Eight things guaranteed to happen at the Christmas dinner table!

Forget the pressies, we all know Christmas is mainly about the food. Turkey, ham, stuffing and all of the desserts your poor stomach can handle. But eating with relatives you only see once a year can always be a bit risky, and it's not always the perfect family day you see on TV.

Whether you're having a quiet dinner this year or a giant family gathering, there are a few things you can be 100% sure will happen on the day.

After all, it wouldn't be Christmas without at least one awkward moment at the dinner table, right?

1. You'll remember that your grandma/grandad is VERY racist
"Em… I don't think that's the correct term to use these days, nana…"

2. You'll be asked about your lack of boyfriend/lack of an engagement ring at least once
"When's he going to make an honest woman of you, hah?"

3. You'll scope out the table plan to make sure you're sitting next to someone you like
"I sat next to Socially Awkward Uncle Jimmy last year, it's your turn."

4. Your little sister will suddenly remember that she's on a REALLY restrictive diet
"Oh, but I'm a raw paleo vegan now. Soz."

5. Someone will get the death stare for taking a third helping of stuffing

6. Your long-lost aunt will overdo it on the prosecco and tell a "hilarious" sexy joke…
…or five.

7. You'll eat at least five times more dessert than you thought humanly possible
"Cheesecake, trifle, pavlova and a mince pie for me please."

8. You'll all be so stuffed that you'll pledge never to eat again
Until you get the nibbles an hour later and raid that tin of Celebrations under the tree.