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We’re going to be honest here; we are self-confessed make-up junkies here at SHEmazing HQ.

From base and brows to liners and lip colours, it’s not often that the launch of a new product doesn’t manage to ignite a frisson of excitement.

As devoted customers of the cosmetics industry, we expect a lot of our products, and here are just 5 things we seek.

(Yes, we know some of them are totally unrealistic, but give us a break.)

1. Absolute compatibility

Sometimes a new product simply won’t be compatible with our skin tone and complexion – something most lip colour connoisseurs are all too familiar with.

Thankfully, that’s where wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit comes in.

The light formula offers precision, performance and intensely pigmented colour which doesn’t dry out your lips, and with seven – yes, seven – colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a shade which is made just for you.

2.  Smash-proof

Whether you’re gingerly applying lipstick at 7am in the morning or 1am on a night out, you’ll know it takes less than a second for the product to slip out of your hands and crack on the bathroom floor.

While we know we should be more careful, we’d appreciate if the packaging on our beloved products were… dare we say… fool-proof.

3. Total immortality

If you’ve ever felt personally victimised by a product which refused to last as long as you needed it to, you’re not alone.

Few of us have time to reapply our lip colour on a regular basis throughout the day, but with wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit you literally won’t have to.

4. Slick packaging

OK, we’re definitely pushing it on the packaging front, but there’s a lot to be said for a make-up bag filled to the brim with products worthy of an Instagram shoot.

We want a sleek design and a feminine touch, and if the range comes in a variety of different shades and tones like wet n wild®  Mega Last Liquid Catsuit, all the better.

5. Overall affordability

We admit we have high standards, so we’re not expecting to get everything our heart desires for next to nothing, but we do (for obvious reasons) favour brands which deliver on the quality front without bankrupting us.

And with Liquid Catsuit coming in at just €5, wet n wild®, we’re looking at you.


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Make sure your make up stays on point. Visit wet n wild® facebook for more info.



Nothing brings us more joy than the launch of a new cosmetic range – especially when the packaging is divine (real talk). 

That is exactly why we are basically giddy about the new range of products by Shiseido, inspired by the wonderful world of Millennials. 

WASO is the new range, which has been crafted with authenticity at its core.

Through the launch of their new range, Shiseido is redefining beauty by empowering Millennials to feel beautiful in their own skin – whatever their gender, nationality or age. 

Now that is a message we can get down with! 

The message is simple: true beauty defies stereotypes.

WASO is more than just a skin care line for Millennials, it is a campaign that champions beauty from the inside-out.

By now, you're probably wondering what exactly the word WASO means – a fair question. 

The name WASO is drenched in authentic Japanese heritage. It originates from a combination of two words, "WA" meaning a Japanese sense of peace, and "SO" meaning inspiration, idea and thoughtfulness. 

The best part? Every element of the product's formula uses safe ingredients based on Shisedo's unique standards. 

The brand designed a special method for formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range, to deliver a total skin care solution. 

This basically means that the range has been designed to treat the needs of Millenial skin, focusing on dryness, oiliness and visible pores. 

WASO is available for purchase right now, and we're stocking up! 



A make-up artist, who double-jobs as a waitress, has made headlines this week after she shared an uncomfortable experience on social media.

Kelsi of wingedandcountoured took to Instagram over the weekend and revealed that she was the butt of a cruel jibe when two teenage girls found fault with the service in Kelsi's place of woRk.

Outlining the incident for her followers, Kelsi wrote: "Two girls around 16 years old came in and I was their waitress. I took great care of them and everything was great until I dropped the check off."

"When I returned to pick it up, they demanded to speak to a manager because they 'didn't have enough money' and I 'didn't tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them' even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted."


When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless to meStory: two girls around 16 years old came in and I was their waitress. I took great care of them and everything was great until I dropped the check off. When I returned to pick it up, they demanded to speak to a manager because they 'didn't have enough money' and I 'didn't tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them' even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted. Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn't have ordered food they couldn't pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything. They 'magically' had a card to put it on and this is the 'tip' they left me. GIVEBACKGIVEAWAY! My give away is open now till the 22nd

A post shared by WingedandContoured (@wingedandcontoured) on

"Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn't have ordered food they couldn't pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything. They 'magically' had a card to put it on and this is the 'tip' they left me."

Sharing an image of the customers' bill, Kelsi's followers learned that the teenage girls opted not to tip their waitress, instead writing: "Here's a tip: contour is supposed to blend."

Refusing to let the remarks ruin her day, Kelsi shared an image of herself and wrote: "When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless to me."

