10 signs you are single

The single life can get way too comfortable.

1. “Table for one please”
Thank God for smart phones, what the hell did single people do back in the day? Read a BOOK?! The horror.


2. When empowering single people songs come on and you realize you’re the only one dancing
Who cares, roll with it!

Dancing-at-Parade13. The couch cushion is your big spoon
No elbows, way better *sob*


4. You become obsessed with your friends’ love lives.
How fascinating


5. Flirting is a foreign sport.
Can they even tell if I’m trying? How about now?


6. Couples make you angry
Get your relationship out of my face, off my newsfeed and away from my park bench.


7. You take your role as third wheel very seriously
They love you being there. Obvs.


8. Date? What’s a date?
How do we do this again? Shave, pluck, apply, we couldn’t be bothered. And anyway, The Hills reruns are on.


9. You no longer have use for certain plurals
There’s no I in team. But you have no team anyway.


10. You accept that you will die alone.
And that’s totally fine because the shelter is on speedial and they have cats.


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