20 things you should never do when you see your ex

It can be very awkward when you run into an ex. Maybe you hate them, maybe you secretly love them. Either way, there are some things you should never do when you run into your ex: 

1. “I’ll Split A Taxi With You”
Don’t ask this/don’t say yes if he does ask this. Sharing a taxi leads to sharing a bed. The next morning is always emotionally messy and confusing. Not worth it.


2. Follow Them Around
So you haven’t seen him in 6 months. There’s a reason why. Maybe it was him avoiding you, or you avoiding him and it feels like some catching up is in order. This is no excuse for following them around the bar, asking how his cousin’s wedding was.



3. Start Flipping Out
It always best to avoid a scene. It’s understandable that this guy treated you terribly, and screw him for that. But what you may think is embarrassing him in public, is actually inviting strangers into your very personal life. Do yourself a favour and take the high road, he doesn’t deserve you attention.


4. Hide Under A Table And Hope They Go Away
You are no Ted Mosby. Hold your head tall and walk on up. 


5. Sleep With Them
This is just always a terrible idea. Try to avoid this above everything else. It ended for a reason.


6. Throw A Drink On Them
Sure, he may be the worst person ever, but throwing a drink on anyone can make you seem a like a bit of a nutjob and it’s a total waste of alcohol. You’re better off throwing some filthies and ignoring him, this will affect him more and you won’t get banned from the club.


 7. Try To Get The Bouncer To Kick Him Out
This will just make you look pathetic and really bitter. The bouncers won’t give a shit if you’re 100% sure he was texting other girls when you were dating. Again, you’re better than that.


8. Start Throwing Yourself On People To Make Him Jealous
There’s no dignity in throwing yourself on some rotten randomer in order to make your ex jealous. It’s makes you look like a desperate attention seeker. Just enjoy your night, and if a beautiful stranger waltz’s into your life, then it’s a very good thing you available for dating.


9. Cry In The Toilets
This is better than crying in the open, in front of him and everyone else. But still panda eyes and tan marks may give away the fact that he has affected you. This may feed his ego (depending on the kind of guy your ex is). Best to power through the pain this d***head has caused you. That’s how you really show that you’re better off without him.


10. Cry At Them
This is much worse than crying in the toilet. You can imagine yourself how awful this is, he’s awkward, everyone around you is awkward, it’s just a no no.


11. Stare, For A Very Long Time
Maybe they got a new haircut, grew a moustache or have a new girl on their arm. You may be taken aback and it’s understandable that it may be hard to accept whatever is infront of your eyes but don’t pre-long your glance, it will just creep everyone out.


12. Steal His Jacket And Set It On Fire/Throw In The River
Revenge is sweet. But bitterness benefits no one.


13. Open Up Old Wounds
Remember all the times he treated you like absolute sh*t? Well when you're drunk and in public (but mostly drunk) it’s not a great idea to lash out at him for all those horrible things he’s done mid-drink order, or at any point during the night probably.



14. Tell The Girl He’s Talking To About The Horrible Things He’s Done To You
You will just look the crazy ex. No one wants to be known as the crazy ex.


15. Flirt With His Friends
Although you think his mate has always been a babe, it’s just not right to flirt with them in front of your ex. If he’s a true bro he won’t flirt back, and that’s kind of (very) embarrassing.


16. Ask Questions You Know You Don’t Want The Answers Too
We’re all guilty of letting those questions that keep us up at night out after a few drinks. You can’t help it. It’s the time to ask and you’re dying to know, even if you already know the answer. Good things rarely come from this, best just to let it go, even if it’s hard to do.


17. Over-Compensate About How Great Your Doing
Whether you are actually doing great or are completely miserable you’re going to say that you’re doing “great”. But don’t go overboard with this and go into fictitious details or making very clear about how you’re doing so great, life is amazing and you’ve won the lotto etc. You’re great, then leave it.


18. Bring Up The “Good Times”
Trips down memory lane can be very dangerous: you’re reminiscing about all the fun you used to have, how you used to always burn toast and when he fell into the river. Life seemed better then. No good can really come from this unless you’re both completely over one another, otherwise you’ll just bit left feeling a bit terrible.


19. Get Absolutely Inebriated
It may make the pain and awkwardness better, but realistically you’re more  likely to embarrass you by falling asleep in the corner after shouting abuse at him and crying in the toilets. Drink in moderation. 


20. Send A Sentimental Text At The End Of The Night
“It was so good to see you tonight. I miss you." No, no, God no. Texting is a sign of weakness, if you really want to show that you completely independent than don’t text him. You’ll regret it in the morning.


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