Speaking to Seventeen.com, Kelsi admitted that the remark initially hurt her, saying: "For a second after reading the comment, I was kind of hurt and worried that my makeup looked awful. But, that quickly went away. Because I know makeup and there isn't only one way to do it,"

"Makeup is an art and doesn't follow any kind of rules. A couple months ago I would have let this ruin my day and eat me alive." she continued.

Reflecting on her reason for sharing the cruel comment online, Kelsi simply said: "What I want people to know is that everyone is so beautifully different. We are so different and there is not a single 'right' way to do makeup, there's billions of them!"

Kelsi has been inundated with support from members of the public, with one writing: "Seen your story on fb and had to check you out! You're f*cking flawless!"

"Seen the story on FB as well. Just wanted to let you know that your makeup is flawless and idk what their problem was."

You do you, Kelsi.



If you're feeling a little worse for wear after the Bank Holiday weekend, why not indulge yourself in a well deserved pamper session? 

Oh, your bank account probably has other ideas, that's why. 

Well, never fear, because we've rounded up 10 of best face masks on the market – and they all come in under €10.00.

Luxury beauty at an affordable price? Yes please! 


CAT NAP revitalising & fatigue fighting sheet mask 

€6.00 – Boots

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

 €7.97 – Boots

Origins – 'Flower Fusion™ Hydrating Violet' sheet mask

€ 6.00 – Debenhams

Nügg Soothing Face Mask

€4.60  – Beauty Bay

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Multi-Masking Face Mask Play Kit – 3x 10ml

€4.33 – Boots

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Dualstep Facial Mask

€2.50 – McCabes Pharmacy

Garnier SkinActive Volcano Face Mask

€2.30 – McCabes Pharmacy

Original Golden Snail Hydro Gel Mask 25g

€5.10 – Beauty Bay

Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask 125ml

€9.33 – Boots

Estée Lauder – 'Double Wear' 3 minute priming moisture mask 10g

€10.00 – Debenhams




Let’s be honest here; half the fun of a hair appointment is basking in the atmosphere created by the salon in question, right?

Yes, ostensibly we’re there to get our roots sorted and split ends seen to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the ambiance generated by a creative environment.

And if there is one salon in Dublin that appreciates this, it’s Hession Hairdressing in Drumcondra.

A cornerstone of the local community and firm favourite with both locals and high-profile names, the salon has recently undergone a stunning facelift, and with renowned designer Kari Rocca at the helm, it’s safe to say that clients will be suitably impressed with the refurbishment.

Commenting on her work, she says; “My aim was to create a contemporary, timeless boutique style environment reflective of luxury hotels while at the same time providing a tranquil luxurious space for the clients.”

“We have included pockets of decorative areas, mirrors, lamps and floral arrangements to highlight the overall sense of luxury and space and to continue with this contemporary art deco scheme.”

For many of us, the time spent having our hair washed and conditioned is often the most relaxing aspect of the appointment, and Hession Hairdressing are with us on that one.

Hidden away behind black sliding glass doors is a secluded back wash room which is the epitome of relaxation. And if you're thinking spa-inspired, you'd be right.

Featuring six reclining massage chairs, ambient music and individual lighting, this area is perhaps the crowning glory of the salon’s new look.

“We wanted to creative distinctive zones within the salon, by introducing a closed washroom using smoked glass and smoked mirrors we succeeded in creating a tranquil pod with a relaxing spa like feel," Kari explains.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there

On the upper floor of the salon lies a bespoke exclusive BUFF Make-up Suite which oozes elegance with Instagram-worthy marble surfaces and gold finishes.

Understandably, Paul Hession is as excited as we are by the salon’s new look, saying: “I’m over the moon with it.”

"Our goal was to create a chic and relaxing atmosphere with a modern twist and Kari Rocca has done an amazing job in bringing this vision to life. The reaction from clients has been amazing.”

See you at the salon, ladies.



New Irish beauty brand, Powder ‘n’ Pout Cosmetics, has recently received the ultimate compliment by being accepted as sponsors for major makeup master class ‘The Masterclass’ in Toronto, Canada

Taught by the ‘king of contour’ himself, Mario Dedivanovic, this achievement marks a major milestone in the Powder 'n' Pout story.

Highly influential and massively in demand, Mario is a world-famous makeup artist whose skills are renowned the world over, with clients including but not limited to Kim Kardashian-West, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria.

Commenting on the impact Mario has had on her approach to cosmetics, Kim recently said: “Mario has created my signature glam look and my love for makeup is inspired by him!"

