deals with cosmetic treatments."

"They can educate you about the pros and cons of such treatment."

Does the idea of cleaning your makeup brushes just seem like the biggest ordeal EVER? Yeah… same.

Image result for makeup brushes

Experts say we should be cleaning our cosmetic utensils at least once a month… which sounds excessive, but it's actually not.

A Reddit user recently shared a number of super-zoomed photos of her three-week-old makeup brushes, and all we can say is EWWW. 

The user used an iPhone and a Mpow macro lens to capture the true nastiness behind applying makeup. 

Dirty brushes are not just gross, they can cause your skin to break out and the likes. 

While we appreciate that dirty brushes are a concern, sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

If you need us, we'll be at home SCRUBBING all our brushes. 

We can accept the need for face contouring, but nail contouring just seems a tad excessive.

Apparently, this method of nail painting will make your claws look longer… which in fairness it does.

However, while you nails will appear longer, it just seems like a bit too much effort.

Pro nail technician Jin Soon Choi used this contouring technique backstage at Vera Wang’s SS17 show, and people LOVED it. 

To achieve this look, you simply apply a base coat, and then add a sweep of coloured polish down the centre of your nail, leaving the edges clear. 


#nailcontouring#black#nail #nailover#miabag @anna_chorna_ @nailover_international

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While we cannot deny that these nails look slightly longer, we also think they just sort of appear unfinished. 

You missed a spot lads. 

Remember last year, when the entire Internet went absolutely mad for rainbow hair?

Well, there is a new kid in town, and that new kid goes by the name of "vivid roots". 

This Instagram-worthy hairstyle can be achieved by simply adding a vivid colour of your choice to the roots of your hair, and nowhere else.


Give your roots a pop of color ! #vividhair #insiderbeauty

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Many people opt for just one solid colour, but some wonderfully brave folks have chosen the rainbow roots way of life. 


Primadonna girl, yeah All I ever wanted was the world

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That is the beauty of this new trend… it can be as bold and extreme as you like, but can also be subtle and low key.

Either way though, we are totally loving vivid roots!  


Wizards and muggles alike will absolutely ADORE these snake-tastic new makeup brushes.

Sonia Kashuk has released a collection of cosmetic utensils that even Draco Malfoy would use. 

The sleek set features 10 brushes, including a contour brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow smudger, and brow spoolie.

They are black in colour (like the soul of the Dark Lord) and have a gold gilded serpent slithering up the handle. 

Image result for sonia kashuk snake set

You can also buy a groovy brush holder separately, to keep your gorgeous Slytherin brushes organised.

The set of 10 magical brushes are pretty reasonably priced, at just 39. 

A message for the Sorting Hat: PLEASE put us in Slytherin.