"Mario has taught me every makeup trick I know and use until this day," she added.

With brands handpicked by Mario himself, Powder ‘n’ Pout's inclusion this year has sparked off some seriously exciting Stateside jaunts for the brand, with founder and designer of Powder ‘n’ Pout makeup brushes, Aisling Cunningham, having just returned from an exciting trip to Toronto.

Aisling joined Mario at his world-famous, sell-out makeup Masterclass where her makeup brushes featured in the exclusive gift bags as chosen by the man himself, with Aisling admitting she was bowled over by Mario’s work, describing him as an inspiration.

Aisling will be venturing off again in August, this time to New York, where Mario will be joining forces with Kim Kardashian-West for his New York Masterclass.

If you happen to be Stateside this summer and fancy schooling yourself with the best in the business, you can pick up a ticket for the New York event range from between  $499.99 – $1,499.99 right here.

Keep an eye on the Powder ‘n’ Pout social channels for all the New York happenings next month by checking out Powder 'n' Pout's Instagram along with Mario’s Instagram channels where you will see Powder ‘n’ Pout’s luxury makeup brushes.

Ladies, we want in.



Choosing a tattoo can be a deeply personal moment for some, and an off-the-cuff decision for others.

But no matter how much or how little time and energy you put into your inking, you are guaranteed to divide opinion no matter what choice you make.

Take Chris Zylka, for example.

The boyfriend of reality star-turned-DJ Paris Hilton, Chris decided to add to his collection of body art with an inking dedicated to the woman in his life – a decision she couldn't wait to share on Instagram in recent days.

Uploading a snap of Chris' arm, Paris gushed: "Such a lucky girl! My love surprised me & got my name tattooed in #Disney font. And said cause I’m his most magical place on Earth & he finally found his fairytale princess."

She finished the caption with '#BoyfriendGoals #ParisForever', and while some gushed over the tat, others couldn't help but pour scorn.

With that in mind, we decided to have a good mooch on Instagram for some of our favourite designs, so if you're in the market for a new inking, check out some contenders below.

1. We adore.

2. So pretty 


Fun feminine foot today! #tattoo #colortattoo #lineworktattoo #floraltattoo #advancedtattoo

A post shared by Devin Chedour (@devinchedour) on

3. So delicate 


Cute little side back tattoo@graffittoo

A post shared by Tattoos (@tattooinkspiration) on

4. Yaaas Kween. 


So beautiful@crafttattooyasin

A post shared by Tattoos (@tattooinkspiration) on

5. BackGoals.


Back goals Who agrees?? @kaelintaichee

A post shared by Tattoos (@tattooinkspiration) on

6. Oh and then there's this


A post shared by Tattoos (@tattooinkspiration) on

7. And this. 

8. That font though…



Let's be honest; a whole lot of thought goes into your festival look each year.

Even if your image is as pared down as it gets, there's a high chance you spent a good few hours curating it, right?

And whether you're all about the laidback look or go extra AF in time for festival season, the vast majority of us appreciate having a good mani to wrap around our plastic beakers of booze.

But if you're in need of a little inspiration, check out our current favourites on Instagram.



A post shared by TevsNails (@tevsnails) on

2. Yaas Queen


A post shared by TevsNails (@tevsnails) on

3.  So intricate.

4. The dedication! 

5. Amazing 


Turns out it was just a reflektor

A post shared by TevsNails (@tevsnails) on

6. This is what we're talking about… 


#nails #festivalnails #pink #butterflynails @manuela_nails_for_me_

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For a while now, US makeup brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills has been a big player on the beauty game.

Their Pro Series Contour Kit and Dipbrow Pomade have become cult favourites among makeup nerds all over the world, and now the brand are stepping up their glow game with the release of a brand new liquid illuminator.


Liquid Glow July 25th #liquidglow

A post shared by Anastasia Beverly Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills) on

The brand already stock a number of fan-favourite powder highlight kits, so the announcement that they're releasing a new liquid glow has got everyone (us included) super excited.

Whether it's a light-catching strobe or a subtle cheek shimmer, highlighter is the must have beauty product of 2017, so naturally, we have to have it.


Liquid Glow 4 shades Launch Details ABH US & UK website 7-25 (Sephora, ULTA, Macy's, Dillard's) In Store launch 8-15 #liquidglow

A post shared by Anastasia Beverly Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills) on

The brand teased the product on their Instagram last week, and it looks like shimmering liquid gold. Which, let's be honest, is pretty much exactly what we want out highlighters to look like.


Liquid Glow  4 shades Launch Details  $25ABH US & UK website 7-25 (Sephora, ULTA, Macy's, Dillard's) In Store launch 8-15

A post shared by Anastasia Beverly Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills) on

The product will be available in four shades to suit all skin tones and 

Liquid Glow  is set to be releases on July 25, so there's still time to get your glow on before summer ends.



Just when you thought the fidget spinner craze could not possibly get more ridiculous – BOOM, lip gloss. 

That's right ladies, there are fidget spinner lip glosses now available to purchase.

Introducing the Glamspin – a collaboration between Buzzfeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty.

The colourful product is simply a fidget spinner with three built-in lip gloss compacts that all smell divine, we might add. 

Each of the three sections contains a different flavour of lip gloss: Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist (all names with the fidget spinner in mind!)

The Glamspin costs a tenner, and while they currently don't ship to Europe, it is definitely on the cards, so there is hope.

The Glamspin will begin shipping to the U.S in mid-July, so hopefully we should see this bizarre invention on our shores before the end of the summer. 

This isn't the first time we've seen the fidget spinner affect the world of beauty (obviously!), remember when Beauty vlogger James Charles tried to contour with a fidget spinner?

Oh and let's not forget that majestic nail art that Natasha Lee created, that included a a real miniature spinner.

And if you fancy something a little bit more high tech Google dropped a fidget spinner app on its website recently – so get spinning!



One 18-year-old beauty vlogger is teaching us not to judge a book by its cover.

Michaela Davert has a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a condition that makes her bones very fragile and fracture easily.

As a result of this, she is just over two feet tall and uses a wheelchair to get around and has an assistance dog named Chloe.

However, Michaela's size hasn't stopped her achieving her dreams of pursuing a career in beauty

With her Instagram page and her YouTube channel, she is breaking the stigma in the beauty industry for women with disabilities. She shares her make- up tutorials and reviews with her 30,000 YouTube followers.

She is also very open to talking about her condition and has several videos discussing it. She keeps her followers up to date with her surgeries and how she is recovering from them. 

In a recent interview, Michaela discussed being different and how she doesn't let it define her.

"I find it strange that people say that we look different, and it's because we are different, in reality we're all different," she surmises.

She says that she has had people call her ugly but that she doesn't care because she is now happy and comfortable in herself and how she naturally looks.

She wants to share her message with girls around the world and inspire them to see themselves as beautiful.

Michaela proves that when it comes to achieving your goals, size really doesn't matter!



If there's one thing we could do for hours on end, it's watch beauty tutorials online.

And while we generally never manage to imitate the precision on display in these videos – so many intricate flicks – we find the whole process infinitely soothing.

And that is why we're probably one of the few people who haven't openly mocked an upload which has been doing the rounds recently.

Shared by makeupmeri, the video shows the effort that goes into the process of… leg contouring.

Yes, it's ridiculous and yes, we wonder who would ever devote time to such a process, but there's no denying the mesmorising quality of the upload.

Check this out…


Inspired by the Anatomy of the Human body book of my son Press Using key products: @esteelauder bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills cream kit @morphebrushes & @opvlashes brushes @maccosmetics fix + prep&prime #makeup #amazing #lipstick #beauty #contour #opvlashes #abhilluminator #promakeup #sexylegs #instamakeup #makeupMeri #Hudabeauty #makeupjunkie #Legs #beauty #happy #instagood #love #sexy #hot @maquiagemx @hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary @makeupfanatic1 @styles.video @melformakeup @allmodernmakeup @liveglam.co @howto.makeup @dressyourface @blendwithtrend @universodamaquiagem_oficial @glamvids @videosfashions @brian_champagne @wakeupandmakeup @girlzart @makeupvideosonly @makeupcoach @maquillaje.paramujeres @laurag_143 @omghairmakeup @makeuptutorialsx0x @fashionarttut @fashionclimaxx2 @813fashion @hair.makeup.allure @makeup @makeupvideoss @makeup.val @styleartists @fashion_daily_uae @makeup_clips @1minutemakeup @mazarin_design @tutoriaisinspirations @tutoriaisinspirations @videosbeauty @diytop @womensbestbeauty @worthyofwomen.videos @body.artistry @mystical.makeovers @abs_at_home @home.abs @atualidadefeminina @thestylechick @fashion_lalo @itutorialguide @glamour_guide_ @lovetutorialsx @idiyguide @videosbeauty @makegirlz @ideiasparameninas @tutorialguides_ @diyvideosx @dailymakeup @alyakattan @monakattan

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